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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

I never refuse 10 days of consecutive hiking and climb mountains

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Posted in: If you’re working for Toyota, for example, you know how the automobile works -- basic structure of the engine, suspension and so forth. So if you work for an IT services company, you need to have the basic knowledge of what’s in the computer. See in context

Just went to a conference in the US. The state of tech industry in Japan is really sad, after talking to many Japanese developers, I feel that most just wait and see what the US comes up with and try to "imitate". The worst part is they complain when the US has "nothing" to offer from their point of view. Truly a bunch of entitled seishains who think "not doing anything" means "not making mistakes", which means you're "good" ... truly sad.

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Posted in: LED cherry blossoms See in context

Future looking, something to leave the children when the planet becomes hot.

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Posted in: We have accepted the children’s voices. See in context

It's more logical for girls to wear pants and boys skirts, just think about it.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese characters in anime, manga and video games "look" Caucasian? See in context

Because Japanese perceive people with these traits to be beautiful. Folded-eyelids, making the eyes look bigger, sharp chin, high cheekbones, which are all qualities than can be found mainly in Caucasians. Beautiful people sells, regardless of gender, age or cultural background.

I once worked with a Japanese artist, we have a mascot for some product, an old "wise" dude. The artist immediately said, "yeah I will not buy your product, nor would Japanese people. If you want to sell, change it to something cute or cool."

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Posted in: Nagasaki's educators changing perspective on A-bomb teachings See in context

No moral in war, best is not to start it, because the cost to end it multiplies by the day. The Japanese military government was really bad at accounting and statistics, just like today, false reporting everywhere. If they were honest to themselves, they wouldn't start a war with a giant like the USA.

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Posted in: Honesty question: Have you ever peeked at your partner's email or cell phone to see who they have been in touch with? And has the reverse happened to you? See in context

Anyone with a normally functioning brain would know not to bring home the phone you use to do your dirty bidding.

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

I let my girls wear whatever they want, but I'm not waiting for all the chikan to disappear from Earth, before telling my girls to "be careful". Telling girls it's a beautiful world out there and all men are respectful is just as wrong.

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Posted in: Games industry asks WHO to hold fire on 'gaming disorder' See in context

Gaming is an escape from an ugly world. As usual, the fix is to create laws and patches, instead of fixing the real problem, extreme inequality, young men void of life purposes, education and social policies that focuses on generating money, not well being.

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Posted in: There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48, claims ex-member See in context

Constantly being compared about your "cuteness" to other members, and members of other groups. Though they perform as a group on stage, back stage it's all back stabbing. At a young age like this, instead of building relationships with peers, you're asked to compete, no place to vent, probably not even family who push them to "ganbaru", no wonder they're all mentally ill.

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Posted in: Forcing women to be interrogated without bras could give them a sense of shame, making it difficult to execute their right of defense. See in context

This is proof that the police learns everything from manga, because in manga there's a story about a woman using the wiring in her bra to kill people

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Posted in: Fewer Japanese firms expect economic growth in 2019 See in context

meaning: "don't expect any raise in salary"

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Posted in: Japan stocks are a bargain but there are few takers See in context

Japanese products are still in much demand all over the world, ignoring its stocks is not a wise move for any sensible "investors".

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Posted in: Writer for Hollywood version of anime 'your name.' says Japanese side wants Westernized viewpoint See in context

Is star-crossed love story popular in the US ? It's very popular in Japan, maybe in Asia as well.

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Posted in: In Japan, a scramble for new workers disrupts traditional hiring practices See in context

Those are not "traditional" Japanese companies.

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context

This guy's view is basically the view of the capitalists of Japan who are pushing Abe for this policy. More foreigners to exploit, and once you're done with them, kick them out, and let more clueless-Japan-so-beautiful foreigners come in, rinse and repeat.

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Posted in: What do you think are the pros and cons of accepting more foreign blue-collar workers into Japan? See in context

Japan needs foreign workers as much as foreign workers need opportunity to build a better life for themselves, but the government has enacted vague laws, which give them the ability to treat people like gears, work them until exhausted then replaced. Nothing good will come out of this, in a few decades Japan will fulfilled what the movies prophesied, a dystopian-cyber-punk future.

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

F-35 fighters, buy another 100 Abe, and tanks too.

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Posted in: Abe, Macron arranging to meet at G20 to discuss Nissan-Renault alliance See in context

Renault's profit come from stock holdings of Nissan, no surprise Macron with diminishing popularity is sweating in the middle of winter.

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Posted in: Osaka to host 2025 World Expo See in context

Olympics then World Expo, we have an old saying, "you fall and the ladder falls on you", great!!

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Posted in: Getting into shape See in context

It's very simple people, "If there's no effort involved, you're wasting money".

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Posted in: They are the only ones reaping the benefits and it's unacceptable. Our management should have a sense of responsibility following a recent string of scandals. See in context

Many old companies like Nissan are no longer companies that bring values to the world, they're companies in which managers are vultures, in it solely to grab everything and benefit themselves.

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Posted in: Politicians around the world are ratcheting up the anti-migrant rhetoric during campaigning. What do you think about this? See in context

A lot of immigration law is very loose, or too strict. Like Japan for example, its policies is easily exploited by both the locals and the foreigners. When foreigners exploit it, the locals don't see it as the result of "incompetent government", they see it as "foreigners devils exploiting their hospitality", it causes social stress between the groups. Wanting a better immigration policy is not bigotry, it's logical.

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Posted in: Pressure on girls for perfect body 'worse than ever', says Orbach See in context

Don't wish for pressure to go away, instead educate girls, to have self esteem, don't eat too much sugar, exercise, live a healthy life, physically and mentally.

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Posted in: Is the U.S. still a real democracy? See in context

America is as democratic as China a communist.

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Posted in: Scandal-tainted Suruga Bank to gain Y250 bil credit line from BOJ: sources See in context

Oh look, a bank lending money it doesn't have, found out, people withdraw deposits in mass. Somethings just never change, like the warmth of human stupidity that makes the world feels like home.

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Posted in: How to succeed at the all-important job interview See in context

Went to 2 interviews, I used same strategy at both, told jokes and be honest, first interview went great, interviewers were laughing, got offer. Second interview, interviewers weren't even smiling, got rejected.

Lesson, be true to yourself, when you got rejected, you know you won't fit in anyway.

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Posted in: Showa University medical school admits rigging entrance exam scores See in context

Failed females can marry male doctors, but not the other way around ... probably what they were thinking.

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Posted in: Japan issues warning against volatile stock, currency moves See in context

Ready cash, wait for crash, buy stocks to stash, get back more cash. Repeat.

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