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Posted in: Japan business delegation, including Okinawa governor, visits China See in context

I do prefer biz and fair trading of goods rather than trading weapons. Anyway a good news for this side of the planet that just want peace and fair tarding. For those that has the luck of visiting china knows very well the amount of Japanese Biz in china is growing a great pace, even you can find a lot of adv in residential building about Japanese products. Fair trading and peace in Asia!

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Posted in: Researcher at Japan institute denies leaking secrets to Chinese firm See in context

A tik-tok game. A japanese was arrested in China for stealing secret information. Now Japan arraest a nobody for a diplomatic game. They are more Japanese working in China than Chinese working in Japan.

Stop that non-sense a lets peace be please.

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Posted in: Quad leaders vow to pursue region without 'intimidation and coercion' See in context

The Elephant is in the room. What is joke hahaha about 'intimidation and coercion'

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Posted in: G7 health ministers lay flowers at statue for Nagasaki A-bomb victims See in context

What Japan did in the past will never justify the use of horrible atomic bomb against civilians. The bomb was not against army! It was used to kill innocent people that some of them were at work, at home or gathering with families. The author of that bomb is sitting in the throne of the country since them and worshipped by young generations. Interesting?

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Posted in: 80% in Japan oppose tax hike plan to cover defense outlay: poll See in context

Live under the devil "protection" is expensive, Mr Kipling is right but your comment and my comment are not welcome by the trolls. South Korea got a deal for nuclear weapons and Japan will get deal for another type of weapons; the patterns is the same. North Korea? they are a necessary "enemy" to keep the biz high.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 42nd straight year to new record low See in context

The decline on birth is worrisome for the working class but not for the rich and politicians. What this issue means for the future? That our today children will need to work more and have less to feed the aging population. They indeed will have less opportunities than us. Imagine a house of 10 where only two of them generate income and the rest eat. So that is what will happen in the near future. But why politician do nothing? Simple. They are rich enough to pass their wealth to their pupils and guarantee their future. Is not that simple? Sure, do not expect anything to improve such issue.

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Posted in: Chinese electric vehicle brands expand to global markets See in context

I am very happy to see this article. Chinese car makers will take the world by surprise. In my recent visit to Shenzhen, I would say that nearly 60% of the cars I saw on the street are fully electric and some of them looks really nice. The cars are easy to identify as they have green plate. Also simple to sample in the road to arrive the conclusion of 60%. All taxi I ride were fully electric. Also, public transport buses are fully electric which cost around few JPY (300 JPY) to ride all Shanghai city with same price.

Shanghai has a policy to provide free plate if the customer buys an electric car. I plate in Shanghai may cost same or more than the car. Tesla is doing a great biz there. The streets are flood with Tesla cars. But the main actor is BYD with stylish sport looking fully electric cars.

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