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Posted in: Amber Heard's lawyers revised article Johnny Depp sued over See in context

I've been in an abusive relationship myself, where I'd have to keep quiet when she's dishing out abusive words at me so it wouldn't escalate further, and I'd basically avoid her when she wants to get physical, but when she's pleading her case to our mutual friends, you'd very well think she were the very definition of a victim. Because of Amber's lies and narcissistic compulsiveness, Johnny has gone through lots of embarrassment, lost titular roles In movie sequels we expected to see him in, and there's also been the financial cost. This is why this case is garnering so much media attention, to act as a warning to abusive high profile ladies out there that feel being a woman is all that's required to make everyone feel you're the only person that could be subjected to abuse.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy assaulted after asking man to stop smoking on train See in context

The boy confronted the offensive adult and got beaten for it while so called adults probably stood by aghast but still not being anywhere as courageous enough as the minor to hold the offensive adult down. This thing about minding your business and not defending a fellow in danger or even trying to help a fellow in need is way too common in this country.

P.S. This young guy is a rare gem in this generation I'd say.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 12,813 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 62,612 See in context

Would be helpful if they number of those tested was actually mentioned in these news reports. And also, specifically adding that - further 50 for U.S military personnel - to the Okinawa numbers, isn't good for foreigner sentiment, in a sense it's kinda divisive and would only lend more misinformed prejudice against not just Americans resident in Okinawa but foreigners resident in the entire country.

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