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Posted in: Hotels in Kagawa urged not to request foreign residents' ID See in context

I have been asked for ID in hotels and I just show them my Japanese drivers license and it stops there no further questions asked.

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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

I actually do two part time jobs just to survive. My company has an unwritten policy of not doing part time jobs. I say unwritten as there is nothing in my contract that says I can't do it. I have had a second job for most of the years I have been at my current company. I was pulled in to my president's office one time for something and the fact that I was working a second job came up. For where I live I do make a decent salary and I thanked my president for it. I then proceeded to tell him that for raising five kids it was not enough. We talked more and came to the agreement that I had to prioritize my main job when needed. That has never been a problem. Little did he know that my part time job at the time was very near his house. About a year ago, I had a special salary allowance taken away and started a second part time job to replace that money. They know that if they tell me that I must quit my part time jobs I won't. So the subject never comes up. However sometimes an upper manager tells me that it is not allowed, I tell them that I have a agreement with the president and that pretty much stops the conversation.

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Posted in: Consumers scale back summer plans amid pension woes: survey See in context

I can't remember the last time my salary went up. So I work numerous side jobs to try to make ends meet.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

"Perhaps it is related to the location of the steering wheel."

I agree.

I have thought the same thing. You can get Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars in both left and right hand drive here. But here most of the US cars are only left hand drive. Jeep, Chrysler, and Ford have models here that are right hand drive, but most are not. I feel that right hand drive models would sell better here. I am surprised that Australian market GM and Ford models not sold here. Actually I did see a right hand drive Ford Ranger for sale here.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

My way of thinking may be old fashioned here, but I feel a need to comment.

I feel that if couples are able to have children, then they should. Sure it takes sacrifice on your part. It is not easy at times. You may not be able to go traveling as much, end up spending your weekends taking them places or not being able to buy the things you have always wanted now.

Just remember that when you are in the nursing home or hospital, who is going to come visit you? Who are you going to ask for help if you don't have a spouse? With children, it will be easier to ask them for help than a complete stranger.

My wife and I have tried to do our best to raise our five kids. We are not perfect parents, we have have our faults. we don't expect our kids to be perfect either.

My wife and I, we are the only ones of our own siblings to have children. The others either never got married, or did get married and did not want to have children. That was their choice and I don't say anything. However, when it comes to them needing help when they are older, I know that they will call us for help. Our children and grandchildren will have top priority. We feel no obligation to them, even though they are extended family. They will just have to wait. I may sound cold, but they all had their chance to get married and have kids. They just didn't do it (and they were medically able to have kids).

So a life with out kids can be easier, but I think it is more full filling with them.

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Posted in: Second jobs, once rare in Japan, are reshaping attitudes about work See in context

I never told my company that I was working a side job, and it was never in my contract that I couldn't. My boss found out that I was doing it and he yelled at me for it. He told me that he pays me a good salary, and I said that yes he does and thanked him for it. But promptly told him it was not enough, and since I knew he could not pay me anymore than he was, I took matters into my own hand. I could work overtime, but I make more than my overtime pay teaching English on the side. Before anyone asks about my wife working part-time, in one hour I make 3.5 times what she would make. In our case, it is better that she stays home and takes care of the kids. I have worked at the same company for many years now, and I still pretty much bring in the same amount home since I started. Every time I get a raise, insurance, pensions and taxes go up and take it away.

I have some very long days, but it is worth it to take care of my family. I have most of my weekends off, so I can spend time with them then.

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Posted in: Railway company lets felines roam on train to raise awareness of strays See in context

This is a nice idea, unless you are allergic to cats.

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Posted in: Japan's free education plan requires fiscal balancing act See in context

Japan should also make Universities free of charge.

Before you make the Universities free of charge, you need to make high schools free of charge. High school is as big if not bigger burden on parents. I have 2 in high school this year and it is killing me financially.

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