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KevininHawaii comments

Posted in: Ishihara adamant on manga censorship ordinance See in context

Ishihara wants to quit being governor, and start editing manga???

Well he couldn't really do WORSE, now could he???

He has already distinguished himself as a feeble minded racist governor. He has publicly offended more groups than I can tally.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

I liked the former layout better.

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Posted in: New report shows early chaos at Fukushima plant See in context

If TEPCO, et al had had a better understanding of the situation, so much of this disaster would have been avoided.

They did not, and it was not.

The irony here is that the idiots who got us into this mess are the ones we are relying on to get us out of it... WE should demand someone else take over.

They WERE NOT THEN, and ARE NOT NOW up to the challenge.

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Posted in: March 11 quake freed hundreds of years of strain See in context

I doubt that it will take hundreds of years for the next major earthquake.

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Posted in: More radioactive water pooling at Fukushima plant See in context

This saga just won't end.

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Posted in: Il Divo See in context



GOJ manual for dealing with foreigners: Step 1: when you do not know what to do, put on silly cap. Step 2: refer to step 1.

the cap was the only tool available to him.

Yeah, this picture makes me think everything will be ok... sure.

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Posted in: Severity of Europe E. coli outbreak stuns experts See in context

This is horrible.

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

Despite Japanese claims that Japan is the 'older, wiser' culture, parts of Europe have a longer history of using nuclear power. Further, they have already had their nasty meltdown in the Ukraine.

Regarding nuclear power, Japan is just beginning to learn what most of Europe learned decades ago - it can be dangerous.

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Posted in: Street market unites tsunami-hit community in Japan See in context

buy local. This is a good story.

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Posted in: Netanyahu rejects Obama's idea on borders See in context

Nothing is going to happen as long as Israel gets 4 billion USD annually in aid from the U.S.

Stop U.S. aid to Israel, and Israel will quickly find a solution to this situation. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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Posted in: Russell Brand deported from Japan leaving Katy Perry behind See in context

Selective, arbitrary enforcement of laws is what makes Japan JAPAN.

It just wouldn't be the same if they applied the laws evenly to everyone.

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Posted in: 19-year-old man arrested for beating up woman's 5-year-old daughter See in context

Men who beat kids have something wrong inside them. Pity the abuser, as well as the victim. He needs help to learn other ways to release stress rather than exploding and taking it out on kids.

He is sick. I hope he gets help.

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Posted in: Why do tourists continue to stay away from Japan, despite the fact that there are many places of interest far away from the crisis-affected areas? What should Japanese tourism officials do to promote See in context

BurakuminDes - Japan exchange rate - the yen should get stronger, not weaker. The U.S. has printed so much new money in the last 2 years, I am surprised the exchange rate is as good as it is today.

Expect the U.S. Dollar to weaken. This is a natural result when a country (the U.S.) has that much debt, and increases its money supply this much.

Japan tourism and commerce cannot rely on the yen weakening - this is the new norm.

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Posted in: Why do tourists continue to stay away from Japan, despite the fact that there are many places of interest far away from the crisis-affected areas? What should Japanese tourism officials do to promote See in context

Tepco lied - and got caught lying. The government is incompetent - they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.

The above two items are ugly - the kind of ugly that doesn't wash off.

How do you regain trust? That is a long, hard journey. I do not expect tourists (especially Chinese) to start coming back in great numbers anytime soon.

This is what happens when everyone reads the same inbred textbooks K-12 - the result is that nobody has an original idea in times of crises.

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Posted in: Nuclear cleanup workers being recruited from society's lowest rungs See in context

throw away employees... brilliant! They will do the dangerous work, potentially be exposed to lots of radiation, and when the work is done, be laid off, and then fade away, presumably to die a horrible death.


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Posted in: A new era for universities See in context

No medal. You should have shown better judgement, but instead, you read the entire article, start to finish.

this is no laughing matter - jibberish this complex could seriously damage your brain.

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Posted in: Why do famous men with power and influence (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, for example) risk everything with their sexual behavior? See in context

because they are out of control.

To cheat is French. To get caught is American. Maybe DSK is part American.

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Posted in: Trump says no to presidential run in 2012 See in context

trump is an idiot.

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to combat their beliefs? See in context

There are JUST enough conspiracies that are TRUE, that even a far fetch plot makes you wonder... examples, you ask?

1) All U.S. aircraft carriers left pearl harbor on a 'mission' one day before the Japanese attack... I have never heard where they went, and why they were not escorted by other ships...

2) U.S. Navy ship "mistakenly" entered North Korean waters, prompting N. Korea to capture it, starting the Korean Conflict. Later proven to not be a mistake.

3) Vietnamese fishing boat "fires on" U.S. aircraft carrier, starting the Vietnam War... except that Secretary of Defense McNamara later admitted in his memoirs that he made it up, to give the U.S. a reason to put troops on the ground...

4) President Kennedy issues an executive order to allow him to print his own money - w/o asking the federal reserve to print them for him. 6 months later he is assassinated. President Johnson's first executive order is to recall all non-'federal reserve' notes, and destroy them. Oswald acted alone.

Dig deep enough into history, and you will often find that realty does not match the official story.

Some conspiracy theories are downright crazy, but others make a lot of sense.

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Posted in: IMF chief under suicide watch at NYC jail See in context

Let's minimize speculation, and see what the trial unveils.

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Posted in: Bin Laden's sons say U.S. broke international law by killing their father See in context

Let the sons sue for wrongful death.

It would provide good comedy relief.

2 funny.

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Posted in: Temporary police booth established in Fukushima evacuee shelter See in context

I guess there is a little 'New Orleans' thug in all of us.... even Japanese people!

I really enjoyed those comments about how Japanese people were so much 'better' than the people in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

Maybe we're all just human after all...

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Posted in: $6.1 mil awarded to Tennessee man in Japan child custody battle See in context

None of you - I repeat - NONE OF YOU have ever met the people mentioned in this article. None of you know if they are/were nice to each other, or if one was 'abusive' to the other.

The FACT is that the mother has TAKEN the kids, and is denying the father ANY contact - that is cruel. Under the U.S. agreement, both patents had access to their kids. Under the current situation, only the mother gets to see her kids grow up...

What if he had the kids, and was denying access to the mother? Would you all still feel the same?

Who cares if he or she is imperfect? I think the most important people in this discussion are the kids. I doubt the kids care about their parents shortcomings. They most likely just want to see both their parents on a regular basis. Who are we to say otherwise?

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Posted in: 'Hikikomori' disorder could complicate Japan quake recovery See in context

1) Terminate their internet connection - to make them feel the need for human interaction. 2) Make them move out from their parents' house - so they have to shop for food, and cook for themselves.

problem solved!

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Posted in: Donald Trump's possible presidential bid generating a lot of buzz See in context

Trump is a pompous, egotistical idiot.

That said, interest in his possible presidential run is indicative of the desperation of the American voter.

Reasons I think he MAY win: (if he runs...)

He is not a lawyer. Americans tired of lawyers. He is a successful business man. The U.S. Govt. currently has too many career politicians. Obama has not kept many of his campaign promises...

...But all we can do is wait and see.

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Posted in: Is U.S. military relief effort Operation Tomodachi really about friendship? See in context

What a terrible, negative article on JapanToday.com - This is WAY below your standard. Quoting Shukan Post.... with an article of this nature...disappointing, to say the least.

I thought this was a time for all to pull together, (as in not complain) and focus on the task at hand - I guess some Japanese people at Shukan Post (and JapanToday) don't want to wait - they want to nitpick now.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

who, exactly, was calling foreigners who left "flyjin"? I never heard this term from my Japanese friends.

I suspect it was the other foreigners who chose to stay, deriding those who chose to leave. To expand, I sensed that the VOCAL foreigners who stayed felt that foreigners leaving Japan in time of crises would somehow make them (the foreigners who stayed) look bad...

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Posted in: Suicide in Japan See in context

I do not want to advocate in favor of mass suicide, but some people cannot handle their situations, stress, etc., and choose suicide. Who are we to say that this is wrong? We should each be allowed to choose our own way to die, if we want to...

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Posted in: Sting meets dolphin advocate Ric O'Barry; advocates debate See in context

I think intelligent people can agree that some traditions do not deserve to continue... maybe hunting dolphins should all become a thing of the past?

american bengoshi - celebrities are not just silent when they want to make money in JAPAN - they are silent ANYWHERE they think speaking out might affect their sales...

Despite all the syllables, sting did not really say much of significance...

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Posted in: The great Tokyo Michelin sham See in context

porter got it right.

Also, take a moment to consider who the guide is targeting - average Japanese people??? Europeans and Americans, most likely.

Food is culture??? I thought it was just food... I like good food, try to avoid bad food...

Is there going to be a test later???

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