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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend sent to prosecutors over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

Y can parents do that to their own blood,,, r.i.p little girl ur suffering came to an end,,

Every week crime against children filling the news,,, what a world

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Posted in: JR East encouraging commuters to stop walking on escalators See in context

Missing in this report is how many accident per year on escalator due to walking

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Posted in: Car hits and kills 15-year-old cyclist; driver arrested See in context

tragedy, R.i.p ,, but head on collision = one was using the wrong lane,, most likely the bicycle mmmm mby suicide attempt but of course the driver got arrested,,, experienced that a few times already that a bicycle is just coming from nowhere and only by luck and quick reaction could avoid a collision

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Posted in: Detainees go on hunger strike at Ibaraki detention center See in context

Went on hunger strike ???? Put a coffin next to the table with food so they can decide by them self what road they like to go

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Posted in: Indian man dies in immigration detention center in apparent suicide See in context

The point is that most people don't want to go back so they file all kinds of complaints why they shouldn't be send back, of course with some advice from outside what and how to do,, so even if the Indian foreign minister would have offered a free ticket to go back the guy wouldn't have taken it,,, to avoid this long stay in detention center with medical and mental issues just cut down allowable complaints and reviews,,, latest after 1 week be send home to original country,, all detention center problems and issues solved

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Posted in: Some countries have mentioned the possibility of boycotting this summer's World Cup in Russia in response to a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in Britain, which they blame on Moscow. Would you support such a boycott? See in context

Putin is doing a much better job then many others,, accusing him is a dirty game by politician but what's not dirty and manipulated nowadays,, not only since the Iraqi war,, either you are on the "right" side and do how you get told or you are an enemy

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Posted in: Abe to seek S Korean support for fleeing Japanese in event of trouble with North See in context

Let North and South get together without influence from outside but who wants that ???? No enemy - no reason for troops and joined military exercises, safe a lot of money, no good for the military industry

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Posted in: Australian, American, Malaysian arrested in Bali for drugs See in context

People know what they are doing, they know the law but they gamble that everything will be fine, never know how many times they got away already. Sorry, smart ass, this time was 1 time to much. No mercy, just look to all sadness and pain drugs bring to everybody.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking woman using smartphone while walking See in context

If she would have stepped in front of the bike coz not paying attention and got injured then the blame would be on the bicycle rider,,, can see people walking and looking their mobil but not paying attention to others or traffic and in case of accident it's the drivers fault,,, wrong world

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Posted in: Woman, common-law husband's son found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

Coz as far as I understand it's the legal son from her husband ,,, not her son,,,

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japanese immigration detention end two-week hunger strike See in context

They get free shelter and food, that's more then they have at their country but still making trouble, they came to Japan on their own will and making trouble, who is covering the medical bill after their hunger strike, the public and announcing further trouble, how gorges of Japan not sending them back ASAP

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Posted in: Dozens join hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

If they refuse the free food it's up to them,,,already get free shelter,, y should they get the same medical treatment like tax paying people, "basic" needs for free, common rule in most countries,,, y they choose Japan and not Thai, Philippines or any other Asien countries coz the treatment in Japan is still luxury

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Posted in: Man jumps off platform; breaks through train driver's cabin window See in context

Y can people do it in private without giving big trouble to others,, Japan has so many mountains and nature,,those people make trouble when alive and even the final they have to

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Posted in: 3 men, 1 woman found dead in minivan in apparent suicide See in context

Sad story, Rip, but better this way and not disturbing people around you then jumping in front of a train and many people have to suffer

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