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" It's kinda hard when armed thugs are protecting the site and blocking investigators from accessing the wreckage.."

Well, whats interesting is that from the day the aircraft was downed armed pro Russian fighters were seen (from media footage) roaming arround the wrackage area. yet we were also told that investigators were failing to carry out they work due to intesne fighting in the vicinity of the crush site. if the ukrainian government were so keen to cooperate with the investigators, why bring the army to fight in that area at exactly the same time?

the regime in Kiev pedals lies only matched by their US counterparts. given that Russian was an official language in Ukraine, its hardly suprising that Ukranians all over theo country can speak Russian. So what is the Ukranian army cooked up the radio communications with the sole aim to incriminate Russia? surely thats not even far fetched.

already only a few weeks ago we read how western media cooked up a story about Rusian armoured car invasion where two reporters claimed to have witnessed that armoured column breaking a fence to drive into Ukrainain territory, yet showed zero footage to p[rove such a sighting. All what the articles-(primarily UK guardian articles) showed was footage of the russian aid convoy as if the two were one and the same thing.

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