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Posted in: Japan faces scrutiny over longer detentions at immigration centers See in context

It is difficult for Japan to accept immigrant like other culture they never deal with it openly.that why I am very doubtful how the proposed law to encourage more immigrant to work in Japan due to aging population. First hurdle foreigner must face is language don't even talk about integration to the Japanese society then the fear syndrome of foreigner many Japanese be very Frank are not use to have foreigner friends or mingle around with other culture unless due to business or other dealing interest or else even they in foreign country they are very much keep to their group. The politician better think hard about the policies ,if they want to do it they better start gradually .They need to to start now may take several decade ,it not going to change overnight.

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Posted in: In some countries, including Japan, suicide is seen as a means to atone for a scandal or wrongdoing. What are your views on this? See in context

by commit suicide will not wash away the crime or guilt .it is the most coward act. ithe one kill itself is partially insane in their mental state there is no honour in it. the truly brave one is face the the thing you done wrong or do the right for what you have done wrong . Buddha never condone suicide. one must face it own devil to cleanse him or her. not by commit suicide to have the easy way out.

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Posted in: Malaysia's Anwar shocked after being barred entry into Japan See in context

I think japanese government official is way off in this matter . this incident is totally unwarranted and stupid. malaysia government lately have done a lot idiot remarks on matter that make malaysia look fool in history and cultures.. may abe cabinet minister lost their mind just like their prime minister doing a lot of stupid remarks

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Posted in: Japan's two-party politics in doubt as drubbing of DPJ looms See in context

it is very sad indeed people don,t realize the consequences of no check and balance in power. they should look no further mother nature have shown us everything ilife must have diversity to balance just imagine a forest with one living species of tree it won't last . the same go for politic when these group seat too look in power they think they are good forgot real duty. eventually Japan political system will erode unable to work when one party dominance continue it will happened it will be too late .learn from past political sysytem in history and nature of this unhealthy trait this is not unity .

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Posted in: All 7 militants dead at end of Kabul airport attack See in context

only the insane will chose to die.all those so call sucide bombers have been insane for sometime due personal grief or other even leading to their wasteful dead with no real justification. I believe if nature can speak it will said human society is the most wasteful and unappreciating of life .Please remenber sane people don,t comit to die. you dont wake up next day and said I want to die.the real insane person sometime look from appearance were very normal.

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Posted in: Man kills 3 family members, then himself See in context

There must be a reason or other thing lead to this tragic end , people don,t just snap and kill .the problem with today world is people always look at the surface of problem. it is like doctor treat the patient at the sympton not the cause to prescrip medication won't cure the person. it is a tragedy the ignorance of society on people having physcological problem no way to be help or asshame to get help.

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