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Kiera Hohne comments

Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

Is this where all my residents tax is going.....???

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Posted in: EU fines Hello Kitty owner $7 million in antitrust ruling See in context

People could always use a shopping service????

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Posted in: Blood, sweat but no tears in Japan's office chair grand prix See in context

This is a sport salarymen excel at without effort LOL

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Posted in: Turtles stick neck out for imperial rice forecast See in context

I kind of like the idea of these "ancient" rituals. It gives us a look into the past to see what the Japanese did in ancient times. Facinating really. It's also good that they have conservation methods in place for the turtle population as well.

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Posted in: Consumption tax hike may be delayed depending on June data: PM aide See in context

I'll just show my passport and get is tax free. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Odd translations found on English websites for tourists in Japan See in context

I went into the JR travel center in Sendai station last month, and the staff there got me check and correct their english translations so that they made sense for foreigners to read. At least it is nice to see they are taking the time to care enough about the curious traveller.

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Posted in: Are eggs good or bad for you? New research rekindles debate See in context

Eating eggs was my last meal before becoming sick with gastrointeritis...........Now I look at eggs and go ewww...but I still like eggs.

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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

That's right, no other countries exist besides America!!!

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Posted in: Prince Fumihito stands firm over postponement of daughter's marriage See in context

To avoid all this confusion and royal nonsense is to elope. Elope to a place far away, get married and be happy!!

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Posted in: Honey the lonely dolphin, abandoned in aquarium, sparks public outcry See in context

This is sooooooo sad. At least treat the animals and do the right thing before closing facilities like this, or re-home them some how???? I hate seeing wild animals locked up in cages. In this case tanks.........

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Posted in: Good perch See in context

I really hate wile animals being subjected to this kind of thing. They should be out in the wild doing what owls do, not entertaining people while drinking coffee. Even JK Rowling said you should not keep owls as pets!!

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Posted in: Record 70,000 people sent to hospitals over past 3 months due to heat wave See in context

I work in the education sector and the poor students are suffering, and melting into puddles coz of the heat. The government should invest in air conditioning for classrooms. Those dinky fans they put into classrooms don't do much. The only rooms in the school that do have air con in the nurses office, computer room and music room.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested for keeping dead mother’s body in apartment for 18 months See in context

Did you know that in Indonesia, it is the norm to live with dead relatives. I'm not suprised that Japan could learn from this. The fact that the dead mother was still in the apartment, and her daughter still living there, indicates that she did not abandon the body. However, she could have reached out for help, and do the right thing, instead of pocketing her dead mother's pension.

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Posted in: British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson quits as May faces mounting Brexit crisis See in context

Someone should put all the worlds politicians into one house, make a TV reality show out of it and see who can out- lie each other.

I think it would be hilarious LOL

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being locked inside TV stand cabinet by father See in context

This is so sad. If people can't look after their kids properly, they should 1) Don't have them if you can't look after them; 2) Adopt them out or something.

No child should have to endure this suffering at the hand of their parents. RIP little one.

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Posted in: Anime adaptation of popular novel canceled after offensive tweets See in context

How could China access the twitters since they censor all there social media sites?? I know they could have a VPN to use.......But stil???

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Posted in: Influential Japanese businesswoman says she is in same-sex relationship See in context

Why are people being so homophobic about this lady's sexual identity? Weather she is gay or straight, she is not hurting you. I fully support sam sex relationships and mariges. And what does the colour of her teeth got to do anything?

I say good on her for coming out and that she is beating the same sex taboo about gay relationships in Japan. It needs to be more widely recognized and appreciated. Love is love. No matter what. Take that homophobs.

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Posted in: Death of 38-year-old employee of Renesas subsidiary recognized as due to overwork See in context

Work overtime to get noticed by senpai. Senpai in reality does not care if you die. It's Japanese work culture and by the sounds of it, someone else can do the dead mans job. However, he does leave behind and family and I feel sory for them. My he rest in peace where he does not have to work overtime and enjoy the afterlife.

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Posted in: Ramen chain faces charges for making foreign students work illegally See in context

Even if some of the foreign students working were from another Asian country, it is in their nature to work overtime in general. I used to live with a Vietnamese student who did that. It is in the Asian mindset.

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Posted in: Suicide of real estate firm worker caused by overwork See in context

All the trouble to get noticed by senpai. When senpai does notice you, your dead.

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Posted in: Beijing spends big as it prepares for 2022 Olympics See in context

Being "made in china", it could either be a hit or miss event??? Who knows???

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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

Times like this when Americans take stupid pills to function in society, I am proud that I am not American. I am happy to come from a country where there are gun laws and I feel safe in society. It took one incident to decide the gun laws of my country. I'm glad that my priminister at the time done the right thing to keep everyone safe.

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Posted in: An escape to Shiga See in context

Also, they forgot to mention that if you are a fan of the anime K-ON, you should head to TOYOSATO to see the school the anime is set in. It is the old Toyosato Elementary School.

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Posted in: 17 killed in shooting spree at Florida high school by expelled student See in context

It's the killings that go On and On my friend, and it is never going to end.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's wedding postponed until 2020 See in context

I don't see the deal with marrying a common, everyday guy. Other royals have done it; Prince William, Harry, Prince Fredrick of Denmark, Charles and Diana.

I think it is healthy to marry outside the royal bloodline. Because, in- breeding within the family causes all sorts of health problems. Take a look at King Tut's family. Full of health problems from in- breeding.

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Posted in: Logan Paul resurfaces on YouTube with anti-suicide video See in context

Now he is trying to act mature and responsible for his actions. Doesn't he know that his actions speak louder than words?.......Maybe he should go to university or a trade college and learn real skills for the real world and get a real job. Plus, most youtubers have Patreon and the likes and the public is more a less paying for their travel adventures, while some people are poor and can't travel at all..........

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Posted in: Ex-nursing home worker denies involvement in 3 residents' deaths See in context

Then how else did these residence die? Decided to jump off the balcony themselves?? The care worker surly is in deniel......

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Posted in: Undersea quake sends Alaskans fleeing from feared tsunami See in context

You all seen what happened to Japan in 2011 when a great, big tsunami hit eastern Japan. Even though the threat does not seem that big, head to higher ground and be safe rather then sorry.

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Posted in: 3 missing climbers die after being found unconscious on Yamanashi mountain See in context

But really, why do people in general risk their lives on such a dangerous activity when they know they might die. And also in weather that makes dying more risky. Only have to look at the dead bodies on Mt. Everest to know that once you go up, you may never return.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man found not guilty of fatally abusing 5-month-old daughter See in context

Of course this guy is going to lie out of his oshiri to get out of trouble. Since he was the only one in the room at the time with his daughter, and being dropped on a futon to cause brain damage is highly unlikey aiding to the fact that futons are soft. Of course he hit the daughters head against the HARD wall. This guy deserves jail. He does not deserve to walk free and get away with it.

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