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Posted in: Japan supports U.S. missile strike in Syria See in context

Mr. Abe forgotten the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Roll of US during WWII .Current century for the oil and safeguard of Israel create a drama of mass destruction weapons lying with Mr. Saddam so need to destroy and started war game later found nothing and told information were wrong ,but in the mean time destroyed whole the Iraq and still they are killing each other . Same have done in Libiya. Later observe Syria will difficult for Israel Started to fallen Mr. Assad created entry Assad various group including IS to whom providing monitoring logistic each and every support and thus almost destroyed country except not yet possible to toppled Assad region on the blessing of Iran and Russia. As a civilised life we can not accept any kind of killing and inhuman activities. But questions comes due to killing civilian by Mr. Assad US triggered Missile to Syria then can we expect the same action for killing millions of civilian in Iraq, Lybia, Afganistan by USA ? Can we expect same action for killing Palestinian by Israel? Whole the world not authorised with out investigation to punish Syria by killing and destroy the in fracture of other country . If so what the civilised world done when US killing 200 civilian on Mosul last month? All cause are vague . As US backed group now are defeating Syria so to help them US coalition created drama to cuttle the strength of Mr. Assad for strong the hand of rebel and IS nothing others .

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