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They said she was last seen wearing blue jeans but she returned wearing black tights. That seems strange! How did she change!!?

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@Bertie You have got to be kidding me!! You really think the economy would BOOM!?! REALLY?!? Think of the domino effect that would happen!! How many ppl work on base! There r no Japanese baggers! Most of them are high school students or dependents!! Think of the housing market, taxi companies, kokusai st, cocoichiban!! Lol Kadena alone has hundreds of Japanese workers. Good workers. People with families to take care of!! Part of okinawa's tourist attractions that there is a mix of American culture too! With the bases gone , and no American culture to add to the mix of okinawan culture, many mainlanders won't come here. And def no more American tourist! You need to look at the big picture Bertie!

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@bertie You are gravely mistaken!! Okinawa would collapse without the bases here!! Do you live in Okinawa or are you a mainlander who has no idea about okinawan life!?! Yes there are a lot of Things that the us military needs to do to improve the relationship between the okinawans and the military! A LOT OF THINGS!!! BUT getting rid of the bases is not an option at all!! The economy would collapse and Tokyo will not support them fully. Basically Tokyo would say, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED. So now you figure it out. But it will never happen. The us military and Okinawa are intertwined!! They both need each other.

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tmarie I agree with you. These parents don't do anything but coddle and cook for their kids. EVERYTHING else is on the teachers. They expect the teachers and schools to do everything! They don't understand the difference between STUDENT and CHILD. From disciplining to caring for the role of the teacher and the parent is different. There is only sooo much that the teacher is responsible for. There is a limit to the teachers responsibility. There is NO LIMIT to the parents responsibility!! I'm a parent of 3 and have been an elementary school teacher for 6 yrs in Japan, but this goes for bullying everywhere: STOP CODDLING YOUR KIDS!!!! The reason bullying is in the rise is because kids nowadays are WEAK! Remember the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"!! REMEMBER THAT??? AS PARENTS WE NEED TO STOP TRYING TO PROTECT OUR KIDS FROM LIFE BECAUSE ITS IMPOSSIBLE BUT INSTEAD WE NEED TO PREPARE OUR KIDS FOR LIFE BECAUSE ITS INEVITABLE!

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