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Posted in: Tokyo bar offers 'babysitting' service for annoying husbands and boyfriends See in context

If this were an article about how men are temporarily liberated from pesky wives or girlfriends, there would be massive protest. Well, no, the article wouldn't be published.

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Posted in: Yes. Tokyo Olympics are still on, despite opposition, pandemic See in context

I'll admit that I'm biased, as I have long regarded the Olympics as a pseudo-religion. But I wince at the obvious Japan bashing on the part of some commentators. My wife and I consistently vote for Suga's party but are disappointed by the current combination of obstinacy and wishy-washiness.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

I was living in Ibaraki before, I would wager, anyone posting here was born...The people there are quite nice, and one grows fond of the sing-song dialect...And now someone there has done more than a few JT readers the enormous favour of giving them thing to feel indignant and morally superior about...There's been so much rubbish spouted about COVID, not a small amount of it advertised as "science," that one more idiotic remark shouldn't make that much difference. There are those who want very much to (a) believe that Japan is "racist" and "xenophobic" and (bI to go on living here--and complaining.

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Posted in: Anti-Israel protest See in context

What exactly does "Free Palestine" mean? Uh, let me guess: Destruction of the State of Israel and killing or expelling all Jews.

It is encouraging to see that there are many commentators who are not deceived by the biased media and recognize terrorism for what it is...Israel is a prosperous, democratic state that only wishes to be recognized and tolerated by its neighbors. The sad reality is, however, that the tyrannical, hate-obsessed "leaders" of, for example, the people of Gaza would rather perpetuate violence and misery.

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Posted in: Women-oriented 'fuzoku' - women 'buying men' as never before See in context

This article is vile. It's sick.

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Posted in: Israel kills 42 in Gaza as calls mount for cease-fire, greater U.S. efforts See in context

The ignorance displayed by some commentators here is breathtaking. Worse, they tend to get thumbs-up...Israel is not an "apartheid state"--though I've been hearing that big lie for more than fifty years...The notion that the Israel is mooching off U.S. aid is also false. As Kevin D. Williamson puts it, "Aid to Israel isn’t aid to Israel. It is corporate welfare for U.S.-based military contractors."

How many readers are aware of Hamas's bloodthirsty agenda, its stated (!) agenda?

Here's a joke I heard long ago from an Israeli friend:

How can one sum up the significance of all Jewish holidays? Well, there were these people. They tried to kill us. They failed. We survived. Let's eat! (No, that's not really the meaning, but the joke makes a good point.)

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Posted in: Petition to cancel Tokyo Olympics submitted to Koike See in context

Without the slightest (positive) interest in the Olympics, regarding it all as a grotesque scam, I admit that I'm not well-informed. But I've heard that if Japan unilaterally cancels the event, it will be subject to heavy fines. Is this true? Please, those who are 詳しい might inform us...

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea at odds over wartime history, radioactive water See in context

I once lived in South Korea, still know the language, and am interested in the history and culture of the country...I remember when the ROK was a dictatorship, very much caught up in the Cold War. Schoolgirls would compete to see who could weep and scream and tear her clothes the most dramatically in ferocious speeches denouncing Communism. Of course, hostility to the evil regime in the North was quite understandable, but there was, of course, no freedom of speech, and one had to be very circumspect...There was also intense ethnicism, mixed with a chip-on-the-shoulder mentality. With democracy and affluence, some of that has changed over the years--but unevenly. Hatred of the North has yielded to naïveté toward the North, while loathing of Japan has only intensified, turned into a national myth...Are there Japanese who are insufficiently aware of Japan's dark militarist past? Yes. But there are surely also many Japanese who have concluded, not unreasonably, that wallowing in collective guilt has proved to be worse than useless.

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Posted in: How to live like you're earning ¥10 million a year on an income of ¥3 million See in context

I used to say: "I just want enough money that I don't have to think about money anymore." But then someone told me: "Uh, that's what everyone says, naively thinking the statement to be true. The trouble is that for most people there's never 'enough'!"

That same person told me recently: "Part of getting your money's worth out of a business-class airline ticket is the fun of sipping champagne as one eyes those with backpacks heading toward cramped economic-class seats." It's a very gloomy but, I fear, realistic observation...Too many "equality" advocates are armchair socialists who would love to become government bureaucrats--with special privileges, including business-class, no, first-class, tickets. That's how the old Communist systems worked--or didn't work.

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Posted in: How to live like you're earning ¥10 million a year on an income of ¥3 million See in context

Peter Neil: "There are foreigners who can't function in their own society, but can struggle out a meager existence in Japan."

One can say that about all who live outside of their home country. I've heard that about "foreigners" for over fifty years. It's not an entirely unfair claim, though it's often made with mean intent...

I remember Japan when even non-native speakers of English with little education and certainly no professional qualifications could get eikaiwa jobs--and with no proper visa. They didn't bother to learn Japanese and shamelessly took advantage of the Japanese tendency to let foreigners get away with bad behavior....I remember one con artist, with atrocious English, who spent his days hanging around Tokyo coffee shops, soliciting gullible Japanese females.

But that was then...

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

I'm a Japanese citizen; I've lived here in Japan most of my life. But I have never understood the impulse to do what one thinks everyone else is doing, all at the same time. Even before COVID, my idea of a pleasant GW was to stay close to home...That having been said, I must add that I also don't understand those who can't say a good word about Suga (or any other LDP politician) and then turn around and call for authoritarian measures to keep people in line...I am old and out of shape and venture forth only when necessary, and yet I am also skeptical about much of what we're told. The fact is that elsewhere, particularly in America, "big-government" types are clearly taking advantage of the COVID crisis (if that is what it is) in order to promote their paternalistic/control-freak agenda. More people have died of drug overdoses in the disaster area that is San Francisco than of COVID. What is the government doing about the mentally ill sleeping on the streets, with their needles and human waste? Worse than nothing...Its stock response to every question: Blame Trump and wear a mask--forever...I'm not terribly confident in Japanese politicians, especially when I think about the ongoing Olympics scam. But 日本はまだいいほうですよ。

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Posted in: More action, less talk, distinguish Biden's 100-day sprint See in context

Predictable propaganda piece...

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head says cancelation not being considered See in context

I don't often agree with many of the commentators here, and when I post my own comment, I typically get a lot of thumbs-down, so I am pleased to be "on the side" of most in this case. Even though I am old and not in the best of health, I don't worry very much about COVID on a personal level, but a couple of days ago I went into Tokyo for the first time in about a year and found it all rather sobering...The last thing the capital or the nation needs at this moment is all the complications from the Olympic Games. How stubborn, stupid, and greedy can these people be?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic creative chief quits over derogatory remark about Naomi Watanabe See in context

GW is quite right, and it's encouraging to see that he's received quite a few thumbs-up....I'm an old, overweight male and find it annoying that in otherwise tolerant and thoughtful Japan, making remarks about obesity is all too common. But the ultra-politically correct really ought to--as it were--lighten up....I confess that I gloated a bit when I read about this latest "scandal," as I heartily loathe the Olympics as a wasteful scam.

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Posted in: Criticism keeps swirling over Tokyo Olympic chief's sexist comments See in context

Unlike, I would surmise, most commentators here, I remember when Mori-san was the prime minister. The sharpest knife in the drawer he was not even then, but he was and is (it seems) good at playing dumb...

Sexism bad. Ageism good...I was all for women until I started getting badgered. I was all for getting rid of dinosaurs, until I became one myself.

I have no dog in this fight, as I regard the entire Olympics endeavour as a scam. e)

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Posted in: After Trump, Biden aims to reshape the presidency itself See in context

"That Biden will have to continue fighting pro-authoritarian, anti-democracy politicians like Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz, Jordan and so many other insurrectionist Republicans means the challenges to right the office will continue. I've never been a fan of Biden, but I'm an anti-authoritarian who believes in democracy so wish him good luck."

I'd be curious to know why PTownsend has "never been a fan of Biden." Because he is corrupt? (He is.) Because he isn't "radical" enough? (We'll see.) Trump is no "authoritarian." And Ted Cruz, a brilliant legal mind, is no "insurrectionist." This is simply regurgitated propaganda. For four years Donald Trump was relentlessly attacked. Celebrities and politicians openly wished his demise. He was treated far worse than Biden has been by his opponents. Vice-president-elect Harris supported real insurrection. Nancy Pelosi shrugged.

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Posted in: Group protests over comments by Japan cosmetics firm on Koreans See in context

One of Suntory's most effective whiskey adverts features a stunningly lovely model of Korean heritage. Anyone who wouldn't hire her is very bad at business!

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Posted in: Japan sets whaling catch limit for 2021 at 383, same as 2020 See in context

When I was a student at a university in Tokyo nearly half a century ago, I regularly enjoyed 鯨定食, which was both cheap and delicious...If whales are as intelligent as is claimed and do not die instantly when they are speared, then I might be in favour of ending hogei. I must say, however, that the fanaticism or near fanaticism of many Occidentals in regard to the issue inclines me to cynicism. Indeed, I suspect that there are not a few who are far more concerned about opportunities for Japan-bashing than about the whales...I'd be willing to join a "Save the Whales" demonstration, if my fellow demonstrators agreed to participate in the pro-life movement--and I'm talking about human life, both before and after birth.

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

I read articles such as this and check the comments just to confirm that the herd mentality is real...Those who have had the good sense to defend the BOE have been clobbered with thumbs-down. I'm sure I'll get the same.

Are there arbitrary rules in Japan? Yes, obviously...Are they brutal, totalitarian, impossible to follow? No.

Japan is sooo easy to pick on! Foreigners come here, make an easy living, and then complain, complain, complain...And the Japanese generally put up with it...

Imagine a wannabe English teacher donning a sweatshirt proclaiming in Chinese: "Save the Uygurs!" or "Stop coerced abortions!"...He or she would be lucky if all that happened was instant deportation--and the media would then either ignore the story or smear the deported foreigner as an impulsive fool.

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Posted in: All aboard the 'Merry Christmask' train in Mie Prefecture See in context

Yrrai: "Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, cultural appropriation"

As a Catholic, I used to rant and rave about how in Christmas in Japan has been used and distorted for purposes commercial, hedonistic, and frivolous. And then I came to realize that I was falling into an "identity politics" trap. We Christians may treasure and honour Christmas as a sacred event, but we do not own it. I am sad that so few Japanese have any understanding about what it means, but I should not take all the "Christmas cake" stuff as a personal affront.

Before COVID-19, Japanese Catholic churches would be packed at Christmas Eve masses with non-Christians filled with curiosity and sometimes longing. More than once, a convert has been thus won.

There are many wishy-washy and lapsed Christians in the so-called Christian world who still "celebrate" Christmas hardly less thoughtlessly. After all, it was not the Japanese who brazenly replaced Christ with Santa Claus.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

Does anyone seriously think that Nike gives a hoot about social issues and would risk profits for the sake of promoting an unpopular cause? No, this is cherry-picking virtue-signaling.

Bernard Marx doesn't know what he's talking about when he insults people such as myself, accusing us of "child abuse" for bringing up children here in Japan. I have four grown children, all of whom have lived quite happily in Japan and have gone to Japanese schools. The eldest was at one time bullied--but for being a bookish nerd, not for being "haafu." Years ago Japanese ethnicists would argue that Japan is "homogeneous" and will never change. They were wrong.

The term "racism" refers to belief in the inherent superiority or inferiority of a given set of human beings, as defined mostly by history and culture, not by anything genetic. Few people are genuinely or consistently "racist" in that sense, certainly not the Japanese. Most all people are tribalistic and groupy. We cope--imperfectly--with such. America is currently going in a bad direction in that regard with its "identity politics." Japan has been moving in a much more positive direction, no thanks to the ideologically "woke" who love to complain.

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Posted in: Berlin district to keep 'comfort women' statue for now See in context

kokontozai may well be right about general German indifference. When I asked an old friend about the statue controversy, he replied that he had never heard of it--and he has a Japanese daughter-in-law in Berlin and, before COVID-19, was often here in Japan. (It might be remembered that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's fifth wife is Korean.)

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Posted in: Berlin district to keep 'comfort women' statue for now See in context

Many of the comments here reveal a lamentable ignorance of the facts and an equally deplorable willingness to buy into group-thinking. I am a German-speaking Japanese citizen who has lived in Korea. I am fond of all three countries; I am not fond of self-righteous nationalism of any kind. In Germany, admirable efforts have been made to atone for the past, but then Germany has had an easier time of it. The French and the Poles, for example, have not made a cottage industry out of anti-German sentiment. An old and dear friend of mine, whose Jewish parents fled Germany in the nick of time, was once himself somewhat anti-German. Now he is quite proud of his German passport...If Japan were to sink into the sea tomorrow, the Koreans would still be railing about the evil Ilbon-nom a century from now. The Communist Chinese too bash Japan as a way of covering up their own mind-boggling atrocities. The "comfort-woman" issue has simply been mythologized. Pointing out that the term uianbu, Sino-Korean for ianfu, was used in reference to a program to "service" American GIs seems to fall on deaf ears. Is any kind of prostitution morally wrong? Of course it is! (I am looking forward to see how long it takes for me to get a dozen thumbs-down--or to find this message censored.)

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Posted in: Twitter bans content which 'dehumanizes' based on race, ethnicity See in context

So will Pres. Obama be prevented from repeating what he said about his grandmother as a "typical white person." Now why do I think not? "Concerned Citizen" is right. The Twitter rulers are hypocrites--and wannabe totalitarians.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to eat and drink in small groups See in context

Why the thumbs-down for Tokyo-Engr? Everything he says is true--well, except for Marie-Antoinette, whom history has grossly maligned. "Progressive" American politicians have glommed on to the virus as if it were foie gras and black truffle pasta: Power, power, power...The peasants must obey!

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Posted in: Pandemic-hit sex workers flock to NPO for sympathy and advice See in context

I posted my comment, curious to see what sort of nasty, self-righteous, irrational responses it would get. Well no, I fully expected it to be deleted as politically incorrect. So I am actually rather pleased..."Sex work is work," Sneezy insists. The trick, it seems, is to label any money-making activity "work." How about pick-pocketing? The Ore-Ore scam? Elsewhere Sneezy says: "Not all sex work is prostitution." Please explain...If "sex" for a fee is involved and it is not prostitution, what is it?

I am not "casting the first stone" or any stone. I am, in fact, all in favor of providing assistance to all those in need. The worker deserves compassion; the work itself does not. Those who want to wax morally relativistic should ask Japanese wives what they think of it all...It also might be remembered that the one who said "let whoever among you is without sin cast the first stone" then said to the woman (allegedly) caught in adultery: "Go and sin no more." He didn't say: "Gee, I hope you've had a meaningful relationship!"

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Posted in: Pandemic-hit sex workers flock to NPO for sympathy and advice See in context

Is this from The Onion?

The proper term here is prostitution, moral disapproval of which can be justified on perfectly rational grounds. One can be sympathetic to the female (or male for that matter) who thinks, however foolishly, that one can make a lot more money by engaging in the "sex industry" than by doing a socially useful job, and the real culprits are here, I hastily note, her or his customers...Of course, it may be difficult to find alternative employment, and this might lead a lost soul to true desperation, so that she or he winds up in the depths of, gasp, trendy journalism.

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Posted in: A worried Asia wonders: What will Joe Biden do? See in context

Ah, I think I'll try to compete for the largest number of thumbs-down--or see how long it takes for this post to be removed by Big Brother....

non party puts it well...Besides, the Chinese no doubt have some juicy videos that will keep Biden (and the Bidens) toeing the line.

The American republic is dying, and I too am on my last legs, but with shaking hands I still cling to my Japanese passport...

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Posted in: James Bond star Sean Connery dies at 90 See in context

In "You Only Live Twice," James Bond tells Miss Moneypenny that he'll have no trouble with Japanese when he gets to Japan, having taken a first (I think it was) in Japanese as a student...I remember being amused when I heard that line dubbed into Japanese...

Good man, Sean Connery. RIP

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

"Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets who were before you."

Some readers will recognize these words...Note that the speaker does not say: "Blessed are you when you feel dissed, because it'll be a great opportunity to behead those you hate."

France is un état laîque, a secular state. One can have reservations about the system, but not about freedom of speech. If someone makes fun of my religion, I shrug it off (or even laugh, if the joke is funny enough). If people really believe in the maker of us all, they won't claim to own Him.

Vive la France!

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