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Kevin Richards comments

Posted in: 68th anniv of Hiroshima bombing See in context

To all of you knocking America for bombing Japan with nuclear weapons, go ask the Chinese if they regret us using such weapons. Or perhaps you people should read a little history and learn about the Japanese soldiers and how they treated not only their enemies but their own kind during the war. You look upon the Japanese as they are today and not how they were in the 1940's. They were savages.

Of course death in war is a tragic thing and I wish the word "war" didn't exist in our respective languages, but it's not like the decision to drop Fat Man and Little Boy was willy-nilly; it was carefully considered and executed over the course of many months. You people speak like the decision was made, a plane flew and it was over.

Go ask some veteran survivors of Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Peleliu, Guadalcanal, New Guinea and the USS Indianpolis if they feel sorry we ended the war years early by the use of such weapons.

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