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Posted in: Abe pushes for serious debate on constitution as Diet session begins See in context

The current Japanese Constitution was written by the US, a foreign invader and occupier, and was forced on the Japanese people without their consent. Japan government should delete it and write a Constitution that has the Japanese people inputs and consent.

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Posted in: Train etiquette: Top 10 inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most See in context

By this standard, Japanese people would died of heart attack if they visit china. Even on the high speed rail, you'll find families slurping on instant noodles, men playing cards, people talking loudly on phone, etc.

I only drink red wine when I travel on high speed rail in china.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief Mattis quits, citing policy differences with Trump See in context

"'Senator Bob Menendez, ... called it "a significant loss..." #FLOL, this is rich coming from the same pedophile and a corrupt politician, who two years ago warned that our democracy would end if DOD is run by a military General, instead of a civilian.

I will say this though, Gen. Mattis leaving is a great thing, and it means the gloves are off. President Trump is now freed to do what he should have been doing. But to the President credit, for two years, he refrained himself and allowed these "experts" to make their case. He heard their cases and he was not convinced. And now they're all packing. Thank U, next.


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Posted in: Xi warns no one can dictate China's path See in context

Xi Jinping is walking china down the path the Soviet Union paved for him, and he doesn't even know it. I've lived and worked in china for the past 8 years. Everything is china is fake. Fake economy, fake data, fake products, fake food and fake culture. It is extremely hard to get any truthful information out of ordinary chinese because they are for the most part, still lives in the dark ages. All the glitzy skylines and buildings you see is a mirage. 1/3 of all commercial buildings are empty. They built 250 ghost cities, which are meant for 1 million residents each. If you go 100 miles west of Beijing, Shanghai, or 100 miles north of Shenzhen, you are in for a shock. The abject poverty is scary. 800 million people lives on less than $2 per day. Except for communist party members and the 1%, the rest don't live any better.

If you want to understand how messed up china is and why they have to keep stealing IP and technology from Japan, the Wests, etc. just look at the three most destructive policies the communist ever inflicted.

One child policy

For most of us, when we hear one child policy, human right abuse is the only thing we think about. What never discussed is the economic impact 1 child policy has on the chinese economy. The US are often laughed at for being a "consumer" economy. But think about that, what do most people do after getting married, they have children. Children's needs drive a big part of the economy. Children will grow up and their needs expand. Clothing, schooling, after school, sports, travel, hobbies, etc. More children means bigger house, bigger house means more stuff to function. All these economic activities drives the economy. 1 child policy destroyed this economic activity.

Lifting 400 million chinese out of poverty

The communist party loves to boast about lifting 400 million chinese out of poverty. A couple of problems they will not tell you. First, these poor people would have been better off staying in their farms and villages because the wages they earn working in toxic factories, unsafe construction site, etc. are no better. And every year, their wages go down because more migrants migrate to these cities.

To convinced these poor people to give up their farm land and moved into cities for work, the communist offer them first dibs on newly built condos, a middle class living standard, fine education for their children and life time work. Well, none of these things panned out because these people lost their land, can't afford the condos, their children can't use public school in these cities because the parents are not legal residence, and now they're all stuck in toxic factories. Which brings me to this.

Building bridges to no where

Having failed to deliver on their promises, the communist party realized that these people are more dangerous to them than any foreign powers. With 700 million chinese cheated out of their lands and property, stuck in toxic factories with no social net to fall on, the company they work for are unprofitable and making stuff no one wants. What to do. Well, have these people build ghost cities. As long as they are working, they're not rioting and demanding.

Like I say, Xi Jinping is walking china down the path paved by the Soviet Union. This is not going to end well for Xi Jinping or the CCP. Get ready for regime change, and this time it's not going to be like it's 1989. Trump is the biggest Black Swan china never saw coming.

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Posted in: U.S. radio stations pull 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' in wake of #MeToo See in context

FLOL "Baby it's cold outside" is paled in comparison to rap and hip hop, think of the misogyny, anti gay, violence against women, etc. But I have a feeling, because the violence languages in rap and hip hop targeting only nonwhite people, so they're ok.

The #metoo backlash is happening on Wall St. and it's a matter of time before men start dating men only, and paid for sex. This toxic social experiment will not end well for women.

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Posted in: Japan's last pager service ends after 50 years See in context

I love how Japan is always the first to set a trend, then the last to exit. #pagingOJ

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Posted in: Kennedy Center gala honors best in arts -- and George H W Bush See in context

Rich people giving themselves awards and metals for being.... Rich. #Rich.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

Trump has repeatedly warned .....while providing no evidence to support that.

Let’s see, the President of the United States has access to all sort of formation provided by his intelligence agencies. The #fakenews media don’t have the same access or the intel.

Seems to me its the #fakenews media that has “...no evidence” for what they report. And they wonder why we don’t trust anything they “report”.

Japan Today, you must do better

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

With or without Article 9, Japan has the right to defend itself just like every other nations. It’s natural law.

Japan’s current constitution is invalid because it was written by a foreign occupier, the US, forced on the Japanese people by violating Japan sovereignty.

It’s time Japan rearmed and stop relying on the US for its security.

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Posted in: Taiwan president quits as party chair after local election setback See in context

Taiwan will be fine. china is losing. china is not winning hearts or minds. china is the worst country on the planet. Everyone knows that.

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Posted in: Obama takes aim at Trump, GOP in fiery Milwaukee speech See in context

It’s annoying when American #fakenews media use “fiery” to describe obama’s speeches. They do this all the time, despite the fact that his speeches are usually long, boring and always about him. In a recent speech, he mentioned his name 98 times, in a 1 and a half hour speech. But then again, his #NPC audience won’t even know the difference.

I always remind the #NPCs that in 2008, obama won the presidency, the white house, the nobel peace prize and a place in history book, he won all that for himself. The #NPCs that voted for him won nothing. It was so true. Since 2008, the #NPC party lost over 10000 elective seats, from city council, to mayor, to state legislatures, to governor and congress. They will lose again in two weeks.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia says it will retaliate against any sanctions over Khashoggi case See in context

"If they lured this man into that consulate, they went medieval on him, and he was killed and he was chopped up and they sent a death crew down there to kill him and do all of this, that would be an outrage," Florida Senator Marco Rubio told CNN's State of the Union.

LOL “... they went medieval on him...” He’s not a US citizen, so I don’t see why this even an issue for the US to deal with.

Trump won’t do anything as it would be stupid to sacrifice US relationships with SA over some random dead reporter. I mean, we currently have realtionship with the most evil government on earth, china.

Get real.


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Posted in: Can Twitter change its 'core' and remain Twitter? See in context

This whole exercise is pointless. Regulating speech and "bad" contents will be the end of Twitter. Instead of focusing on innovation and creating a good product, Jackass decided to focused on regulating speech and perceived "bad" contents. Look in your timeline, how many Nazi posts do you see? I see none. The perceived "bad" contents are tiny. The problem isn't perceived "bad" content, the real problem is the fake and manufactured moral panic. Again, look in your timeline and see how many Nazi posts are on there.

If Jackass wants to save his company, shut it down or let the users deals with the contents as they see fits.


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Posted in: Hero's welcome See in context

Kids are adorable.

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Posted in: Trump to ask Justice Dept to look into campaign surveillance claims See in context

Ohayooooo from Norfolk. Like Trump or not, everything he said would happen, happened. So far he’s right on all his claims. Stock up on your Chardonnay kids, it’s gonna be a fun November, especially election night. I will pour one for Crooked Hillary and watch the blue wave crashed on my new 8kTV.

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Posted in: Bitcoin boom See in context

"A huge advertisement for Bitcoin trading is displayed near a train station in Tokyo. Despite the big heist from Tokyo-based virtual currency exchange Coincheck Inc last week, cryptocurrency exchanges that trade bitcoins and other virtual currencies are getting popular in Japan."

Am I missed something here? This is a description of a random billboard on any street. Where's the story? How is this... I can't even. Done.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'heartfelt' apology from Japan over 'comfort women' See in context

Both signed the agreement, If Korea wants to break it, let them and let them live with their toxic story. Japan should just move on and ignore this as it's settled in 2015.

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