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Posted in: Now you can request a Tesla when you Uber in Japan with their new Premium EV option See in context

If you get a tesla so you can uber and think you can make "profit", well, you need to reassess your choices in life.

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Posted in: IOC confirms Russian athletes can compete at Paris Olympics with approved neutral status See in context

100million rubble per "approval".

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Posted in: Novo to launch anti-obesity drug Wegovy in Asia with February Japan roll-out See in context

People who says that "obese people should change their lifestyle", be quite, invest your money in related companies, sit back and see it grow.

Let the people who wants eat a lot, eat a lot, so they spend money on food companies, then when they get sick, they spend money on drug companies. You can't change them by telling them, might as well profit off them.

Immoral ?

Well, what are the governments doing all over the world ? Aren't they supposed to be the one protecting their citizens ? Not just from harm of war, but harm from companies as well.

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Posted in: Japanese businesses are managed as if they are looking in the rearview mirror. See in context

unhealthy obsession with manufacturing

He's suggesting that companies should outsource their manufacturing to Xinjiang - the home of the Uyghur people - like his company. When everyone does it, no one can be blamed for slavery.

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Posted in: Why Americans feel gloomy about economy despite falling inflation and low unemployment See in context

Macro people: Inflation is low, unemployment is low, y'all should be happy and go spending spree

Micro people: with what money !? Wages are low, pay rents, bills, and foods, 1000yen left in the bank.

Macro people: Inflation is low, unemployment is low, I've done a good job, you micro people should buy less avocado toasts!

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Posted in: Sony lures record female engineers despite talent shortage in Japan See in context

Sony offers flexible work schedules for pregnant women

Doesn't matter. All the CEOs I've met eagerly do this, the problem is other women and their women superior. Pregnant women are bullied, because when she takes leave, other career-oriented women would "hate" her for covering for her. Women middle managers are especially the worst.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

Look, another one of those "this is how the west do it, Japan, you must follow!"

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Posted in: Car rams into barricade near Israel Embassy in Tokyo; man detained See in context

Don't bring your violence here, Loser.

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Posted in: 10 simple tips for saving money in Japan See in context

Someone told me a long time ago, "develop cheap wants and skills to satisfy those wants". I've been living by that motto for a decade now. I can lose my job now and not worried about money for 10 years.

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Posted in: J-pop star Ayumi Hamasaki teams up with Club Harie for collaborative baum cakes See in context

I live an hour away from club harie main shop, the place is never not crowded.

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Posted in: Child in critical condition after elderly driver hits students in Shizuoka See in context

I see old people driving kei trucks with pedals to the floor all the time, regardless the road, most probably think accidents like this "won't happen to me". Japan is great for old people, they get to enjoy peaceful live in prison for snuffing out children's live. Government won't do anything, because they're the voters.

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Posted in: Kishida plans income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks See in context

Looks like the media calling this guy "tax-hike glasses" prime-minister, works!

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Posted in: China imported no seafood from Japan in September See in context

Here, I'm just enjoying 4 sardines caught in Tottori, bought them for 200yen! Discounted to 150yen! Got 8 of them last week, 8 of them this week. Also got Hokkaido Salmon Trout, around 1000 yen for half, superb deal. Not to mention 500g of squid from Yamaguchi for 500 yen!!

Killer deals all and all, Japanese domestic food are superb quality and still cheaper than most anywhere else in the world.

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Posted in: What is the most effective way to eradicate the sale and possession of child porn? See in context

You can't eradicate it, unless there's a coordinated effort for it.

Swamp the market with AI generated stuffs, if it's a video, in the middle of it a mutilated ghost suddenly appear on the screen. With how fast AI can generate images and videos these days, good luck finding an "original" one.

Put a tracker in the AI generated files, so we can track the history of IP addresses of computers that the file has been stored, downloaded, uploaded.

Catch them, suppliers and consumers, put their names and pictures on public servers everyone can see. No, if you intend to hurt children, you don't get the rights or privileges of "privacy".

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Posted in: Israel-Palestinian conflict tests Japan's oil diplomacy See in context

There's been oil shocks like every 2 decades, what did all the Oil importer did ? Import more oil!! LOL.

Japan has the brain to discover new energy, but it decide to use that brain to invent AKB48 instead.

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Posted in: Leaders from emerging economies are visiting China for the 'Belt and Road' forum See in context

So eager to be ushered into a trap.

I guess with trillions of Yuan in the personal bank account, I'd sell my country as well.

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Posted in: According to Japan's Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry, 106,000 people left their jobs to care for their families last year. Noticeable were those in their 40s and 50s. What can be done to address this issue? See in context

Promote remote work, innovate! But of course, the dinosaurs can't think any further than "I can't eat my prey remotely!".

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Posted in: Japan to host CO2 reduction summit in December with ASEAN, Australia See in context

LOL, do you mean the Australia who sells coals to the Japan who loves to build new coal-power plants all over Asia ? Japan's argument is basically "our new coal plan is cleaner, if you replace all your old plants with our new plants, we'll be reducing CO2!". I mean, makes sense, but the CO2 from building new plants would probably not be even out by the reduction for X years, by then the "new" plants have become "old.

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Posted in: Chinese tourists in Japan eat sushi despite Beijing's seafood import ban See in context

I bought 4 Sardines for 150yen yesterday, bought 8, cooked with tomato, superb tasty and so cheap. I'm not complaining CCP banning Japanese seafood.

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Posted in: Hosting Asian Games will 'wipe away' Japanese doubts, says top official See in context

It's all circuses anyway. I respect the athletes a lot, but the organizers, it's just "money" tree for them.

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Posted in: Reports Sapporo will drop 2030 Winter Games bid draw mixed reaction See in context

Every Olympic should take place in Greece, every country joining, chip in, no need for these "bids".

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Posted in: Japan to face North Korea in women's soccer final at Asian Games See in context

Bring some armors against barbaric DPRK.

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Posted in: Deceit pays dividends: How CEO lies can boost stock ratings and fool even respected financial analysts See in context

"Truth bias", lol. There are statistics that show, most people who fell into scam and hoax are first motivated by greed.

Greed invokes exactly the same feeling as Love. Once you fall in love with a person, or a scamming CEO, no amount of external reasons would change your mind.

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Posted in: What do you think of the amount of compensation in the form of salary, bonuses and stock options that are paid to top execs of multinational corporations? See in context

CEOs convince the peasants that their labor is not what makes the company lots of money for the people who own the company. Not an easy skill I'd say. The more you can convince the peasants how replaceable they are, the more money for the shareholders. What shareholders wouldn't pay CEOs the money they "deserve" ?

Solution ? If peasants can make lots of money for the shareholders without the overtly-glorified-middle-manager known as CEOs, the shareholders would be super happy to get rid of them! (There are very successful worker coop companies in the world, fyi).

Too bad though, most peasants are sheep, can't accomplish anything without their lords' directions.

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Posted in: Accused of rape, Russell Brand speaks of 'distressing' week See in context

It's funny how people who advocate against society's injustices and corporations' corruptions, get reported to the media for "crime", never the police.

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Posted in: Solomon Islands leader 'appalled' at Japan over Fukushima water release See in context

My grandfather used to say that losers have nothing good to show the world. So, in order to look "better" than others, they cook up non-existent problems and blame others for it. It's the psychology of the common thugs, people without honor.

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Posted in: Victim says new Johnny's president apologized for founder's sexual abuse See in context

Look another Japanese "CEO", "not knowing" what's going on in the company they're heading. I don't know if I should praise Japanese society for being so forgiving, or what.

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Posted in: Tokyo Game Show kicks off with record 787 exhibitors from 44 regions See in context

To the haters, the games industry will be the one giving you nostalgic experience about how the Earth was/is in the future, when the heat is too high for you to enjoy your supposedly "superior" hobbies, whatever they are.

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Posted in: Financial watchdog searches Bigmotor, Sompo Japan over fraud case See in context

One company caught in fraud scheme ? Isolated incident ? Naah, it's Japan, ANOTHER one just got caught, which immediately implicate another, there will be more, because 99% of Japanese companies are rotten in its core, the 1% are unicorns-pegasus.

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