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Posted in: Obama visits Hiroshima to ponder 'terrible force unleashed' See in context

A visit long overdue but well planned. All nations burdened by grieviances of the past limit themselves to their naivety of the present and just can't foresee the posibilities of the future. Imperial Japan is gone, Nazi Germany is gone, fascist Italy is gone, now we have nations that are impacting positively on the world stage while carefully avoiding a possible reemergence of past idiosyncracies. If people keep on talking about the 71 year old devastation of war, the atrocities committed during that war, and still go ahead to admonish the perpetrators of that war, the cycle of hate would be never-ending and there will never be peace.

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Posted in: Obama says Hiroshima visit will emphasise current U.S. ties with Japan See in context

Even after two devastating nuclear bombs, the imperial japanese army still wanted to continue the fight. Imagine what could have happened if the Americans decided not to drop the bombs. The war could have ended in 1946 - that's an additional 50,000 lives lost on the American side.

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Residents’ safety is our priority,” Kanetaka said.

He should be more honest and state in addition to this that the reputation of the entire institution of government in Japan is at stake here, it would be bad if there was an incident during a visit by the worlds most powerful leaders.

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Posted in: Japan's schools 'hateful' places for LGBT students: rights group See in context

When something is unusual, you should defend the fact that it is truly unusual; but the truth is that everyone has the right to be who they want to be, everyone should try to respect that and live a violence free life- and these words are what pass for appropriate teachings in school. But let's also be realistic and consider the severe decline in births in Japan for the past couple of decades, more rights for gays could be an additional threat in that regard. Teach tolerance and morality to our kids please.

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Posted in: H.I.S. cancels travel with 'beautiful girls' campaign after complaints See in context

Let's all be honest and just say that it was a "pretty" good idea.

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Posted in: 'Vagina kayak' artist convicted in obscenity case See in context

Lol, some people even go as far as to worship the penis to piss off government. Just a little reminder to all people out there, "Art is everything". And also, this is just my opinion but I really do think that the non-lucid, incoherent, and outdated nature of Japanese laws are the greatest problem of that country.

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Posted in: Japan to question officials involved in Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

Just wait for it, it's almost time to see the occasional signature head bowing the Japanese are so good at; afterwards, people like myself would say "it takes a lot of guts to admit wrongdoings when admittance is due, and to subsequently take responsibility for it, u know what, Japan should go ahead and give us the best Olympics of our generation", and the matter is done.

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Posted in: French prosecutors probe $2 million tied to 2020 Tokyo Games See in context

I am not surprised really, hardly any election soliciting for votes from a couple of individuals of any one organization must have a certain degree of foul play; my advice is, if the french prosecutors want to investigate the tokyo bid, they might as well investigate the lobbying of the other two loser host cities, Istanbul and Madrid. No matter what happens, the Olympics will still hold in Tokyo, too much is already at stake as it is, too much in the tune of billions of dollars and a plethora of powerful individuals with interest in the games.

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There should be no apology, the act was absolutely justifiable under conditions of war and was legal at the time; the best thing to do is acknowledge the devastation caused by the bomb and strive to avoid a future occurence, I believe that's the significance that the Japanese are trying to evince - they do not need an apology, just acknowledgement.

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Posted in: EU confident of Japan free trade deal by year-end See in context

This ought to be exciting for everyone else except the local businesses that stand to be threatened by the abolishment of import tariffs, there are hard and difficult times ahead for them (Local businesses) I'm afraid.

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Posted in: Abe hopes for progress in peace treaty talks with Putin See in context

From every indication, Putin is always quite frank and knows little about constructive diplomacy, its the Japanese that are overly diplomatic and aren't compromising as a result.

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Posted in: Abe says he will work with whoever wins U.S. election See in context

Abe doesn't have a choice when it comes to the U.S - Japan alliance really; besides, I'm quite sure Abe may even prefer Donald to Obama considering how much Donald is indirectly pushing for increased Japan involvement in global security of which Abe desires very much.

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Posted in: Australia blames refugee advocates after asylum seeker sets herself alight See in context

The stringent immigration policies of Australia are known world-wide, why do people still choose the backhand means of trespassing while knowing fully well that they would get the embarassing treatment if they are caught. It is sad that individuals that have left their original nations for one reason after another end up being subjected to discriminatory treatment on their way to a safe haven; but the truth is that the safe haven status is only preserved by those stringent immigration policies that foreigners are so quick to criticize. I absolutely understand the Australian position as it is an established fact that amongst 10 asylum seeking refugees, 5 of them may be suspicious or truant or a nuisance.

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Posted in: NATO ponders ground force in Baltics See in context

Thus, the ushering of another cold war era; its spy time, its suspicion time and its competition time. Try encircling a wolfpack and they are sure to respond at some point.

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Posted in: Japan eyes more foreign workers, challenging immigration taboo See in context

They might as well just attach more rights to the label "foreign worker" or there really will be great cause for concern as an unattractive Japanese working environment will certainly do well to attract a nuisance; in other words, if they want law abiding and asset driven foreigners to come help their economy, they should reciprocate respect and shun wage discrimination just to name a few.

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Posted in: Kerry's visit to Hiroshima grabbing spotlight at G-7 meeting See in context

Please notice that China doesn't my own opinion, I'd say Shinzo Abe ought to go take a bow at Nanking before Obama does the same at Hiroshima since everyone wants to bring up the past and acknowledge past actions as mistakes.

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Posted in: Abe says summit with Putin needed to resolve territorial row See in context

"As long as this region is resource rich, and as long as it lies within our reach, it is an integral part of our territory" -this is what Japan and Russia are probably all thinking. If it was a lump island of sand sticking in some "dead sea water" kind of location, none of these nations would have put so much emphasis on the ownership of these islands, PERIOD! Therefore, there will be no agreement, PERIOD!

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Posted in: S Korea-Japan ties improve after N Korea's nuclear test See in context

When Japan and SKorea join forces to contain a common foe........what next? Should be the question.

Does NKorea really think like the rest of the world would like to believe?

What does the U.S stand to gain from testing their deterrence theory in that south east asian region?

Is China truly bothered about Nkorea's idiosyncracies?

Where does Russia fall in all this? Last I checked, Russia is suspicious and mindful of each and every single one of those nations that have been listed in this article.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea vow tough response to N Korea See in context

Its about time we started calling a spade a spade, seriously.....a person can't tell me that I have no right to own a car when he himself has one, what in the world makes him so much better than I am that he deserves to possess one and I don't. This is the case for the fact that the U.N doesn't discriminate against the so called 'powerful nations' from possessing a H-Bomb but would discriminate against what they would term 'aggressive states' rebutting the idea of their creation of such bombs. If these powerful nations suddenly lose control of their arsenal and fire at the weaker nations, in the end the stronger nations would still remain at the top because they supressed the technology of their arsenals. In my own opinion, if the world wants peace, then there should be no exceptions for any one nation, PERIOD!

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