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Posted in: Japan advises against travel to 50 nations including U.S., China See in context

"Advises, advises, advises", J-gov's best talent yet, shift responsibilities to others.

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Posted in: Trump angrily defends his handling of pandemic See in context

Someone who never earns for his living is incompetent and doesn't like to be blamed, the epitome of spoiled American.

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Posted in: Japanese household assets hit record ¥1,903 tril See in context

The virus probably nullified this report, the smallest thing sure makes big changes.

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Posted in: BOJ ramps up risky asset buying, doubles pace of ETF, J-REIT purchases See in context

Hey, here's an idea, how about we bring down tax consumption to 0% for a year ? give normal people a boost once in a while, not just the guys with assets.

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Posted in: Canceling Tokyo Olympics would cut Japan GDP growth by 1.4%: estimate See in context

Poor Abe, waited too long to save GDP from tourism. Now he won't be able to save GDP from the Olympics either and got blamed for everything. A perfect analogy to releasing a captured bird, to go after the two around the bushes, and lost all birds.

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Posted in: Lights, camera... no action? Hollywood rocked by coronavirus See in context

James Bond delayed ? I guess we'll have a little bit more time to die

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Posted in: Panic buying follows coronavirus across the globe See in context

Bunch of selfish mindless zombies, if something really bad happens, so what ? you outlive everyone by one week ?

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Posted in: Self-preservation strategies for Japan's train commuters have their limitations See in context

I hope the "shame" of getting stared at and shunned would convince people to stay home, but I guess they fear more their kacho's scorn.

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Posted in: Does anime need to start being more politically correct for overseas audiences? See in context


The world of "for overseas audience" is a boring one, because they're all the same rehashed stuffs.

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Posted in: What's your idea of Japanese comfort food? See in context


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Posted in: Mitsubishi’s solution for stressed office workers in Japan: fake skylight video displays See in context

Okay, so we have giant windows at every floor in the office, but every single one of them is blinded. I ask if I can open the blinds, atleast for the windows near me. Management said that "no, some people get distracted by sunlight coming in" ... yeah !?!? Well, I guess that's why you bought all these "natural" neon lights instead huh ?!

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Posted in: Japan's efforts to raise wages wane as firms embrace merit-based pay See in context

Will the incumbent and incompetent oyajis willing to adjust their pay to their merit ?

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Posted in: Conflicting studies point to meat moderation as healthy diet See in context

Even if it's "healthy", mass meat production can never be humane, only suffering.

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Posted in: Abe orders gov't to take steps to mitigate virus impact on economy See in context

Put all your eggs in a basket, rely on China for everything, manufacturing things, tourism, etc. this is what you get. I hope people realize this fast! South East Asia is pretty much untapped, it's time to switch partners Japan.

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Posted in: Do you think the flu is a greater danger than the coronavirus for people living in Japan? See in context

New virus, it pays to be extra careful, keep up the resilience for when the really bad one comes.

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Posted in: Japan is an anomaly among developed economies. The era of coal is ending, but for Japan, it’s proving very difficult to give up an energy source that it has relied on for so long. See in context

You want plans for our green economy ? We built an LNG powered tanker to get our beloved Aussie's coal, to power up our photocopy machines and fax those excel documents for you okay ? You have no fax ? we have lots for sale!

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Posted in: Japan seeks to contain economic impact of virus See in context

Lessening the economy impact, lol, I look forward for the cancellation of the Olympics

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Posted in: China's outbound group travel ban a blow to Japan's retail, tourism sectors See in context

What a messed up system, wanting to be healthy and not mindlessly consuming is "a blow".

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Posted in: McGregor demolishes Cerrone in 40-second return to UFC octagon See in context

Romans would feel at home at 2020, since we still pit people like they did.

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Posted in: Do you think gold is a safe investment in times of geopolitical trouble, threats of war or other international crises? See in context

Productive land and farming skills are the only real valuables in times of troubles. Follow that with gold, lots of bullets and guns.

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Posted in: James Bond producer rules out female 007 See in context

I don't want a female 007 that solve problems just like the male 007, shoot/punch/kick first then explosion. A female 007 would solve problems silently, through trickeries and deceptions, which then may end up with giant explosion.

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Posted in: Your money or your life: Can nations prosper by putting well-being before GDP? See in context

What matter is GDP when your population live in stress, depression and anxiety ? Fear of losing jobs not because they're lazy, but because there are forces like automation, shifting economic climate - that they can't control - forcing them out, without safety net to bounce back.

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Posted in: Olympic Games must connect with gamers to keep relevant: Bach See in context

"We want to get a slice of that juicy profit" - IOC

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Posted in: Nissan has to decide whether it more interested in pursuing Ghosn or fixing what's wrong with the company. It has already proved that it can't do both. See in context

"Fixing what's wrong with the company", LOL. Every Japanese companies I've worked at don't think there's anything wrong with their company, it's just the foreigners who don't understand the Japanese people's "peaceful ways".

A shame really, Nissan Leaf is about the only decent and affordable electric car in Japan. If Toyota comes up with something similar (which they probably can't, since the Keidanren probably wouldn't allow it), Nissan is done.

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Posted in: What can convenience stores and supermarkets do to reduce the amount of food waste? See in context

I saw on TV some combini put soon-to-be-expired food on the internet, but take them off shelves. People check it through an App, and buy it for 50% off.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off than you were this time last year? See in context

Net worth went up, but monthly saving ratio went down, big projects coming, I'll keep doing my best and let God/Luck/Fate/Whatever do the rest.

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Posted in: In 2019, the box office belonged to Disney See in context

Welcome to free market capitalism, winner takes all the profit, concentration that leads to monopoly, go buy Disney stock while you can.

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Posted in: Thousands trapped on Australia beach encircled by fire See in context

It's like the beginning of any disaster movies, seemingly separate events, before everything converges into one giant collapse of society.

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