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Kingslayer comments

Posted in: Convenience stores becoming more and more a part of our lives See in context

I found the comment about Japan being disaster-prone and the comfort that combini provides very spot-on. I think that despite how flawed Japan is (in many aspects, not just geographically, as any society and country in the world) there are a lot of affordable everyday comforts that make life a bit easier. Maybe we don't appreciate them daily, but in times of hardship we really are thankful for them.

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Posted in: Body of newborn boy found abandoned in Chiba park See in context

I hope the newborn didn't have to suffer for very long. We don't know how this happened or the circumstances surrounding this case, but this is terrible nonetheless.

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Posted in: Elevator to Tokyo Tower’s upper observatory deck reopens after September trouble See in context

Hopefully there won't be any other accidents in the future, and they are preparing for the huge influx of tourists and other visitors in the next couple of years. Better safe than sorry, really.

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Posted in: Girl stabbed by bag snatcher in Takamatsu See in context

Hopefully this man will be caught before he harms someone else, and gets help to stop committing these violent acts. Be careful out there!

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Posted in: Don’t call them fat; call them Marshmallow Girls See in context

Discrimination exists: sometimes it's due to the color of someone's skin, or body type, the things they like to do, the people they love or the gods they believe in, etc. People having problems with understanding that we all are different inside and outside it's pathetic. People who think they have the right to look down on someone because they don't want to or they can't lose weight are discriminating. Someone's weight, figure or body type is not for you to police and dictate whether it's right or wrong. Whether it's a personal choice, biological or whatever does not concern anyone but the person in question as long as they are not harming others. They aren't harming your eyes just because you deem them unattractive, or because they don't want to exercise. Fat isn't an insult, and hopefully marshmallow won't be one either. It's what you are, and you should accept yourself in all shapes and sizes. Women are already judged too much on their appearance.

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