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kikokiko comments

Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for fatally stabbing man on street in Aichi See in context

I feel that many young children (although I dont know 17 years old man is whether child or not) commit serious crime because of daily stress. Are there any ways to reduce stress ecept to kill someone?

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Posted in: Chiba woman arrested for killing daughters aged 4, 1 See in context

Recently, Japan don't have enough places which parents put their children into during their busy time. Japan need more place like that in order for parents not to commit similar crime anymore.

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Posted in: Police discuss measures to reduce accidents caused by drivers going wrong way See in context

My grandfather stopped driving when he was 65 because he was afraid of car accidents. Japanese can have driver license when they are over 20. Japan also have to decide the age to stop driving.

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Posted in: Train station devises new way to prevent roadside bicycle parking See in context

They should make more parking areas rather than making strategies to prevent it. If someone parked his or her bicycle on the children's drawings, it makes children sad.

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Posted in: Man arrested for poking needle into bread in Chiba convenience store See in context

He is a copycat. About a week ago, 19-year-old man was arrested because of such a same crime.

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Posted in: YouTube prankster on the run after police issue arrest warrant See in context

I think he want to be paid attention to by everyone. The most effective way to avoid from him is that we ignore him. Of course, we can't ignore what he did...........

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of ex-girlfriend See in context

Police moved just after the accident happened.

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Posted in: Tokyo organizers create panel on new sports for 2020 Games See in context

I hope all sports are added to 2020's olympic.....if possible

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Posted in: Social networking for animals See in context

All is human's ego.

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Posted in: New adult arrested for throwing can of coffee at police car See in context

I think he is stil nineteen years old. That's why his name wasn't come out. In a sense, he was lucky. Last chance as a child to do bad things.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man with dementia killed in car crash while driving wrong way on expressway See in context

Japan should have the limit age of getting driver license. I think over 70years old people shouldn't get it,

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Posted in: Youth arrested for stabbing three people in Hiroshima See in context

it is strange that children's name under 20 are not came out in public.

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