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Kibou comments

Posted in: Japan to give $10 million in emergency aid to Gaza Strip civilians See in context


Maybe with this money God will help the Japanese people. Giving money to people in Gaza is far better than giving money to countries that don't need it. Don't take helping people as negative, especially those in need.

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Posted in: Muslim children in Japan fast for Ramadan despite challenges See in context

I'm Japanese Muslim so yeah. Hi guys!

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Posted in: Gov't to approve plan for Japan's 1st casino resort in Osaka See in context

No country that makes tourism one of their main business ever succeed. No country should rely on people from outside unless they are 3rd world countries.

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Posted in: Japan dismisses speculation of China link to SDF chopper accident See in context

I'm sure the US knows what happened. The crash happened near Okinawa, which US has a huge military presence there. Japan isn't paying US army for no reason, but the fact that US army has no comments regarding this is very suspicious. And the fact they dismissed it rather quickly? What about the US?

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Posted in: 'Yamagami Girls' – women whose hearts go out to Abe's accused killer See in context

Majority of Japan still believes the killer is wrong. The Japanese media is the enemy of Japan and heavily influenced by Koreans who wishes to ruin Japan.

Unfortunately, the media in Japan appears to be the voice of Japan, but instead it is the wish to be the voice.

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Posted in: Japan liquor businesses turn to non-alcoholic drinks to attract Gen Z See in context

People saying Alcohol increases birthrate is delusional. There are other ways of finding spouses, and there is a system called Goukon. There is also many marriage finding programs where you pay to get into a system where they try to find you a spouse.

Instead of going to the bar, maybe try that instead. Alcohol is not good for you anyway, its terrible. Its good Japan is going towards more healthy drinks. Sugar is bad too ofc, but not as bad as Alcohol.

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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context

"30 unidentified staffers" lol. Can be anyone I guess. In addition, what he said may be mistranslation even or misunderstood. He should be given a chance to speak on what he meant.

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Posted in: Kishida shaken as list of lawmakers linked to Unification Church grows to 20 See in context

I hope the guy who killed Abe will be punished, or even be executed. Killing a country leader is an act of terrorism. In addition, the church in question, why are we "mad" they were involved with the church? Is it wrong to be involved with a religious group? I am Japanese, but this anti religion mindset is ridiculous and dumb. Who cares, if the country is fine, its fine. No religion guy killed Abe, not some religious person. No religion did terrorism.

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

It was going to happen. COVID, and giving huge amounts of money to US government for "protection." This will continue as long as Japan is colonized. It was already expensive to raise a child in Japan where many go for just 1 child, and now this will make it even harder. It is surprising that the condition of living there seems to be much harder than 3rd world countries. This should not be the norm.

Let us trust God that everything will be good!

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan should pursue cooperation: Moon See in context

Korean people will continue to have massive hatred towards Japanese people, and it will never go away. Not sure how to remove the hatred. Japan cannot apologies for something they did not do, and they have evidences for it. They have evidences that disproves either the exaggeration or fabrication done by other countries.

Innocent until proven guilty is the common logic, and as long as Japan has evidences to disprove what happened, then they are innocent in view of the law. But if Japan has evidences, why were they guilty? Because the court system is more political than fair.

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