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Japan was lucky (AFTER losing the war, the U.S. rebuilt them!). What it had to sell was what the world wanted to buy, and so an orgy of exports began, and lasted for decades.

The party is over.

Most countries are approaching global trade more methodically, and learning from how Japan grew so quickly in the decades following WW2. They know their country has to produce/export to stay competitive, and so the days of importing everything from Japan are OVER!

Korea copied the Japanese model, and became a thriving export nation.

China is following in their footsteps.

India will be next.

With all the major economies trying to grow, but keep imports down, just where is Japan going to sell all its stuff? The U.S. economy is tired, imports mostly from China, and really can be of little help in Japan's recovery.

Japan will need reciprocal trade agreements with other nations to survive. If it does not give access to its markets, other countries will quickly block Japanese companies from selling in their markets. This will start happening in 2011.

Japanese cars, tv's, etc. are not THAT great. They can easily be replaced by a competing Korean product.

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Looks like Japan may need to be a little nicer to the U.S....

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Posted in: China's spats call into question 'peaceful rise' See in context

China will do whatever it can get away with...

There will be peace as long as no one has anything China wants to take...

China will make Japanese racism look mild...

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What happens when the newly rich Chinese decide THEY like whale meat TOO?

Since their population is 10 times larger than Japan, can they take 10,000 a year for their "research" ???

Yeah, I know - "THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN"... except lots of Chinese tourists are buying up everything Japanese, so one of them may try whale meat, like it, and tell their friends in China it is a Japanese delicacy (or something), then they will want it in China too...

So to all of you who support Japan's bogus research - what is the answer???

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Here is MY suggestion: Since this is in ENGLISH, then the plural of KIMONO should be KIMONOS, just like most other English words. I.E. TsunamiS, TaifunS - you get the idea.

This is what happens when Japanese editors and or writers produce near-English articles...

Just my 2 cent(s) - glad I could help!

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FROM THE TOP: 1 Fadamor "ONE GENERATION" refers to the 12 years in the Chinese calendar - so if you are 12 years older than someone, you say you are "one generation" (hito mawari) older than them.

2 Sarge MM has been auditioning for 3 years and 9 months, but if they found these girls 3 years and 8 months ago, don't you think they would have stopped looking THEN? This sentence means to say many girls auditioned, but these are the ones they picked - recently, I assume...

3 borscht - all the things you listed, and a kawaii personality...

Glad I could help. If anyone else has questions, just holler.

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whalers and anti-whalers are at it again!!! Reminds me of.... 2010!!!

Seriously, all both sides are doing is further solidifying their positions. The whalers and anti-whalers are both refining their techniques, and generally improving their games... IMHO it now looks more than ever like the only real solution to this issue will be a political one.

On a personal note, I hope to see another ship/boat get wrecked soon! (to clarify, I don't care if it is a whaler or anti-whaler - I just like to see the impact, and I love how both sides always look indignantly at the actions of their opposition)

Let the games begin!

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Posted in: Toyota to pay record $32.4 mil in extra fines to U.S. gov't See in context

sfjp330 - governments, like people, typically do not always act the same. Especially over time, with experience, we expect reactions to evolve and mature.

Recently, the U.S. gov. let Lehman Bros. go bankrupt, but then rescued all the other big banks. At the moment Lehman needed help, the government's position (when facing the closing of ONE investment house) and reaction was very different than soon after, when it was facing an industry wide collapse.

so too has the handling of recalls matured in the U.S. - the rules are: 1. don't lie (and especially don't get caught lying).

don't appear to be stalling. don't wait for the government to issue the recall.

Maybe Toyota is not familiar with screwing up on this scale, so they were not prepared. But they did, it is a fact, and now they can make improvements and move on. What happened 10, 20, or even 30 years ago is irrelevant - maybe the gov. was too lenient decades ago, but that was then, and this is now.

The U.S. government has bent over backwards to give Japanese companies access to the U.S. market. Meanwhile, Japan has not given the U.S. similar access to Japan's market. If the U.S. gov. wanted to protect its market, there are countless things it could do, which would actually work.... this is a fine. See it for what it is.

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OssanAmerica - point taken. IMO there is also a chance of violence by Chinese people against Japanese tourists in China also.

This article/photo is about Japanese people protesting, so I commented on that.

TheRat - You really think the Tea-Partiers in the USA are crazy? They are a growing political force, so if these Japanese protesters have that kind of following, we are in trouble.

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Posted in: Which of Tokyo's commuter rail lines have the best babes and worst habits? See in context

Fadamor - you listed only one of two options. the other is (if women don't want men looking at their underwear...) - don't wear any!

Hope this helps the dialog!

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Posted in: Toyota to pay record $32.4 mil in extra fines to U.S. gov't See in context

YuriOtani - despite your wishes, this was neither racism nor Japan bashing. In 2004, GM had a wiper problem. How many people had accidents? How many people died as a result??? I would bet less than with Toyota's brake problem...

If something like this should happen again in the U.S., the message is clear: don't drag your feet, disclose the problem immediately, and begin the recall - or the fine will be even bigger than this!

In reality, Toyota can afford to pay this fine, so it is a small inconvenience to them. The message in the amount is meant as a warning to other car makers to not repeat the same mistake.

Why is it that you always see racism where there is none?

Badge213 - you know this how? In this case, I will trust the media over your unsubstantiated opinion...

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thetruthhurts - Israel did not take land, and kick the previous owners out FOR NO REASON. It had a reason - it wanted the land, and it wanted the previous owners (the Palestinians) gone.

Jews and Arabs hate each other today - but it was not always this way.

You have every right to be angry. Palestinian woke up one day, and their land was stolen, and they were evicted. But I do not think this is going to change soon. Israel is not going to weaken this week, and the Palestinians are not going to unify, and work together - so NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

Every muslim country in the middle east wants Israel gone....and China wants their oil.... so in a few decades, I could see China supporting the surrounding oil producing nations in their goal to return Israel to the Palestinians...but this will take a while yet.

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4,000 people had nothing better to do?

They want Kan to "bitch-slap" China. China says some insignificant rock is Chinese, and they want RESPECT!!!

Unfortunately, THOSE days are over...

With a culture based on the group (rather than the individual), Japanese nationalism is NEVER a good thing. Wait until some of the younger members of this group get angry enough to actually do something about the "China problem", and assault a Chinese tourist in Japan.

This is the silly stuff that wars are born out of...

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Posted in: Palestinians express doubts over 2-state future See in context

BTW - The Two State solution WILL NEVER WORK!!!

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Posted in: Palestinians express doubts over 2-state future See in context

"He who has the gold makes the rules" "Might makes right"

As long as Israel has the gold, guns (and unwavering American support), NOTHING will change. Israel sees no need to be nice to its neighbors and the people whose land it stole (the Palestinians were evicted, and their lands confiscated). Until the U.S. can no longer afford to play global cop, and run interference (at the U.N.) for Israel, things will stay pretty much as they are.

I will be interested to see how Israel's attitude changes as U.S. power fades. Will Israel start courting China? As China is the new rising power to deal with, I wonder, will China continue to protect Israel?

If Israel does not start making nice with its neighbors before the power shifts to China, it is going to get really ugly, really soon.

I think by 2040, Israel will be under new management, and change its name to Palestine...

In ancient times, when tribes of Jews and Palestinians fought, the victor tended to kill all of the enemy. In modern times, especially since WW2, that is no longer acceptable behavior. The only way there will be lasting peace in the middle east is if one side can totally annihilate their enemy... just an observation.

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no news here. move on.

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IvanCoughalot - u r 2 funny! Everyone else wants to talk about hot girls, and you bring us all down with talk of ugly girls....

Thats like bringing your garbage to a picnic...

None of the really good looking "OL models" are actually OL's - ironic.

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America is and always has been a "do what I say, not what I do" nation.

I wonder how long a)wikileaks will stay up. b)Assange will still be alive/not in prison c)the internet will be semi censor-free...

Russia and China are next on Wikileaks' list. They won't be nearly as subtle as the U.S. When Russia kills you, its almost like they want everyone to know it was them...

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Posted in: WikiLeaks: Espionage? Journalism? Something else? See in context

U.S. law now applies to everyone everywhere? How does this work, exactly?

Assange will either be convicted of rape, or die mysteriously, very soon.

The U.S.A. is angry with him, to say the least, but Russia and China take this stuff more seriously, and bullets are cheap.

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Posted in: What is the best way for the global community to deal with North Korea? See in context

1st choice: Tactical Nuke - one BIG one. IF aimed properly...

2nd choice: Nah - there is no viable alternative. Just go ahead with the nuke already.

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

Gurukun - (nice name) - no one aspect can ever be singled out as the sole factor - but as most people living in Japan notice, Japanese culture is .... different. It values different characteristics, promotes different attitudes and condones different behavior. Japanese teachers are all products of the same Japanese education system / society that is the root cause of teen suicide.

SOMEONE has to look outside the box (or the country), figure out what key factors' other countries are getting right, and then reverse-engineer a solution to the current system of 'institutionalized suicide' pretending to be the Japanese education system.

Does anyone know if private schools in Japan have the same rate of suicides as public schools? I suspect principals and teachers in private schools are more hands-on in keeping their tuition paying students alive...

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

The fact is that in many countries, bullying results in zero (or close to zero) suicides. In Japan, however, the numbers seem quite high (I do not have statistics to quote here).

So there MUST be something different going on with Japanese schools and/or Japanese culture... I don't think it is the food, water or weather, and language is doubtful, so that leaves culture.

By culture, I mean: 1) Central to Japanese culture is the simpai/kohai relationship. You do not talk back to your simpai. You GAMAN in the face of adversity.

a key to GAMAN is to suffer quietly. 2) I have also seen adults 'passively' dominate other adults (for ex. "I went to Todai and you didn' this case implying that I know more than you, so be quiet). 3) I am SENSEI. You are not. For Japanese students from K-12, teachers talk and students listen. Discussion/debate are NOT valued/taught in Japanese schools - these skills will not help you get into a good University. 4)Japanese parents/students/teachers do not come to the rescue of kids who are being bullied. Think about this... why are these kids eating alone at school?

Here it comes: 1) Example: Ayako is being bullied. Anyone close to Ayako knows that if they continue to side with Ayako, they too will be targeted by the bully (or bullies). So they stop eating lunch together, and doing other social activities with Ayako. This further isolates the bullied Ayako at a time when she is especially sensitive and fragile. Japanese kids do not form their own group to counter the power of the bullies - this is the "fit in, don't stand out" part of J-culture.

2) Japanese parents often belittle/ignore the bullied child's initial cry for help. The mother will often have the bullied child give a present (read bribe) to the bully. Sometimes this is effective, and the bullying stops.

3) Japanese teachers usually DO NOT DIRECTLY intervene on behalf of the bullied child. If they do anything, it is a weak effort, like addressing the whole class with a "bullying is bad" speech, rather than singling out the bully for a one-on-one talk.

the U.S. tv show "60 MINUTES" did a segment about Japanese, Chinese and American kindergartens, and their differences. This was originally aired in the 1980's, but it is relevant today. It was noted that in Japan, when a child took a toy from another child, the teachers/parents DID NOTHING. Their theory? Kids need to learn to work out their own problems, and interfering will not help them learn their place in J-society. In contrast, at the American kindergarten, teachers IMMEDIATELY intervened when a child took a toy from another child - with a free lecture of "wait your turn!" and "you have to share your toys."

What is that expression - the children are our future?

Yeah, maybe I'm on to something...

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tokyonovice - based on your writing, you really do not understand Japanese culture. According to the article, the school asked all female students if they were being bullied....

Japanese people are conditioned from an early age to "fit in". Fitting in however, is a moving target. Being the object of bullying, also, is something that is hard to admit. From the average Japanese person's point of view, the guilt/shame is on the bullied person, not the bully.

Have you ever noticed that most Japanese will refuse a gift 3 times before accepting? Asking a kid once about being bullied is just not effective (obviously).... but this is not likely to change anytime soon.

I find it interesting that in Japan, the victims of bullying will often try to bribe the bully with presents, gifts, food, etc. I believe the western way is to involve parents, teachers and therapists (and sometimes police).

I'd like to see research done on the bullies - what motivates them, etc. There must be cases where teachers/parents were able to make bullying stop. If this could be better understood, the methodology could be applied throughout Japanese schools. I believe that bullying (in its milder forms) is at the center of Japanese society - fit in, don't stand out, gaman, shouganai, etc., etc.

I have heard that one literal translation of "YOROSHIKU ONEGISHIMASU" is "Please be nice to me" - if this is true, could this be an indicator of a yet un-addressed cultural trait in Japan that tends to condone the essence of bullying?

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the sicilian: You are correct - TSA has not stopped any terrorists.

Final score: Terrorists - win Citizens - lose Big Government gaining more control - win!

TSA is useless.

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

Does anyone reading think that finally, THIS time will be the final suicide that "may be" due to bullying???

I've been reading these kinds of articles for over 15 years, and it is almost always the same: 1) child is bullied. 2) child commits suicide 3) Teachers, Principal will "look into it"... suicide...

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Frungy - I think you are missing a very important detail.

WW2 in Europe was won because the allies bombed the hell out of Germany - thereby destroying Germany's ability to make war. LOTS of civilians died, but the war ended.

North Vietnam won their war in the press, and via American civilian popular opinion - they did not have to bomb anyone.

Japan was convinced to surrender after 2 nukes - and yes, LOTS of civilians died there too.

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ReformedBasher - I am happy for you. You used to hate, and now you do not. Congratulations.

I was never a basher, so I do not feel that I need to atone for my sins in that way. I am also not a Japan hater.

In my earlier post, I did not say that Japanese civilians were actively involved in the direction of the war. I said that they were being used by the Japanese military, to advance Japan's wartime goals - subjugation/domination of Japan's neighbors, and exploitation of their resources. I do not think that ALL of them were war-mongers - but they, and their labor - were being used to keep the war going.

See the difference?

BTW, there were MANY vocal anti-war protestors in Japan BEFORE the war... 100+ committed suicide as protest, and the remainder became silent...I guess a kempeitai boot on the back of your neck will quite down even the most vocal protestor.

Japan has a history of 'adjusting' historical facts - I just want an accurate history of what led up to the 2 nukes included at the peace memorial, that's all.

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Q: Who are the screeners? Most of them (if not all), are low-paid, questionable people that YOU DO NOT WANT TOUCHING YOU!!! Some of them are in gangs (go to LAX...) - I will say it again - Do you want these people touching you? How about a pedophile, with a badge, "selecting" young children to "pat down"??? He would love his job.... but where does it end?

Q: How many of the male screeners are gay? How many of the female screeners are lesbian?

Q:If you are selected for the full body scan, choose not to receive the radiation from the full body scan, and get patted down, will it bother you if the person touching you is gay/lesbian?

American media is inundating us with comments from 'average people', saying that if this will keep us safe, then do it! But will these measures keep us safe? The plastic explosive found in the "printer-bombs" was a type of material that does not set off alarms - bomb sniffing dogs, and sensors, cannot find this material. So the full body scan, AND the pat-down WILL NOT find this material on a terrorist...

I find it disturbing that "al-quaeda" is setting our policies:

after the failed shoe bomber, we all had to remove our shoes before boarding. -After the recent printer bombs from Yemen, we are subjected to intrusive radiation via scanners, and there is NO GUARANTY that the images will not be stored/leaked/sold in the future. Has the U.S. Government EVER been able to keep data secret?

What if the terrorist puts 2 lbs of the material up his rear? Are we all going to be strip-searched & cavity-searched in order to fly?

This is total b.s. - but this is the new world order, implementing part 2 of the plan...

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Charge by weight. Above a certain weight, you get 2 seats, OR, nobody sitting next to you. Below a certain weight, you get a partial refund.

Fedex, etc. all charge by weight (and package size), so charge passengers by weight, and give discounts to children, thin people, etc...

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Frungy - YOU don't get it.

Japan had occupied and brutally subjugated Taiwan and Korea for about 40 years, and had taken control of a large piece of China when they decided to include the U.S.A. in their war...

Japan had told their soldiers that surrender was shameful, and their soldiers fought to the death.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and every other Japanese city were vital to Japan's war effort - in effect, there were no innocents in Japan. Every boy was a future soldier, every civilian was a civilian employee of Japan's military, and their domination and subjugation of their neighbors.

Were the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima fair? No - they did not go far enough. The U.S. was thinking of ending the war, and having a working Japanese government, and their plan needed the emperor to live - too bad. If they had not been worried about the Russians, maybe they would have bombed Nagatacho, or the imperial palace...

So my advice to the 'peace' advocates in Hiroshima is to tell the whole story. It could be worded better, but here is the gist of it:

"Japan attacked and brutalized every nation within its reach, dominated and colonized Taiwan, Korea and China. Japan's leaders were unwilling to stop their murderous rampage, so the war was brought to an end by two nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Like a rabid dog, Japan's ability to make war on its neighbors was put down. Of course, the responsibility for the nuclear bombs, and the long term suffering they caused, lies with the emperor and the government of Japan. If they had not been so zealous in their destructive, aggressive war, it would not have taken TWO nuclear bombs to end the war.... Welcome to the Peace Memorial."

PS: Your example about the sister is not accurate. When attacked, the U.S. will kill your family, end the war, then pay you damages, rebuild your country, and set up your country as a major exporting nation, with access to U.S. markets... Losing to the U.S. was the best thing that ever happened to Japan. And it only cost 2!

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