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kikuman comments

Posted in: In support of Goto See in context

I'm sure ISIS members will be very impressed!

"Oh my! Buddhist monks are protesting! Allah is merciful! We should totally release this Goto dude!"

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Posted in: Cheer up See in context


It is very likely that she is not doing it completely without any ulterior motive. But almost every human action is like this. We want to do good things and we and to get acknowledged for it. Not everyone is a total saint… and even if she does it only in order to boost up her husband image or what not, if the children also benefit in the process, I think it's okay.

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Posted in: Man who tried to rob convenience store only had 100 yen at home See in context

At least now he'll get free food in prison.

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Posted in: Hokkaido police officer arrested for molesting 17-year-old girl See in context

@JapanGal: If it was America I would vehemently say innocent until proven guilty...but this is Japan. Maybe he can become the Crying Copper and slam his fists down a few times on the Koban Desk.

I think Japanese deserve the same. Innocent until proven guilty. Though if proven guilty, this copper ought to receive a more serious punishment than usual, being a representative of the law and all that.

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Posted in: Police seek fraud charge against crying politician Nonomura See in context

He can make a fortune from TV commercials now! For example, he should be the poster-boy for No-more-tears Shampoo etc. "Even I don't cry when I'm using XXX shampoo"

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Posted in: The slugfest over Article 9 of Japan's constitution See in context

@boweevil: Somehow imagining Abe and co. doing something as manly as boxing requires such a huge suspension of disbelief that the analogy falls flat.

(In Vader's voice: ) I find your lack of imagination disturbing. Shirtless Putin is riding bears for crying out loud! http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/putin.jpg

Other world leaders should follow this example.

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Posted in: One third of Americans believe police lie routinely See in context

And I believe that 99% of all human beings lie routinely (police or not).

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Posted in: University lecturer found naked on campus in Tokyo See in context

Sounds like a good opening scene for an anime. 丸裸になった先生!

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Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

@JaneM: While I do agree that JNTO has to continue the PR campaign under a different motto, I can’t see how the "Cool Japan" one did not work. The number of foreign visitors has been growing for the last several years and you are telling us that the PR campaign has not worked. Hmmm…

Its impact was much less than desired. In this sense it didn't work out as planned. If I buy a computer that works only 70% of the time, I'll say it's not working properly. The "cool Japan" branding attracted some visitors, yeah, but not enough to be considered a successful camping in my opinion. Also, the number of visitors might rise regardless, or even in spite of any PR campaign, due to many other reasons…

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Posted in: Putin, Netanyahu in top 10 most admired in U.S. Why? See in context

Putin and Netanyahu look and talk like tough guys.

They are actually tough. Nice guys do not survive long as heads of states, especially not in places like Russia and/or Israel (very different places, yes, but both with harsh realities).

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Posted in: Researchers target 3D-printed body parts See in context

We are all going to be cyborgs soon. Yikes.

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Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

"But what about cool Japan, the government drive to get more foreigners interested in Japan?"

In order to improve its PR, Japan should drop the totally uncool "cool Japan" gimmick. It never worked, and it's just getting worse. (that what happens when you let obviously boring and uncool people to run a "cool" campaign)

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