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I went once with a Japanese friend of mine and his wife. The whole thing felt completely fake and artificial and I don't think I would recommend anyone go. On the other hand I suppose it is more real than the computer games that most otaku play. AND the food wasn't bad and it wasn't any more expensive than typical kissaten fair.

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What? They couldn't afford to get one of the good sumo wrestlers in Japan? You know, the ones from Mongolia or Bulgaria.

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It's called my darling is a foreigner because that is the title of the Manga. Well except for skipping the possessive pronoun. The direct translation would be "Darling is foreigner" but hey that's Japanese. The great thing about the books is that Laszlo is the one that speaks Japanese and Saori can hardly put together two words of English. Most of the Japanese girl western guy couples I know are the exact opposite. Guy comes to Japan and meets a Japanese girl who has studied English like mad since Junior High school in hopes of meeting a western romeo and settles on the first guy available to make her dreams come true. Those are the kind of relationships that usually end up in divorce because they start out on false expectations not reality.

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Good on Jero. I saw him on Nodo Jiman and he actually wasn't that great at the time but still got the "gokaku" chimes as they usually give for foreigners performing on Nodo Jiman just for being able to sing in Japanese. However, since then he has taken voice and singing training classes and is actually really good now. I only wish the mass marketed J-pop singers would do the same thing and actually work on improving. SMAP has been around for decades and they still sound like cr@p.

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Not to come to gogogo's defense or anything but it does take energy to purify the water and pump it to households and stores. Energy that is produced by burining coal or from nuclear reactors, energy that costs money that could be used for more useful purposes. It's not like they are taking the water out of the mouths of starving masses to throw on the street but everything is connected (you know like the water cycle and all that). However, compared to how most people waste water and energy in North America throwing water on lawns to grow a nice green lawn this is really rather harmless.

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