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Posted in: Justice minister says she ordered Aum executions after 'careful consideration' See in context

Capital punishment is a form of self defense for society. Glad they finally "jerked him to Jesus"...

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Posted in: Japan's high school English proficiency falls short of gov't targets See in context

All the wasted taxpayer money spent on ALT teachers over the years and they still can't speak English any better now than they could 30 years ago.

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima trip stirs debate on Truman's fateful choice See in context

If Japan had the bomb instead of the US, would they have used it? Well of course they would have. Some of you are quite naive.

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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

Something very similar happened to me. I was riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle down the road and an 81 year old man on a very small bicycle suddenly came out between cars stopped in traffic on the other side of the road, he was trying to cross the street right in front of oncoming traffic. there was no way for me to stop in time. In that short amount of time I managed to hit his back tire instead of him, he spun around, but this cause me to lay down my bike and I crashed on my right side and had severe bruising. My bike was damaged significantly as well. The old man stood up and was completely uninjured. When the police came he tried to lie to them and say he was in the crosswalk but the police could tell where my bike went down and at least on that point, they took my side. They also tried to get me to admit I could have been driving more safely (how?) and sign a paper but I refused to do that. Regardless of all of that, because I was on the larger vehicle it was ruled 80 my fault, 20 percent his fault. The reality was it was probably 95% his fault. I offered to pay for his bicycle, he wanted more. He proceeded to go to get massages, and then his son got involved and 2 years later they are STILL trying to get money from my insurance company despite this old man having ZERO injuries. It cost me about US $2000 to fix my bike and I had numbness in my leg for 6 months. The rules here in Japan are simply not fair - a pedestrian or someone on a bicycle can do whatever they want here and it will ALWAYS be your fault no matter what stupid thing they do. So when you drive in Japan - always be careful to the extreme because if anything goes down with a pedestrian or someone on a bicycle it WILL be your fault no matter what.

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Posted in: Mobile phone service operators lift SIM locks See in context

Here it is almost October 2015 and if you go to SoftBank they will STILL not see you an unlocked "Sim Free" iPhone. I understand you can get these if you purchase directly from Apple and that's what I will do. Greedy phone companies!

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