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Posted in: LDP approves antismoking plan with many loopholes See in context

If I smoke in a smoking establishment I am bothering nobody. If I do it in a non smoking one, yes I am bothering. It' s called logic. But you have to leave space for everybody. I have been in japan for 15 times and really no way that no smoking establishment are 2 percent no way. I challenge everybody to go there than report to me what they see. The hysterical one are people like you that don' t want to allow some space to be for smokers. If there are two restaurant, one smoking and the other no, why you have to come to the smoking to forbid ???

Going by the total number of restaurants Tabelog lists and clicking on the Non-smoking filter button down the page it does seem the 15% overall and 2% Tokyo nonsmoking places it correct. Whatever the precise numbers at there are certainly far more smoking restaurants in Japan than non smoking which makes it difficult for the non smoker to eat out. I have lived in Japan for 11 years and find it very difficult to find any place that is completely without smoke so I tend to eat in. Restaurants are small and so evenine person lighting up bothers everyone else who paid to enjoy their meal. The issue really is not just bother but health concerns though smokers have no right to impose either. The comments left by smokers here saying they have a right to smoke in public are insane. To be crude it’s like saying they have a right to spit in other people’s food and if they don’t like it go to a non-spitting establishment.

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Posted in: LDP approves antismoking plan with many loopholes See in context

As has been written in many news reports today again on this issue in Japan, people don’t always have a choice when accompanying others, especially on work related dinners. As the ban basically allows smoking at almost every restaurant in Japan as so few are over 100sqm there are very few non-smoking restaurants.

Yes! If you conduct a search for non-smoking restaurants on Tabelog you will see that less than 20% of all restaurants in Japan are non-smoking establishments. Many of these also simply list themselves as non-smoking only having non-smoking tables in the same room as smoking tables or have no smoking at lunchtime as with KaoThai in Takadanobaba. So there are very few places for non smokers to eat. The smokers’ argument that “well you can just go to a non smoking restaurant” is rather obtuse and not at all valid. Sure smokers have the right to smoke but only where they cannot affect the health of others and restaurants are frequented by more non smokers than smokers that simple have to endure the carcinogenic fumes smokers feel they have the right to subject everyone to.

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