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Joe Biden doesn’t have an “empathetic” bone anywhere in his greedy body. A deranged young man, with no coherent “ideology,” goes on a murderous rampage, and, right on cue, JB seizes his political opportunity…So-called “progressives” have long boasted of gaining power through demographic change. The irony is that they may be grossly miscalculating. More and more Hispanics are fed up with “white liberal” virtue signaling…I have two “Asian” offspring in America, voting immigrants. And they vote Republican.

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I am a Japanese citizen with a “foreign-looking” face. But when it comes to jobs that I might want to do for a little needed income, the insurmountable obstacle is age, not “race.” Still, I can’t complain all that loudly. You young people who do complain should realize how much better things are in Japan than they used to be.

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To judge from the polling and the comments here, I would say that the times have clearly changed. China is on a determined move; Joe Biden is wandering about in a daze. Japan must be able to defend itself. Si vis pacem para bellum.

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Desert Tortoise:

"All because some notionally "grown men" are deathly afraid of a very small proportion of their population, as if their own manhood was threatened by someone else's sexual preferences. The real perverts and sickos here aren't the LGBT community but these legislators. Sissies and cowards too. The worst part is their baying about the "dangers" of the LGBT is it fuels violence against that segment of the population. Kids with a gay family member will live in fear not only of even speaking about their family but of violence against them. You know that is where it will go because historically any time you single out a group for government sponsored denigration like this they become the object of violent attacks. Nice job Florida, hope ya'll are proud of your selves."

This is all pseudo-psychoanalysis...You obviously don't know what the content of the legislation, which merely says that third-graders, for example, should be learning how to read and write, not being propagandized with sexual ideology...No one is advocating or condoning violence against mixed-up parents and mixed-up kids, who deserve sympathy but who should not be encouraged in their delusions.

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More than half a century ago, there was a huge billboard showing Mifune Toshiro in the blazing sun, a huge beer mug in his hand. The message read: 男は黙って、サッポロビール “A man falls silent—Sapporo Beer.” A truly great advertising slogan, in part because it made use of the image of the manly man of few words. My wife tells me when I talk too much: おしゃべり!女みたい!Is that so evil?

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If I lived in America, I would not acquire a gun, but I would still support the Second Amendment. The problem is not guns; the problem is violence and criminality. If hundreds of millions of guns suddenly turned up in Japan, the vast majority of Japanese would gingerly pick them up and take them to the nearest 交番. The same would be true if, as in America, dangerous drugs were pouring in. Denouncing “guns” in the abstract is so very easy! I think of upper-middle-class American friends of my acquaintance who, when asked whether they disapprove of “smash and grab,” can only mumble: “Uh, that, uh, depends…”

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I confess to being quite inconsistent in regard to this issue...Years ago at the airport I watched as young policemen wandered about with clipboards, stopping people, none of whom looked like Yamada Ken or Suzuki Mayumi. When they came to me, saying "show me passport," I said in Japanese, in which I am quite fluent, having spent the great majority of my long life here, that I wasn't carrying one, as I am a Japanese citizen. When my wife came out of the restroom and saw what was going on, I thought she would scold me for not being cooperative. Instead, she treated the officers as though they were her children and sent them sheepishly on their way...My guess is that such "kids" get stuck with the job by their eager-beaver/make-work bosses and that eventually it will stop, as though magically, just as "haro, haro" has vanished...

kennyGApr. 10 06:31 pm JST

When you're stopped and being asked some questions by the officers, answer to the questions, and show your ID. If they speak to you in somehow impolite manner, or overly-casual manner, or in 반말(パンマル)Panmal, DO complain about it. I always do...

Great to hear from someone who knows Korean! Panmal (lit. 'half-speech') involves dropping the polite -yo suffix from the so-called infinitive. It's like not using -masu forms...Once a policeman, no more than half my age, spoke to me in that way, and that more than anything got to me--and I told him that he was being rude. But it's hard to tell what the motive is. Perhaps there isn't any. Is it deliberate condescension? Is it somehow thought that "funny-looking" people have to be spoken to as though they were children? Is it that they simply don't know how to speak politely? I don't know...In these grim times, I've become more willing to cut the police some slack.

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I passed, with flying colors, the test for 75-year-old drivers. But my wife and I have both given up driving, even though neither of us was ever involved in an accident. We simply didn’t want to bear the responsibility. Besides, we enjoy great bus and train service, here, by the way, in. Chiba.

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Kawa no ji (川の字)? Yes, that's what my wife and I practiced--and we wound up with four children...Ii n ja nai ka?

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"Japan will sink into the sea!" "Japan will rule the world!" "Japan will sink into the sea!" Yes, wild predictions are so very much fun...My guess--and I've been here a very long time--is that Japan will simply continue to muddle along. Yes, Japan is up against brutal dictatorships across the sea, and one of them has grown mighty indeed since 毛沢東 was murdering his compatriots. And, yes, the kids with their smartphones don't want to have kids themselves...And again, yes, the Japanese are a first-rate people with third-rate politicians...But if it's Kishida vs. Biden, Koike vs. Pelosi...? I'm grateful that I'm here! The yen will survive...

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OssanAmerica: You get an upvote from me…I once lived in South Korea and still speak Korean. There is much that is truly admirable about Korean culture, but racial nationalism is not part of that…

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What very few people want to acknowledge here is that Biden is utterly inept. Putin, a very nasty character, might have done what he has done no matter who was in the White House, but the thought of Biden, who has managed to bungle so much, must have tempted him all the more.

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Purple-san seems to be saying that when the government fails to liquidate old people suffering from dementia, their poor relatives are forced to take “dire measures” of their own. Or is he saying that it’s young taxpayers who should pay to support old people like me, putting us away in comfy public facilities—well, at least until some “compassionate” doctor or nurse comes in to give us a final jab?

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In practice, purple san, assisted suicide is often not done with “careful care and consideration.” Physically healthy people have been killed by those in the business. Pain can be relieved, and if medication has the effect of shortening life, such is not immoral. Suicide is. If the husband in this case had badgered his wife into a one-way trip to Oregon, would you have cheered him on?

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Danielsan’s comment is appalling. Does he have any idea whether Sumiko-san wanted to die? No one, including the state, has the right to play God…I was living in Hitachi when the couple was younger than my children are now…Growing old is not a crime. There is nothing “progressive” about killing people!

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KenchiToday 12:08 pm JST

They should never instigate Taiwan to go independent and purposely provoke China to start a war. Never ever..

Taiwan is already an independent country the last time I checked…

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No, not according to the deliberately ambiguous policy of Taiwan's powerful friends. The assumption was that if "officially" Taiwan were regarded as part of China, China would play along and leave it alone. Uhuh...It was also assumed that China would not swallow up Hong Kong...

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Posted in: Japanese abductees' families ask U.S. envoy to help resolve issue See in context

Rahm Emanuel...Wow! One can scarcely think of anyone more qualified or better able to deal with this knotty issue, the only other contenders being Hunter Biden and Dennis Rodman. Perhaps the three of them might team up and fly off to Pyongyang to hobnob with Kim Jong-un. (They all have so much in common!)

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timeon has initially been given three thumbs-down. Why? What he says says strikes me as both cheerful and plausible...I'm an old man who has been in Japan over fifty years--I've seen how it has changed, and even decades ago the Japanese weren't nearly as "xenophobic" as they have often been portrayed to be.

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I have very little interest in spectator sports and look on the current Olympics with loathing. But for some reason I have a soft spot in my heart for Japanese curlers and their mathematical precision. Hurray!

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Posted in: Student who leaked university exam question said she did same thing last year See in context

I was once involved in the exam process at an “elite” institution and can say that security is extremely tight. I agree with those who point to the absurdities in the system, but at least it’s scrupulously honest. It’s true that well-heeled urbanites with kyouiku-mama parents have an advantage, but at least there are no grossly overpaid bureaucrats playing favorites as to who gets in, based on race, connections, or athletic prowess…Whether we like it or not, some kids are a lot better, whether through natural intelligence or training, at examsmanship than others. Are they wiser? Are they destined to be better scholars? Not necessarily. The problem lies with the “elite-school” myth in which far too many people still believe.

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Posted in: Tesla's Musk condemned for Hitler tweet as he rips U.S. regulator See in context

What Justin Trudeau has done is appalling, but surely someone clever enough to be so enormously rich should know that most any comparison to Hitler is idiotic and only muddies the water.

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When I think of the widows my age who have been swindled out of their life savings by yakuza-connected crooks, I lose whatever sense of wry humour that may be intended here

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At the risk of sounding like I'm "blaming the victim" (I am not!), I can't help thinking much the same thing as does Peter 14. Still, even if Virginia Giuffre's involvement in the sordid and criminal "relationship" was not entirely coerced, Prince Andrew still appears to be a despicable character...Males in the British aristocratic class have never been, to allude to Bernard Shaw, "victims of middle-class morality." Moreover, since the disastrous "sexual revolution," those with money and power have had all the more opportunity to do their thing...The same people who "sexualize" children in the name of "enlightenment" act shocked when the Jeffrey Epsteins of this fallen world come crawling out of the woodwork.

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To Express Sister:

No sane person believes that there are no “rules” regarding sex. We differ about what they they should be. We generally agree that what Jeffrey Epstein and his friends did was terribly wrong. We may disagree about the acceptability of pre- and extra-marital sex. Schools should not be the sole arbiters regarding such questions.

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Posted in: 'Don't say gay:' Sex education fuels U.S. culture wars See in context

If one believes that (most) all sexual practices are morally neutral or even positive, then it follows that children ought to be taught about them in a morally neutral or even positive way. Many people, including myself, decidedly do not believe that and thus do not wish to see schools become propaganda organs for notions that they abhor. It is true that there are many bad parents. Parents who are unfaithful and irresponsible in their own sexual conduct are one example. Parents who teach their children to hate homosexuals as homosexuals are another. But it is possible to uphold traditional teachings about sexuality without being a hater...Unfortunately, there are fanatics on both sides of the issue who make rational discussion nearly impossible.

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“Racism” has become simply a curse word. People are tribalistic; people are opportunistic. The successful con artist takes the opportunity to portray himself or herself as both a member of a tribe and a victim of injustice, before crying all the way to the bank…On the matter of names, East Asian Christians have baptismal names, and that practice has been imitated more generally. Why not? I have several names, Western and Eastern.

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Posted in: Kishida, new U.S. envoy Emanuel affirm importance of alliance at 1st meeting See in context

Emanuel is just another utterly corrupt politician, a pal of Uncle Joe…Once more Japan has been insulted.

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The terms “scientific” and “anti-scientific” are smugly bandied about people who somehow think that “the science” is whatever Fauci and CNN say it is…I have been vaccinated, as has (reluctantly) been my wife. We are both old…All but one of our middle-aged children have been vaccinated. Our unvaccinated daughter is not, “TokyoLiving,” a “loser.” She has her own antibodies, having already been infected….One does not have to be a conspiracy-theory adherent see to that the control freaks are using the pandemic for political purposes.

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Kudos to the moderator for urging civility! I had mixed feelings about Ishihara-san, and I am conservative and generally sympathetic to Japanese nationalism. Like many other politicians, he made outrageous statements, some no doubt calculated to provoke rather than genuinely believed. Like his friend, Mishima Yukio, he was a showman. I don’t think that he was a hater, a racist, or any other kind of monster, but rather just another flawed human being…RIP…

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As a student of Korean language and culture for well over fifty years, I have abiding affection for the land across the sea and only wish that the demonization of Japan on the part of certain fanatics and opportunists would cease...I've seen over the decades that Japanese prejudice towards and ignorance of Korea have greatly receded. The crime under discussion was committed by a lone individual, no doubt disturbed.

Whenever anyone commits an unjustified act of violence against others or their property, one may surely speak of "hate." Including the term in Incident A, because the victim was a member of an ethnic minority, gay, obese, or left-handed, and not in Incident B, as the perpetrator was "merely" out for the victim's wallet, only leads to further politicization of what should be a non-political matter: law and order and respect for others.

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