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Posted in: China's foreign minister says Indo-Pacific strategy should be dumped See in context

The capitalistic west has lost any "national" identity or pride. Every giant corporations has pretty much succumb to Chinese threats of not being granted access to Chinese juicy market. Since these corporations and their lobby are the ones who run western government, China is free to do whatever they want.

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Posted in: Truck driver admits drinking alcohol before accident that killed 2 children See in context

Every year, accidents killing children, yet, "I'm a good driver, that ain't gonna happen to me" drivers never seem to decrease.

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Posted in: Mizuho's corporate culture to blame for serial system failures, probe finds See in context

It's THE Japanese culture.

Notice something wrong ? never bring it, or you'll be target of unofficial bullying.

Are you being bullied ? never bring it, because you've just broken the image of peaceful and beautiful Japan, now you've just painted a target on your face, you're officially a bullying target!

Did you just commit suicide ? LOL, what a weak person, you deserve it, because you don't play well with people, and you didn't know the rules of engagement in this peaceful & beautiful society.

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Posted in: Bored Games: Aussie softball team finds Olympic bubble challenging See in context

"Expected to have one night funs with a bunch of other top-shaped Olympic Athletes, but turned out wrong"

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Posted in: Can people vaccinated against COVID-19 still spread the coronavirus? See in context

The answer is of course YES. Having the virus (being infected), doesn't equal to being sick. If you have the virus, when you cough, you'll still spread the virus, you just won't get sick from it because the virus can't use your cells to replicate, because the antibodies - your body made after you vaccinate - attaches themselves to the virus, and the virus' ability to attach to your cells is decreased.

Now imagine the virus with these antibodies attached got into another person's body - who hasn't vaccinate -, the virus will still have decreased effectiveness. This is what "herd" immunity means, virus is still spreading, but they find it hard to attach to cells, thanks to antibodies from people who vaccinated.

So, get vaccinated! When you catch it, your body will protects yourself and others around you as well.

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Posted in: Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31 See in context

They're only doing this because the Olympics is near

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Posted in: U.S. warns its citizens against travel to Japan due to COVID surge See in context

Daddy USA has spoken, hopefully approval-hungry J-government will start doing stuffs like proper adult, but we all know teenagers never listen.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

I'm all for CO2 reduction and phasing out gasoline cars, but discussions like this never mention the cost to environmental damage of lithium mining. Electric cars are not the answer, it's just the new fad of corporations-funded lobbying to mass social engineer people to think it's "environmentally friendly", when in reality they just shift the dirty stuffs away from the public's eyes (which historically proven to work really well, e.g. dumping trash in landfill, outsourcing dirty industries to poor countries, American wars on foreign soils, etc.).

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Posted in: Next Meat plant-based beef bowls and yakiniku go on sale in Japan See in context

Refined carbohydrate is one of the sources of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. If I give up meat, I ain't eating this highly processed refined carbs created solely to make profit. Green cruciferous veggies, nuts and beans, and many other real food are so much better.

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Posted in: More tests and still more questions about Tokyo Olympics See in context

Mark my words, after the Olympics, the Indian virus is gonna ravage the country. They'll never declare another emergency, no matter how bad it gets. This government is truly a child, promised glamour, but not getting it, so it sacrifices everything to get what's left.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will take away the fun of being at the wheel of your vehicle? See in context

Yes and No for me. I don't like driving in the city (prefer bicycling), but love it on mountainous roads.

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Posted in: More than two months have passed since we have been screaming, ‘State of emergency!’ People may be relaxing somewhat because the current situation has become the new normal. See in context

I wouldn't become a "fatigue", if government took immediate steps instead of trying to walk on fences.

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Posted in: China protests over Japan-U.S. statement on human rights; blasts U.S. 'evil past of genocide' See in context

China's one excuse is basically "You did it before, now it's our turn, enslave people, genocide, and destroy the climate", and they insist they "love peace".

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO says Games to be symbol of solidarity See in context

Nothing by lip service after lip service.

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Posted in: Communist Party seeking China's 'rejuvenation' See in context

China despite its shortcoming are investing a lot in futuristic industry, like Japan after ww2. If this continues, China will become even more of a power house. Japan on the other hand is just on "maintenance" mode. As much as I dislike Xi, he's a capable and strong leader, compare that to Japan, very disappointing.

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Posted in: Biden's 1st month was about erasing the mark of 'former guy' See in context

If a president can undone what the previous president did, it makes it that every election matters, a string of elections resulting in a president like "the former guy" is gonna destroy us all.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends above 30,000 mark for 1st time in over 30 years See in context

BOJ buying and keeping stocks for themselves, no one else can buy, no wonder prices go up.

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Posted in: No hugs or high-fives, but 150,000 condoms will be given out at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Today I learn that The Olympics is just us subsidizing athletes to have "orgy" ?

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Posted in: Senior lawmaker to quit Diet post over hostess bar visit during state of emergency See in context

Quit from the public eyes into closed-room-warm-embrace of amakudari

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

"hard to sell" sounds nicer than "I don't want people to have decent living standard, who would clean the trash otherwise ?!"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 481 new coronavirus cases; nationwide cases 2,382 See in context

The TV doesn't stop airing travelling shows, this is a joke, lol

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Posted in: Most in Japan oppose holding Olympics in 2021: polls See in context

Most people in Japan oppose the government, yet they keep electing the same party to power, do you still wonder why the government never care ?

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Posted in: Japan to suspend Go To Travel campaign for whole country from Dec 28-Jan 11 See in context

Had to stay at a hotel for work a few weeks ago. They do take a lot of precautions, yet, at service area of highway, young people laughing, talking out loud, while having lunches without masks on.

Sure, pausing of goto travel is preventative, it will hit a lot of hotels, but it will not make people stay home, especially those who care little about the virus, they'll still go out and spread it.

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Posted in: Indy's last crusade? Harrison Ford to reprise iconic role See in context

I bet you they'll kill this Indy like they killed Han Solo

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Posted in: A customer accused a teller at a register of spreading the virus after the teller handed back change instead of putting it on a tray. Another shopper assaulted a worker who was restricting customers' entry into a store. See in context

This is why we don't have genuine kind services in Japan, only pretrained robotic behaviors are allowed.

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Posted in: Suga tells G-20 Japan will lead international efforts on climate change See in context

China also said 2050, if we want to lead, make it 2040! We're better equipped than China, and yet we're only playing cat & mouse with them!

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Posted in: Japan, China, Germany, Slovakia, Uganda win U.N. court seats See in context

"voting", may as well call it jan-ken-pon.

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Posted in: A worried Asia wonders: What will Joe Biden do? See in context

China loves Biden, it will be back to business as Japan won't see anything solved, senkakus, kidnapping, South China Sea. I don't like Trump for all things except for his China stance. Too bad our outdated political system doesn't allow us to elect a person to be in charged on certain issues.

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Posted in: Increasingly normal: Guns seen outside vote-counting centers See in context

Biden lead by 4-million votes, and here we are still wondering who will win. Truly an American Exceptionalism!!

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Posted in: Japan picks Mitsubishi Heavy to develop its own stealth fighter See in context

Good, it's time we take matters into our own hands. Especially if that buzzing-non-stop orange bee wins again.

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