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Posted in: Things you'd better not do upon retiring See in context

If you're a normal salaryman, best thing you can do to prepare is learn to "want" less and focus your spending on things you really love. If you have nothing you love, it's important to find one before you retire.

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Posted in: Have you cut back on your spending as rising prices hit households in Japan? See in context

Less Costco, more farmer's market. Might've become healthier actually.

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Posted in: An estimated 33% of married couples get a divorce each year, according to the Japanese government. Why do you think the figure is so high and do you think this is a worldwide trend? See in context

Marriage is overrated, why make permanent commitment when people change. Your mental state and the one you married a few years ago will change. Waste not your life's journey, and be free!

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Posted in: Multiple people dead in Virginia Walmart shooting, including gunman See in context

As long as they attack "the other guys", nothing will be done.

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Posted in: China restates vow for freer regional trade, but path forward unclear See in context

China buying time to further build its military - ftfy

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Posted in: International Criminal Court head keen to set up 1st regional office in Japan See in context

Please, NOT in Tokyo, it will just create even worse concentration. Fukuoka or Osaka.

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Posted in: It's time to take Kim Jong Un and his nuclear threats seriously See in context

A peaceful world is not good for politicians, democratic or otherwise.

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Posted in: Japan's lower house chief says he will explain links to Unification Church See in context

After months, it's as if they're using the time to cook a story that will twist the truth.

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Posted in: Why do you think South Korean movies, such as "Squid Game" and Parasite," for example, are achieving greater success and recognition abroad than Japanese films? See in context

There are many reasons bogging down Japanese films, but IMHO, the biggest reason is the industry's deep rooted claw that control who gets to do what, which resulted in very little innovations in its movie industry. For example, give chance to young talented screenwriter ? Nope, this middle age guy who has been with the company for 20 years gets the job, always!

But, on the other hand, with Cyberpunk - Edgerunners on Netflix, Japanese anime still top in the world. So, I'm glad that good things don't just come from a single country and that different countries' pop-culture make all our experience richer!

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Posted in: Kishida pitches Japan's permanent investment tax break at New York bourse See in context

Hey Kishida, do you know why people save ? There's no dreams in the Japanese society today, nothing to look forward to, nothing exciting to spend money on, and everyone expect that the future would be bleak, especially after your genius ex-finance ministry said it plainly that Nenkin will not be enough.

Japanese stocks ? lol lol, aside from Toyota and Canon, no other Japanese companies can excite investors, even those two stocks are relatively "boring" stocks. The rest of Japanese companies are zombies with outdated managements consisting of highly paid useless old men who are just cruising waiting for their retirement.

No sane investors would invest in Japanese stocks, even Japanese buy S&P500.

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Posted in: Political worries, low yen attracting more Chinese buyers to Japan's real estate market See in context

Especially those around military bases, and since overseas Chinese all have their families (in China) held hostage by the CPP, they will have to comply when their houses is "required" by the CPP.

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Posted in: S Korean cinematic rise years in the making, says 'Squid Game' star See in context

A good example of government directed economy that works, along with S. Korean steel industry, cars, electronics. It worked also in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

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Posted in: Japan says it is ready to take action as yen dives See in context

No one believe what the BOJ says.

Increasing rate would mean, those who took variable rate housing loans would suffer, other loans as well, which country has the most debt to GDP ? Japan! Stocks would plummet, nenkin payment would plummet, and so on.

It's better to keep Toyota's profit reach record to keep the appearance that Japanese economy is "good".

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being left in bus for 5 hours See in context

Every year without fail, every month without fail, the news report about children being left in the bus. Yet, the people whose work directly deal with transporting children, just never learn do they ? Probably think "it will never happen to me".

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Posted in: The Japanese government needs to have people feel the merits of the My Number social security and taxation identification card. See in context

Universal Basic Income, only available through my number.

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Posted in: What are some fondly remembered TV shows from your youth? See in context

MacGyver is my all time favorite. It's weird how a guy how hates guns gained so much popularity in the US.

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Posted in: Japanese backing for military build-up likely to rise after China's missiles See in context

People underestimate the importance of being vigilant. Peace is only attainable when the agents at play are at a balance of mutually assured destruction. Otherwise, just look what made European colonization of the world possible.

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Posted in: Japan minister says women 'underestimated' See in context

Just the other day, a study was published that Japan ranks #1 in gender equality for education, but bottom in politics and economics. This tells you that Japanese women are educated for the purpose to educate their sons.

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Posted in: China warns Kishida about amending Japan's constitution See in context

Fragile CCP, you love to say "foreign nations shouldn't interfere in our domestic matters". Well, Confucius taught that a gentlemen should not be a hypocrite.

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Posted in: Before fatal shooting, Abe was up close with the crowd See in context

Video showed a security guy right at the fence, nearest to the shooter just "duck" after the first shot. The second shot came 2~3 seconds later, he could've done something, just another "heiwa boke security" guy.

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Posted in: Aichi woman arrested for mixing human excrement into school lunch See in context

My wife works in one of these facilities, while most facilities have super strict rule, such as "you can't go to the toilet while working, if you do, the procedure is pretty troublesome". Even then, she's been around many facilities that are quite loose about the quality of hygiene, just last month, they found bird poop in the rice.

The problem again stems from not having enough qualified people, which is pervasive in Japan. While she had to passed tests to get license to work in these facilities, part timers don't, and with their turn over rate, no one has the time to do on the job training about hygiene standard, while at the same time preparing lunches for hundreds of students daily.

Accidents or not in this Aichi case, the problem persists.

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Posted in: The Russians (or Chinese, or North Koreans) are coming! What to do: Fight or flight? See in context

US Japan security treaty, Article 5, states that the US will defend Japan if it's attacked by a third party.

Not saying China, Russia, NK will not attack, but when they do, meaning starting a war with the US, the global politics at that time would be so messed up, running away will no longer be an option.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., 3 others walk out of APEC trade meeting as Russian minister speaks See in context

LoL according to the comments here, attacking another country is "mature".

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Posted in: Electricity, gasoline and many food and drink items now cost more in Japan. What are you doing in your daily life to cut back on costs? See in context

I buy fresh whole food from local farmers' market, cook at home, pack bento, eat more Japanese diet instead of western.

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Posted in: What are some telltale signs that a business might be on the verge of bankruptcy? Also, have you ever worked for a company that went under and did you see it coming? See in context

CEO doing things he/she never does before. Getting irritated about every little thing, "why is x employee late by 10 second ? He should be here 10 minutes before start time". Or start micro managing people.

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Posted in: Brazil deforestation shatters April record See in context

Continue consuming beef, continue deforestation. Don't feel sad, it's no use, instead stop consuming beef.

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Posted in: Relatives mark 10th anniversary of fatal reckless driving case in Kameoka See in context

That blue line and those rubber/plastic stoppers are probably the measures the local government came up with to prevent further accidents.

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Posted in: As credit cards, electronic money and payment apps become more commonplace, do you still use cash much? If so, what for? See in context

My local farmer's markets selling sub 100-yen fresh veggies don't accept leechers known as visa, master card or jcb.

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Posted in: Japan to expel 8 Russian diplomats See in context

Putin is putin his country in isolation better than Tokugawa could ever dream off.

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