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KhalMans comments

Posted in: Delegates from 60 countries expected at Tokyo Syria conference See in context

@ volland But the old days when CIA can play its game is over. There are many players now in the region. Take Syria for example, they have AlQaeda which is growing fast on ground & starting to control others. CIA is dealing with those staying in 5 star hotels in Qatar, it is the same game that previous Iraqi prime minister played with CIA when he was their trusted man but they realized he was working for Iran too.

Personally i believe Syrian opposition made a big mistake & Syria will be another Afghanistan

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Posted in: Japan hopes Southeast Asian nations will attend Syria meeting See in context

Why Syria needs help when Saudi Arabia, Qatar & UAE sponsoring the opposition according to Arab media each member of the opposition gets monthly salary for carrying gun and all those politicians who fled the country staying in 5 star hotels in Qatar. Japan and other countries should take care of their own citizen & not any dick & harry want to overthrow his regime through violence.

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Posted in: Delegates from 60 countries expected at Tokyo Syria conference See in context

It surprises me that politicians never learned anything from Iraq. Syrian opposition are stupid too, it is not worth it destroying the whole country just to have the regime changed. It will be very difficult to rebuild Syria. As we have seen in Libya, the fighting will never stop & rebuilding of the country will never start.

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Posted in: Packer, Ho in $1 bn Philippine casino project See in context

I don't think Philippine can beat Singapore.

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Posted in: Japan urges N Korea not to launch rocket See in context

I don't understand this part "contravention of international rules and could damage regional stability" it seems to me politicinas has become idiot

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Posted in: How an embargo of Iranian oil could affect markets See in context

Iran is under sanction for years now & I don't how its going to be effective this time.

Sending money on nuke is not a waste otherwise Israel won't do the same.

The west need to have another solution to this issues only sanctions is an old game.

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Posted in: Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang leaving company See in context

Yahoo stoped innovating so it left behind this is common in business

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki to divorce husband of 1 year See in context

Celebrities use marriage for or when they have nothing to put them in the news. Anyway one year of marriage is olympic record.

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Posted in: Bum's the word in Japan security scans See in context

At last some decided to put my ass in use Cheers

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Posted in: Cranes See in context

very nice pic...thanks

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Posted in: Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets See in context

At the end its going to be like last war, rocket firing will not stop and Israel has to think of another war to finish what she wanted to finish this time. After five days of bombardment still Hamas can irritate Israel and reach 40 kilometer deeper. I believe both are stupid and arrogant, they know they can reach their goal by using force and killing innocent people.

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