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Posted in: Chiba woman arrested for stabbing 11-year-old son in neck See in context

borscht at 09:49 AM JST - 27th November

stabbed her only child in the neck several times

It would be nice if JT would tell us what his condition is. Attempted murder says he's not dead yet but really, several times

The last sentence says, "The boy remains in a stable condition, police said."

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Posted in: Two die, three injured in head-on collision in Tochigi See in context

Another stupid comment made by someone who probably wasn't even there. Maybe he was having some type of medical condition, maybe not, but a poor young girl just lost both of her parents. No need for such harsh words or rush to judgement.

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Posted in: Somali pirates hijack five ships in 48 hours See in context

Dang...these guys are getting good! They must have heard the Japanese MSDF was on the job, so they had nothing to fear.

Yeah, but none of the 5 ships were Japanese ships were they?

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Posted in: Biden, Palin spar over Iraq, economy in debate See in context

Dick, some of us have to work! I didn't see the debate but I didn't need to. If you think Palin has the experience and knowledge to be VP, you might as well get anyone to do it.

It sounds very much as though Biden did at least attempt to answer the questions. Plainly Palin didn't. If she's such a great communicator, why did she need a script and why has she had 4 direct questions from the press since her nomination? The reason for such evasiveness is plainly obvious - she is likely to shoot herself in the foot at any stage

For someone who didn't watch, sure sounds like they know a lot about it.

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Posted in: NHK part-time fee collector arrested for robbing convenience store in Tokyo See in context

You don't know much about NHK, do you?

I know that I pay for the service in full once a year and that's it. I've been paying for NHK for 9 years now and I've never had a problem with the collector. In fact she's a very polite woman.

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Posted in: NHK part-time fee collector arrested for robbing convenience store in Tokyo See in context

If people would just pay the NHK fee, it wouldn't be harassing.

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Posted in: Bush lifts ban on offshore oil exploration to cope with soaring gas prices See in context

I'd gladly pay $4.10 a gallon! I'm paying 189 yen per liter right now! 3.8 liters to the gallon @ 189 yen, that's about $6.75 a gallon. Stop your whinning America!

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