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Quite simply the cruise ship does not meet the ventilation requirements and isolation required for biosafety see

The ship as a unit is a quarantine zone, but within the ship the passengers can eventually cross infect over time as the ventilation system and sewage system were not isolated.

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Given the statistically high infection rate on the cruise ship, and the fact that testing of the virus has at least 30% false negatives, it stands to reason that the realease of passengers on 19 Februaruary will have some who are infected but tested negative. That is why overseas evacuees from the cruise ship are later tested positive. There will be exponential rise in number of infections in japan as the authorities dont seem to understand infection control and silence those academic experts who dare to voice their disquiet at its foolish containment policy.

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The cruise ship is totally unsuitable for isolating individuals from cross infection. Ventilation is shared among the small cabins without the fine air filters for isolating virus which can be as small as 400nm. It is like trying to put a biolab with dangerous contagions next to a residential home for retirees abd using the same ventilation without any isolation in the air system. The sewage system also does not have sufficient isolation. Give the "quarantine" another month and 80% will be infected. The goverments must move passengers into proper isolation facillities.

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