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So let me get this strait, the only reason they are freaking out is because old people will not have young people to take care of them, haha, to bad that life.

Considering how hard and wasteful it is to a person's life to have kids, I don't see why anyone without the right resources would do it. Unless of course you believe the Desert God is watching over you and is telling you to have more and more kids.

I see no issues with japan population so it will go down a bit, but that no reason to push on the present young generation to push out babies buy the dozen so that some old person can have a nurse maid. As for opening borders to whom? 3D world religions fanatics and create miles and miles of ghetto, I would say to the Japanese, just look at how bad parts of Europe are now.

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Well said "thepro" sound like marketing for bad shows and to much reality tv. Can't wait till we can watch 3D some lame reality show about scank's living together.

What a day that will be, we can now see in 3D plastic show in all its glory.

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Posted in: Which side do you think looks more in the wrong following Wednesday's clash between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers? See in context

Why ram get some C4 an lets party, after all as long as governments rule nothing changed, scientific my ass.

If you want to change things then you have to do it like Gov. do it, look at Nukes and Predator s. Don't waste time and money been civil or nice. Follow how governments go after other Governments, can't do it that way, they your just wasting time.

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Its time to take out the families of those who are part of al-Qaida. Now that would at least if nothing else make sure those families had not chance to help out as they probably are doing now.

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So now what are they going to search each person and get an affidavit stating that they will not be driving a car or have keys to drive a car.

There is either more to this story or this is one joke of a deal with the police.

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