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It seems that a lot of people here haven't seen the drama, but are yet commenting on it.

I've seen the first 3 episodes, and so far, I can say that it's clearly full of clichés. Someone was suggesting to broadcast Oliver Twist instead, but that's exactly what this drama is: a "modern Oliver Twist". Now I'll list some of the prejudices portrayed in this drama:

Orphanage staff are heartless abusers all the children are called by a nickname related to the way they were abandoned (I should say a "bullied" name, that they give to each other, to always "remember where they come from") Foster parents are abusers: furthermore, all the foster mothers are bat-shit crazy with huge psychological disorders, and most foster dads are totally spineless. (blame it on the mother! all women are hysterical, right?) the only time so far that there was a nice couple, the girl decided by herself, that she preferred not being adopted because it was "too much happiness", so she decided to go back to the orphanage... (see how it's logical!) every single child leads their adoption process to failure because, they don't want to be separate from their orphanage mates one of the children only wants to be adopted by "Joripi" i.e. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and pray everyday in front of their picture the girl with a patch on an eye that couldn't fail to the gloomy background atmosphere, the young guy who never speaks and always looks at his shoes, and so on, and so on...

I don't know how something can be more "Oliver Twist" and cliché than that. People who think that it could ever "depict the reality of orphanages in Japan", are obviously seriously prejudiced. Since it started airing, there have been reports that some orphans have been trough increased bullying at school and that some on them self injured themselves because of the harmful image that it gives of them. Is that acceptable?

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