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kevind comments

Posted in: 2 Japanese firms snared in big price-fixing probe in U.S. See in context

this is a systemic problem in japan. j companies cant compete on a global level just look at bridgestone,auto parts makers and all the japanese car recalls in the world wake up and join the 21st century or you will be left in the dust while japan continues its protectionist economy america will gladlly accept alternatives from other countries what people fail to understand is when you open up your economy to foreign investment what follows is good paying jobs not the usual j-company excuse for decades long pay cuts with the promise of a better bonus next year

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Posted in: N Korea scraps peace pacts, cuts hotline with Seoul See in context

ask saddam,how well threats work make no mistake they will be crushed if a missile leaves the korean peninsula especially if it heads east

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Posted in: China 'fully prepared' for currency war: banker See in context

and for your info china buys more american and japanese bonds than any other country which has long kept their currency at an advantage if your economy is growing at 10% for 10 years and your able to maintain being the global manufacturer it isnt because you are good at making quality products its because your currency is cheap which makes your labor cheap and that makes your product cheap nextttt.

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Posted in: China 'fully prepared' for currency war: banker See in context

blah blah blah yawnnn anyone who thinks the yen is undervalued should have their head examined china is the largest currency manipulator the government controls the forex market in china and has a cap on how much yuan can be traded offshore plain and simple so when you complainers can find time to research this accurately then join the conversation

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Posted in: G-7 seeks to defuse currency war fears over falling yen See in context

every central bank has an inflation target BOJ has finally joined the 21st century by adopting a 2 percent target the problem with the BOJ has for many years according to many economists has let deflation become a problem because it never uses its power with coordination and strong bold measures that is why deflation will be a lingering problem here along with an aging population i dont like abe but he is right setting this bold policy in motion along with government spending will help achieve his goal at leastin the short term which is a nescessary first step to build on

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Posted in: Abe vows to defend disputed islands from China See in context

enough already what the hell is wrong with these idiots running this country we get it what the hell does this spoiled rich kid know about defending anything fing chiuahua

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

here we go again i am sick of this one pathetic promoter who brainwashes these poor girls and controlls their sexuallity should be a crime but this is japan and the news is always kids being bullied women being controlled and athletes being beaten by coaches if anyone wants a taste of what its like to live in north korea just take a trip to japan

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Posted in: From the start, Dreamliner jet program was rushed See in context

how many airbus crashes were there before they fixed the problem.score is still boeing 1 airbus 0

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Posted in: BOJ governor says it will be tough to meet inflation target See in context

hogwash jefflee the reason for the deflation problem is not china or any other nation its because the lack of competition in japan and not opening its markets to the real money the j~gov can artificially keep the unemployment low however all japans private sector profit comes from abroad until these dinosaurs running this country man up and let the competition in it will always be a government stimulus economy paid for by the people who dont get it shoganai

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Posted in: Hashimoto pressures school to cancel some entrance exams See in context

punishing teachers doesnt work punish the students then the outcry not only lies with them but there parents as well the only way to change something in this country is to hit them where it hurts most.the kids and the parents the teachers will continue the shoganai attitude and the union will protect them but if the parents and students demand better eventually they will get it

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Posted in: Hashimoto pressures school to cancel some entrance exams See in context

@lubacrasi exactly my point

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Posted in: Hashimoto pressures school to cancel some entrance exams See in context

i have thought about this and at first i thought why punish the kids but then i realized hashimoto is right the kids should be punished and the example he is a good thing for this country and that is when you witness this outright disgusting abuse by a person in power and as a student you dont say anything than you are complicit kudos to the only real leader in this country full of sheep

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Posted in: Stimulus addict Japan gets huge fix from Abe See in context

spend spend spend i wanna see 120¥ to the dollar

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Posted in: Abe visits Meiji Shrine in apparent rightist appeal See in context

i do not agree with these visits to honor dead war criminals but at least abe has enough balls to say what the dpj never would say which is china did nothing to protect japanese interests and even encouraged destroying japanese business

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Posted in: 8 arrested over murder of man in Roppongi nightclub See in context

too bad the public cant use guys like this everytime a politician does something stupid there would be a beating everyday

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Posted in: Hashimoto blasts education board over basketball teacher lapse See in context

i happen to actually like hashimotos response but lets get to the root of the problem ban the kohai senpai system let these kids use their brain for once without fear of retribution

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