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Another State of Emergency can't be implemented, the government knows it as it would devaluate YEN even further and lead Japan to bankrupcy.

I think vaccine numbers 4,5 and 6 in some cases should be implemented.

Telework isn't the solution as someone still has to go to work at factories, restaurants, Caffe, someone needs to operate the metro etc. otherwise all those occupations will need to be reimbursed as well as companies for their losses.

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I think a salary of at least 500 000 yen per month should do if you live in Tokyo.

Less than that will be just a painful experience.

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Listen we are not going to close the economy again so everyone who is counting for another lockdown so they can stay home is wrong.

Japan will go broke if that happens.

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Time to save economy and people at the same time.

Another stimulus.

Another jab.

Another quasi rules.

Another ban on travelers.

That is the new economy.

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My new year resolution is no more BOOSTERS and jabs. Had two and I am not going to destroy my immune system with jabs every 3-6 months, especially since I am young and healthy (not obese).

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Numbers, numbers, numbers

Go outside, have fun, enjoy your life, don't follow numbers, get detox from internet.

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