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Posted in: Shiite militia display jihadist bodies in Iraq city See in context

They have been doing this for 4,000 years and nothing has changed but the names

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Posted in: Actress/sexpert Aya Sugimoto founds organization for animal welfare See in context

She is furry

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Posted in: Express train service begins from Narita airport to Mount Fuji See in context

It's sad but you're going to see an explosion of invasive species brought in as seeds on shoes of hikers begin to kill off native plants in this historic and sacred mountain

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Posted in: Residents within 5 km of Kyushu nuclear plant given iodine tablets See in context

****a little late

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Posted in: Scoreless draw keeps Japan and Greece alive See in context

fire the damn coach.. all he did was pick his nose and cash his paycheck... the team is worse each year since World Cup was in Japan.. the fans were awesome however.. no reason they can't kick the ball in the net... no excuse for panic when having extra man.. they outplayed the Spartans but we weak on the front line and pushed off the set pieces... are there any 6-5 Japanese basketball players you can put on the team for corner kicks? For a country that is rooted in the martial arts... how can no one kick the ball where they are suppose to.. coaching.. get a Japanese coach.. Zico was great but this Italian was just a booger.

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Posted in: K-pop stars big in Japan bridge diplomatic divide See in context

KPOP is so far ahead of JPOP that has never grown up because it is ruled by Yaks and old men who make a lot of money speak no English and abuse the stars they create... I could create a JPOP band that would rival any KPOP junk band... because I would know how to make that band popular in English... Japanese women like KPOP and Kdrama because they like the Korean men as they are more sensitive and humble.

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Posted in: Richard Gere appears as Tora-san again in Orangina ads See in context

I thought he was dead...

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Posted in: China finds nearly 2,000 firms in breach of anti-pollution rules See in context

China admits to 2,000 "breaches" of pollution, poisoning the environment, child and prison labor practices, feeding Japanese food grow in pig shit... that means.. 20,000 or more actual offenses that you are never going to hear about.. what a third world country... what a third world peasant country that maybe in 20 years will be ruling the world...? Hahahaha... its in the blood these are not people who can take out their own trash let alone help the world live together in harmony, prosperity or peace.. in the lifetime of anyone reading this...

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Posted in: Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten halts whale meat sales See in context

Whale meat? They were selling whale and dolphin meat? What now about the illegal ivory sales... who are these people... who is behind this site

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Posted in: Adultery website shows fastest growth in Japan See in context

These sites are ripe for crime.. people hooking up in private... online predators.. scams, blackmail, extortion and yes... the M word... it might reflect how sexually bored and unfulfilled most Japanese women are with Japanese partners who have sex ... but do not seem to really want to make love... it is a stereotype that is rooted in reality.. it is almost abusive.. and Japanese women... well that is another story

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Posted in: Sony 4K commercial is so dazzling, the scenes almost look fake See in context

Sony would have been better served by shooting Sakura footage from around Japan... that commercial makes no sense... and the music is boring... not going to watch 2x... who makes these ads for Sony... no wonder no longer #1 TV anymore... get on a train and travel the country and show us the beauty of a simple tree... that is 4D.... holistic advertising

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Posted in: Australia's top court recognizes 'gender neutral' sex category See in context

It is time to create people in a lab.. make drones.. or cyborgs... are these people a category as well? The Matrix is here and soon the internet will become self aware..

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Posted in: Asada 1st after record-setting short program See in context

she is so cute.. there needs to be a new ratings system.. by the people.. live on twitter or internet voting system... you have one minute to vote after performances... if someone better comes along you like better you rate higher... sure countries with more people would vote for their own kind.. but not really .. people who appreciate the art of the dance vote honestly... that is only way to make fair this system of voting that is rigged.. and who cares anyway.. it is a popularity contest.. not an athletic endeavor .. skating from one point to another is athletics... sports.. this is ice dancing at best..

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Posted in: Families split over return to Fukushima town See in context

For one thing families should have option to relocate someone in Japan where people are needed.. some small farming communities need people.. also there should be a few who win lottery to come live in Hawaii.. we need good Japanese farmers and people who can live in a commune style living structure... which brings me to controversy I am sure.. Gov't should create community of the future.. completely domed in communal living .. towns covered in a glass enclosure.. with solar power, hydroponic food and clean water.. free of contamination and a prototype for what might be cities of the future as humans continue to kill off nature.. there is going to be a food shortage with global warming but people ignore it and keep shopping like it is 1999.. Fukushima is a disaster as was Hiroshima but public shame kept anything from being done to really help survivors... we are not testing our fish daily in Hawaii for radiation that has circled the Pacific and also radiated the Maguro

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Posted in: Japan says it will abide by court ruling on whaling See in context

What are whale restaurants going to do? Sell more Dolphin meat?

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Posted in: Russia pulls back a battalion from Ukraine border See in context

Japan should take back Kuril islands... deport Russians and relocate Fukushima residents who want to have new life...

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Posted in: Yonekura prepares to celebrate her 'second' Coming-of-Age Day See in context

she's hot and smart

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Posted in: Arnie tries for subtlety, with guns, in 'Sabotage' See in context

After being governor of Cali he should have finalized his character in Conan as the troubled King. Why doesn't he do something cool like hunt down Ivory poachers and follow the money to China where they are selling human organs as well as Ivory and Rhino horn or go to the Amazon and kill those who are murdering indigenous tribes and burning down the rainforest to graze cattle for McDonalds.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. launch massive landing drill amid tensions See in context

all this posing and parading.. some lunatic is going to push a button and the fireworks is going to start.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants in New York introduce ban on tipping See in context

That is one of the best things about Japan ... no tipping and tax and tip included in the flat price.. Y1000 is Y1000 and service with a smile is included. The best service ever is in Japan. In America most of the time the server only smiles when they bring you the check.. I hate tipping mentality now 20% is not enough and you get smurk if you leave only 15%. In some Japanese restaurants.. in Hawaii.. they include a 20% and don't tell you so that stupid tourists leave an addition tip and the staff just looks the other way.. laughing behind back not cool.

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Posted in: Obama demands West stand firm against Moscow's 'brute force' See in context

You owe Germans an apology for not supporting Hitler because Russia is not friends... never were... instead took sides to make money for you know who? Yeah that's right.. winner rewrite history... should be left to deal with it on your own now that for so many years made Germans feel like loser in history when actually they were the Vikings standing against the slavic hordes who will eat your children and kill their own kind.

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Posted in: New volcanic isle continues to expand See in context

China has claimed it...

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Posted in: Abe says he wants Tokyo and Seoul to put wartime enmities behind them See in context

This is a distraction from what is really important and what promise the future holds for both cultures to work together to protect preserve and grow mutually beneficial cooperation and friendship.

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit expands to Y800.3 bil in February See in context

just stop buying crap from China for one month...one week.. one day... and see what happens... women are addicted to shopping and spending money they do not have.. same in America.. women with a credit card are a curse.

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Posted in: Mos Burger outranks McDonald's as Japan’s most popular fast food chain See in context

Japanese are not stupid.. they realize what is in McD's burgers that are fed GMO corn... grass fed and organic ingredients do make a difference and worth the increased price..

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Posted in: U.S. first lady promotes freedom of speech in China See in context

She could have been more effective promoting cultural exchange, children taking action to create a clean environment, alternative energy, children taking responsibility for the future by recycling, growing city gardens, solar energy ... education, health, caring for the land and not just being greedy little monkeys.

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Posted in: Hitachi switches global rail business to London See in context

Its too bad that Japanese rail expertise was not invited to create the Hawaii rail project... that is using Italian sleds on steel rails instead of magrail.

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Posted in: AKB48 creator joins Tokyo Olympic board; petition against him circulates See in context

seems to be a conflict of interest and how old is this dude going to be in 20/20... ABK48 will not be significant by then anyway... Japanese entertainment is run by old men who think that girls are dolls and toys and this is not healthy to say it politely. Japanese entertainment needs an overhaul with artists who can actually sing and sing in English without an accent.... girls and boys who can dance other than in cheezy group line dances ... you have to envision what the world is going to be like in 2020 and what will showcase Japan as a leader not some tacky rip off.

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Posted in: 19 movie posters seen through the eyes of Japan, from 'Malkovich’s Hole' to 'Captain Supermarket' See in context

now lets do a western translation of Japanese titles...

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Posted in: Rakuten slammed over ivory and whale meat products See in context

oh this is going viral on Twitter...

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