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Posted in: China distances children from families to subdue Muslim west See in context

The weak will always be exploited it is the way of humans civilization. Sad reality for these people is that they can't fight back and without that there is little chance they will come out of this alive or intact.

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Posted in: Japan's disasters highlight vulnerable infrastructure See in context

Don't know why everyone is saying its all about the infrastructure. From the story a tanker rammed into the bridge. Not like anything is going to be able to be made that would have stopped a huge ship from doing damage. When it comes to reality we can only build to a certain level with diminishing returns and have to wait to see where things go wrong over the years of service.

If you want to see real broken down infrastructure then look no where else than the USA now that is infrastructure that is old and nothing is been done. But hey we do have the biggest Navy in the world so that much count for something? /s

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Posted in: Japan's population declines at fastest pace yet to 125.2 mil See in context

Tokyo-EngrToday  07:08 am JST

On the other hand from a mathematical perspective and trying to support an aging population it is a bad thing.

There comes a time when the old are nothing more than a burden. In a country with such little real resources to take care of kids their population is going to continue to go down but that ok more room for the rest. I still do not see the problem. At least unless they are wanting soldiers for war which would be the only reason to pump up the population.

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Posted in: Man drags elderly woman 10 meters along road after stealing her bag See in context

Not sure why anyone is worried there is hardly any crime in Japan. Its all good.

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Posted in: Transgender professor fails to win mayoral election See in context

Interesting that the voters where not receptive to protecting children for the most part. Seem they where more worried about their own skin and getting more social security. Just interesting though not uncommon depending on the age of the population.

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Posted in: Japan to halt missile attack drills after Trump-Kim summit See in context

Better start building up your own forces Japan the USA is not a very stable country internally.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines commander at Okinawa base sacked See in context

In the case of US military, 'fired' really means 'relieved of command'. Most high ranking officers in cases like this are reassigned to be commanding officer (CO) or executive officer (XO) of a command far far away from most other military units. Then if they screw up again, who's going to be able to report on them?

Your so right the top echelon is just put out to pasture and moved around like a priest until retirement age.

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Posted in: Trump can probably pardon himself, but has no plan to: Giuliani See in context

So Giuliani is saying that Chump is a king or Dictator and can do as he sees. Well at least we can say its the end of the fantasy of America been a democracy. I guess its about time that garbage was dismissed as sheeple fantasy.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 36-year-old son See in context

Ah the fantasy of Japan as a safe place. Like all other places its just kept under the table how much killing actually goes on.

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Posted in: Trump giving Abe a hard time on trade despite close ties See in context

Poor Mr. Abe I don't think he understands what Narcissism is when it comes to Trump. LOL, what a rude awaking he is going to have learning what their kind is like.

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Posted in: Man in prison arrested over murder of 9-year-old girl in Okayama in 2004 See in context

Over the years of reading news for Japan and UK I have notice their murder rate is not that low but it sure is made to seem so.

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Posted in: Trump, Abe say it is imperative to dismantle N Korean weapons See in context

ChicanoinjapanToday  04:06 pm JST

The U.S. should lead by example and start denuclearizing themselves.

It's 2018. No country needs nuclear weapons.

No country is stupid enough to give up its firepower, we may have developed incredible technologies in the past 30 years but when it comes to the human condition we are still a bunch of monkeys with rocks and sticks ready to kill other monkeys. Not going to happen and least of all the USA which sells 100 of billions in weapons every year.

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Posted in: Japan to keep maximum pressure on N Korea ahead of Trump-Kim summit See in context

Tokyo-EngrMay 28  09:55 am JST

The best thing Japan can do right now is nothing

For now that is true but I would say their long strategy is to build up their military and nuclear ability if they want to even survive. Time is not on their side when it comes to loosing what little power they have as the USA declines as a power.

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Posted in: Japan to keep maximum pressure on N Korea ahead of Trump-Kim summit See in context

MarkXMay 28  07:25 am JST

Recently I have heard about "4 party" talks to resolve this North Korean Nuclear issue. Those four being; the US, Korea, North Korea and South Korea. No mention of Japan, and I think this has Abe really scared. IF he is not at the big boy's table how can he continue to bring up the abducted Japanese, his only "Trump" card!

This should have all of Japan scared because they don't have the power to do anything and the USA is slowly disintegration into a buffoon country run by even bigger buffoons. That in it self should scare Japan ability to even govern it self in the future.

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Posted in: Japan to keep maximum pressure on N Korea ahead of Trump-Kim summit See in context

JAPAN has no nukes they are irreverent to these talks and have no say in it. Sad that I had to say it but sorry Japan but those in power have nukes the rest just grovel as best they can. Same for the people in the room with guns vs the people in the room with pencils.

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Posted in: Woman killed, others injured after 90-year-old driver hits pedestrians near Tokyo See in context

mmwkdwToday  12:06 am JST

Most of these old drivers cant see what the problem is...

Does not explain all the other accidents that happen to people of all ages. Age is a factor but not the only one. It will be nice if one day cars can actually be smart enough to manage peoples driving. I know its close but the cost is still going to make it at least another decade or more.

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Posted in: Woman killed, others injured after 90-year-old driver hits pedestrians near Tokyo See in context

mmwkdwMay 28  10:42 pm JST

I want to be able to take up Rally Driving when I'm in my 90's, nothing like a dose of adrenaline to keep you young and the sex drive afterwards... who needs Viagra.

At least there you would not hurt anyone except maybe yourself. Not a bad idea.

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Posted in: U.S. launches national security probe of vehicle imports See in context

Someone wants the Japanese to give him extortion money.

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Posted in: Few calls for reform after shooting in gun-loving Texas See in context

StrangerlandMay 21  12:58 am JST

Exactly what common sense laws would have prevented this kid from getting his hands on his dad's shotgun & revolver?

A law placing responsibility on gun owners whose guns get used in crimes like this.

That is already a thing that happens.

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Posted in: Few calls for reform after shooting in gun-loving Texas See in context

u_s__reamerMay 21  08:19 am JST

It's the humans not the guns that murder. I feel safer in Japan than in the "Land of the Free" but, were guns so freely available in the "Land of Wa", I would be looking over my shoulder here, too. Why is it so difficult to understand the obvious conclusion that Homo Sapiens(?) is simply not to be trusted with lethal weapons. My thoughts and prayers go out to the NRA and its dead men-walking supporters. R.I.P.

Well I read plenty of murders in Japan though I figure they tend to not report it in their statistics. Lets not forget all the propaganda to make it look like its safer than it is. Still safer than the USA but then again we are not the same type of society. We also are a warmongering society who has bases all over the world and has had 49 wars of one size or another for the last 50 years. No one can say we don't like our battles either.

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Posted in: Few calls for reform after shooting in gun-loving Texas See in context

Of course few are going to complain or call for reform, folks in the US are immune to the bloodshed and don't care enough to make necessary changes.

We go to war over almost anything, we have bases all over the world and we are a war mongering society. Why would a few shootings which are but a pinprick in our population stop us from doing as we want.

No the USA will continue to screw it all up but who is going to stop us.

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Posted in: Japan, Pacific island nations urge N Korea to denuclearize See in context

Considering Japan will never get rid of the USA been on their land or Russia keeping those little island they want back its funny to think NK would ever get rid of their nukes considering once they had them and they could deliver them everyone now wanted to talk.

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Posted in: Peace grows more remote with U.S. Jerusalem embassy move, violence See in context

No peace can come form asymmetrical power. There is no incentive to stop what they are doing from the Israel side after this time they are the Nazi when it comes to power. Not saying they are as bad as the Nazi but they have the power that they had and the propaganda machine they had to keep public opinion on their side as well as other assets. So as long as there is no equal there is no chance of a good outcome for the Palestinian. Same goes from much of human existence. When people are of equal ability they tend to hold off on the violence because they don't want the violence to hit them also. The Palestinian are barely able to mount much of anything when it comes to an offensive if they could this problem would long ago have been solved. My take is that in the coming years the Palestinian will loose most of the land they have and will be stateless.

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Posted in: Russia approves warplane deployment on disputed island near Japan See in context

You must be talking about Russian history. The United States, the UK and EU consider the four southern Kurile islands in question to be Japanese territory under Russian administration...read occupation.

It does not matter what US, UK, or EU thinks if they don't back it up with force. That goes for everything in life and in the world. It be nice if the world was not a place of power plays but considering how it is, don't expect in anyones lifetime those island returning. If Japan wants them sad to say they will have to spill a lot of blood to do it. Politics is not going to get them back ever since they have real value.

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Posted in: Russia approves warplane deployment on disputed island near Japan See in context

bjohnson23Feb. 3  07:57 am JST

counter that move by putting SDF/JASDF forces on that island, since the Russians claim the land was seized and the war is ongoing. In this case, there are not Constitutional laws to block Japan as this is something not finished and considered part of the non aggression pact unless Russia pulls out...hey the Russians started this and admit it as an invasion not over.

I could not stop laughing so hard as a read this idiotic post. A nuclear power vs a non-nuclear power with a small military and at least 2 real enemies next door and hopping the failing USA will come to their rescue. Best to not piss the bully just yet.

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Posted in: Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads See in context

Sound not much different than the USA. Someone has to do it and it sure is not going to be the average citizen.

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Posted in: Sanders urges fans to rally behind Clinton as Democratic convention heats up See in context

No thanks I rather have Trump and let it all burn to the ground than see Hillary as President. What a bunch of con artist the Dem's have become.

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Posted in: Baby girl taken from car while mother shops in Nagoya See in context

Not sure in Japan but for example leaving a child of that age in a car alone is going to get you arrested and your child taken into custody. There is absolutely no reason someone is that much in a hurry to leave a child alone in a car.

As for Japan been safer, it probably is, but I can't see it been that much safer that you would leave a kid alone in a car. "onemanUN" though your correct people do this in the "States" its not a legal thing any more in some states because death that have happen.

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Posted in: Bolstered measures fail to curb determined stalkers See in context

I go with "dontknockit" if you have problems deal with them, learn martial arts, get a Taser, do what ever it takes to show pain is coming to those you don't like, and it ends really fast.

Asking the police for help every time you need it is a dead end. Tougher laws just means more people in jail, and can backfire sometimes when the stalker has some capital and turn the law against you if you can't show proof of the stalking, great way to get revenge.

Using the police can lead to some who would have done it anyway to stop, but those small minority will just get even more destructive because not only is this about power over someone but also that they now see that person even weaker than before.

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