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I have a small internet cafe with 10 x Win 7 PCs. On my personal PC, I have upgraded to Win10 and really like it but for the shop, the interface differences and potential compatibility conflicts mean the upgrade needs to be carefully managed.

The two aspects of Microsoft's Win10 upgrade strategy that annoy me are a) my shop PCs have all 'software updates' and 'notifications' set to never/off but even so there are daily system pop-up messages saying upgrade to Win10 and giving 'upgrade' and 'later' as the only 2 options (unless you click the 'x' to close the window). The customers click away pop up messages without thought so that is a big problem.

And b) my shop is in a SE Asian country with limited bandwidth and open from 5am to 2am, where a single Win10 download plus following updates will take 12 hours, hogging all the capacity of the shop for that duration. I do not know of a way to download once and then use that file for my other PC's, so doing all 10 will need to be managed over an extended period.

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Posted in: Brits having less sex - but more variety, according to national survey See in context

There was another recent Brit study regarding the alarming increase in female alcohol abuse (drinking too much alcohol) over the past 10 years. As alcohol is well known to loosen inhibitions, it might be a contributing factor to the changing female stats - i.e. more partners, more adventurous?

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Posted in: The U.S. government is considering to permit passengers to make and receive cell phone calls while in flight. The flight attendants' union oppose it, saying it would cause trouble, as well as bother o See in context

I agree with Kabukilover.

However, I'm surprised by those posters who can't think of legitimate reason for the usefulness of a call whilst flying. How about an elderly lady who is traveling alone, the flight gets delayed whilst in the air, or even worse redirected and her elderly husband is expected to pick her up. Neither have internet, email or smartphones so she needs to call him at home to inform him? Or how about when you see the thriller movie, the killer is closing in and the soon-to-be victim is making a final call for help crying. "Please pick-up! Please pick-up!" but the person is on a plane with the mobile phone switched off! :-)

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Given there is no meaningful opposition party to vote for I would prefer Abe wins a landslide. He will then have the freedom/power to push through whatever reforms or changes he wants.

Not saying I support his policies, just that I would rather see a democratically elected government able to actively pursue their mandate(s) - for better or worse - and let the voters decided next time whether they want more of the same or change.

The political gridlock in Japan, USA and to a slightly lesser degree in the UK with the coalition is not good. Too much time and focus is spent on internal squabbles, power plays and negotiations instead of governing the country.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan's consumption tax rate should be raised from the current 5% in order to restore the nation's fiscal health? See in context

Stopping or meaningfully reducing the government waste is a pipedream so yes, raise the consumption tax to 10%. Exempt items like rice, fish, fruit, vegetables, female sanitary products and medicines. Increase it for items like alcohol, tobacco, brand clothes and luxury items. And maybe raise non-taxable earning level to provide an additional protection for those with low incomes.

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Posted in: Wives still have passion, but how to get their husbands to realize it? See in context

LoveUSA - guess you're parents were never in 'true love' then :-)

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Tokyodepth, you're rigtht! SoftBank is showing contempt for their existing customers. They are using their exclusive distribution rights(ie monopoly) to charge whatever they want. Consumer protection and anti-competition watch dogs should be all over this but they're not. Perhaps because there is little sympathy for the people who have phones that are no more than 12 months old and want to upgrade to the latest device the day it is released.

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