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Posted in: Gov't panel begins discussions to slash plastic waste See in context

Please do, I live in a city with strict garbage code, yet just a stone throw away is another city with very laxed garbage code. I could just pick my garbage and put it at the next city's collection point, it's pretty stupid.

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Posted in: Man arrested for raping woman in Tokyo; admits to similar crimes from 4 years ago See in context

To anyone saying women should feel safe at all times, I agree completely!! But in the mean time, while we wait for the rapey guys and the creppy guys and the violent guys to learn that raping, being creepy and violence is bad and that self-control is good, do you have a more immediate solution than the typical "guys shouldn't do this", "girls shouldn't do that", etc. ?

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Posted in: 1/3 of households in Japan on edge of bankruptcy: BOJ study See in context

“all their friends go; can they be the only ones who don’t?”

Soccer, if kid loves it, sure! But it seems the kid goes because "all their friends go". Yeah, bad investment! Statistically speaking, only a very-very small percentage of kids who "love" soccer manage to grow up and become professional soccer players. In that context, it's more like gambling, quite effective at destroying your savings.

Juku is not needed, it's practically a class for coming up an answer for 32x78 in under 2 seconds. If you rely on Juku to educate your kids, they will be replaced by AI in the future.

65000yen a month, 780000yen a year, 7.8million in 10 years, that's your kid's college education there but you wasted it.

If you have decent income but no savings, you're really bad with statistics, chances, money and long-term planning.

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Posted in: What are you doing to keep cool during the heatwave that is gripping much of Japan? See in context

Work in the weekday, read books in the library in the weekend

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Posted in: Japan's trade balance returns to surplus after dip See in context

Sometimes you have negative, sometimes you have surplus, sometimes you buy more useless stuffs from others, sometimes others buy more useless stuffs from you, that's just how trade works, in the end, it's the relationship that matters.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English? See in context

Except for Jehovah Witnesses, I've never met a Japanese who wants to speak English with me.

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Posted in: Entrepreneur's rocket explodes seconds after lift-off See in context

Japanese Elon Musk. Japanese youngsters need more people like this guy to look up to.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

Why you so selfish ?! Have children! because they will ensure my stock holdings keep increasing in value!

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Posted in: Father of slain Vietnamese girl demands death penalty See in context

These kinds of people is why I wish hell is real.

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Posted in: World faces 'staggering' obesity challenge: study See in context

there is no 'one size fits all' approach

This "political correctness" stuffs is the reason why this epidemic won't be solved. The solution is a simple 'one size fits all' approach, less sugar, less meat, more walking, nothing else will work. Of course, if you say this, then the food industry will discredit you, the meat industry will discredit you, and the car/oil industry will discredit you, and everybody else will scream "you're infringing my freedom".

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Posted in: Study once again ranks Japan as the country that sleeps the least See in context

"Study" doesn't count the number of hours we spend sleeping in the train, so it's invalid!

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Posted in: You are living in an era of change. I would like to turn the company into a team whose members work together to carve out a new future. See in context

Reward teams, not managers. Promote teams, not managers.

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Posted in: Moral education, which takes up the issue of bullying, is currently an extracurricular activity at schools, but it will become a subject in the regular curriculum of junior high schools from April 2019. What do you think about this? See in context

Elementary School already have this. The class is called doutoku 道徳, it's pretty funny actually, I kid you not, but in the textbook, there's a lesson dedicated to how loud you should talk depending on how far the person you're talking to is away from you, and where you are.

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Posted in: Japan studying whether fighter jets can be put on helicopter carrier See in context

No time to build another carrier ? I sense a war coming

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Posted in: Regulator orders Coincheck to get its act together after Y58 bil cryptocurrency theft See in context

People losing money on bitcoin ? I'm shivering from Schadenfreude.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro hit by spate of train graffiti See in context

I'd rather see grafiti than signs of "KEEP LEFT", "KEEP MANNER", "LOOK WHERE YOU GO" on laminated paper hanged everywhere!! Do city planners think those signs are a "nice" part of city beautification ?

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Posted in: Abe urges BOJ Gov Kuroda to keep up efforts to reflate economy See in context

Keep buying those ETFs Kuroda, nikkei 30000!! You can stop when I cash out, kthxbye.

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Posted in: How to keep your smartened-up home safe from hackers See in context

"Hackers" are the least of your concerns, you should worry more about the people selling you those "speakers" claiming "we take your security seriously"

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Posted in: U.N. chief Guterres warns against 'sleepwalking' into war over N Korea See in context

The picture would've been a little bit more entertaining if Abe is plugging his ears with his pinkies and singing "la la la la la"

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Posted in: Japan pledges $2.9 bil for universal health coverage See in context

Where does that figure come from?


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Posted in: Defense ministry to request special budget to buy long-range cruise missiles See in context

"missile is coming! but in the mean time, let's enjoy pachinko slot"

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Posted in: Calls for same-sex marriage legalization growing in Japan See in context

This is one way to increase marriages Japan! Some might even adopt children! Let them marry!

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Posted in: Tokyo marks 1,000 days to go until 2020 Paralympics See in context

1060 days to go until bankruptcy

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Posted in: Babysitters in great demand amid daycare shortage in Japan See in context

With all the regulations, the ROI isn't great, workers are payed 150K yen a month, big responsibilities, little reward.

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Posted in: Kobe Steel blames data scandal on focus on profit, lack of controls See in context

Improving our management and corporate governance and instilling a culture where employees can say anything are imperative

Pillars of Japanese company management, see evil, hear evil, say nothing, collect bonuses

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Posted in: IMF's Lagarde warns of protectionism in Asia See in context

@M3M3M3, Chinese goods should face restrictions if those goods are destined to Africa or countries with less development than China, countries who want to develop its industry. Western countries are already rich, do they want to continue competing with China to make useless plastic craps ? I sure hope they don't.

A country should protect its industry at all cost until it's ready to compete globally, akin to a parent who protects an nurture her child until adulthood before plunging her into the real world.

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Posted in: IMF's Lagarde warns of protectionism in Asia See in context

Go to hell IMF, every one of you rich western countries became rich because of protectionism. England, then France, Germany, then the US, Japan, South Korea, now China! Every single one! You think China can have Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, if Amazon, Google, Facebook were let loose in China ? No way! You don't pit a baby with Usain Bolt in a race do you ?

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. will arm Japan to shoot down N Korean missiles See in context

This is why salary doesn't increase, why Japan is accumulating account surpluses, to buy weapons from the US' military complex

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Posted in: Koike asks Gore to tell world about Tokyo's anti-climate change efforts See in context

plastic wrappings inside plastic wrappings inside plastic wrappings inside plastic wrappings ... Japan isn't a model for anti-climate change

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