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Posted in: Japan eyes tobacco tax hike to cover revenue shortfalls See in context

200%, no 500% tax raise! They're not only killing themselves, they're killing people around them too, 30% of lung cancer caused by second hand smoking says latest research

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to give speech on women's empowerment in Japan on Nov 3 See in context

Have a rich dad

No ? well try again!

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Posted in: What you'll be wearing in 2018 See in context

"modern art"

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Posted in: Sales tax hike 'obvious' choice for Japan debt woes: IMF See in context

Curse the IMF, nothing but a bunch of out-of-touched privileged "economists" paid by their US masters promoting the US' crony interests.

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Posted in: Kobe Steel reports wider fudging of metals data since 2011 See in context

There are two types of Japanese companies, the ones caught lying about something and the ones haven't. If you think Takata and this are isolated cases ... well, good luck! I told a co-worker before about how he was doing his work incorrectly, I won't be able to forget the flabbergasted faces he and the others put up. There's little accountability here, you can't question your co-workers competency, if you do, you're "dishonoring" them.

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Posted in: Dentsu fined Y500,000 for making employees do too much overtime See in context

lol, "fine" is just a cost of running business and as long as it's less than profit, keep doing it by ALL means

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

Amazing what "protests" have done so far

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Posted in: Japan aims to more than quadruple rice exports in 2019 See in context

Increase demand of sushi! Then you'll see increased demand of Japanese rice.

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Posted in: Sexism and culture: Japan’s obsession with 'kawaii' See in context

In youtube, there's a video titled "Born Sexy Yesterday", good watch to understand a little bit about this topic.

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Posted in: How should the international community deal with North Korea? See in context

Ignore them, more condemnation, more trade sanction just like we did before they have Nuke. More of the same medicine, don't they work wonders!

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Posted in: How big are the benefits for bilingual speakers? See in context

I tell my kids, when you learn a new language, you don't just learn A language, an entire country of culture, art, history and people is open for you to explore! Economic value is not the metric people use in deciding whether a language is worth learning or not, because Chinese is clearly economically valuable, but I don't see people learning it in droves.

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Posted in: Banking, train services hit by internet disruption See in context

Both companies said the trouble was caused by temporary instability in the flow of data

The cause is caused by the symptom, makes total sense!

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Posted in: 'Hellboy' casting prompts backlash over 'whitewashing' See in context

"White people, stop being knights who need to defend minorities" - Social justice warriors

"White people, why you can't be fair and give minorities more chances!" - Also social justice warriors

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Posted in: Trump adviser Bannon says U.S. in economic war with China See in context

Bannon's opinions on economy is as qualified as my 5-year-old's

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Posted in: Abe says he'll focus on bread-and-butter issues such as jobs See in context

With all the focus and re-focus and re-re-focus on jobs & economy, we should've had a laser focus by now ...

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Posted in: Creators behind 'Game of Thrones' stir race controversy with 'Confederate' See in context

What if the south won, what if the Nazi won, what if the Japanese won, in any of these stories, they usually depict a distopia. There's no harm IMHO, but I could be wrong.

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Posted in: When you go on a date with someone for the first time (or when you used to, for those of you no longer dating), what do (did) you pay the most attention to? See in context

Her stories, they tell you a lot about a person's personality and interests.

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Posted in: Do you think manga and anime are good study tools for children? See in context

There's this "Survival series", it discusses world issues, science, etc. in a Manga medium, will they make my kids genius ? 0% probability. Do they learn something from it ? most probably yes.

After my children finished reading "Survival, Water Shortage", they told each other to preserve water because there are shortages everywhere. Becoming aware of issues, that's more than enough for me.

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Posted in: Man, 9-year-old son found dead in Tokyo river after night fishing See in context

I pass that place like every week ... RIP

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Posted in: Should we be worried about the rise of AI? See in context

Zuck wants to use AI to analyze you and tell his customers what you like, what you "need" in your current emotional state, so they can target their Ad to appeal to you and feel personal. Musk wants to use AI so he can go to Mars. You choose who to support.

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Posted in: Japan aims to reduce suicides by 30% in 10 years See in context

All the "kizuna" the media promote, when you look close enough, the strong is allowed to bully the weak, ask any parents who reported bullying problem and witness the bully being protected by the school because s/he is a "minor" and that their sons/daughters need to toughen up!! The rest of the people, whipped and educated enough to keep quite and not create any slight meiwaku to those in power. It is no wonder, many can only find a way out by killing themselves.

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Posted in: BOJ blames Japan's unique labor practice for low wages, inflation See in context

Companies are taking various steps to address a shortage of labor

They do "everything", but none that actually make people's lives better. Still no work-life balance, still no offsite work for workers with high initiative, still no fraternity/maternity support. "We want obedient slaves, not making people's lives better" is pretty much the attitude here. Monetary policy can only do so much, economy depends very much on people's outlook of the future, no outlook, no inflation.

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Posted in: Struggling Legoland Japan will shut down for two days a week starting in fall See in context

They forgot why people like Lego. Instead of creating a theme park where people can actually interact with millions of Lego pieces in different ways creatively, which they can't in real life, and I would personally pay for such an experience. They created just another theme park taking examples from parks filled with iconic movie characters (Disney, universal studios). So yeah, they deserve to fail.

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Posted in: Orders for shogi boards began increasing in April from people wanting their children and grandchildren to play the board game. We have sold more than double the number of boards compared to usual years. See in context

Jerked reaction, something I personally taught the kids not to do, "be like that guy/gal, she's/he's so cool".

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Posted in: Half of students find primary school English education less than useful: survey See in context

My kid is in second grade Japanese public school, English class once a month, they just started learning words for feelings! So exciting!

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Posted in: Why is the Japanese kanji for '4' so frustratingly weird? See in context

Article without proper research

It started with 亖, basically 4 is 二 twice. The character then became four horizontal line of equal length, then it became IIII, later they added 二, then it becomes like the horizontal version of 目, then the current 四. It didn't go from 亖 directly to 四.

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Posted in: N Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South See in context

North Korea doesn't have fireworks, but they do have lots of missiles, this is how they say Congratulations to the South - Misunderstood shark meme

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Posted in: Gov't names and shames 'black' companies violating labor laws See in context

There two types of Japanese company, black ones and those not reported yet.

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