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Posted in: Australia and Japan should act as a regional shield in order to maintain the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific. See in context

Hello Kitty 321Today  08:39 am JST

What balance? Surely you mean western hegemony.

Its better than Chinese neo-imperialism and debt-trap economics. China still has the 'Middle Kingdom' mindset and would be happy to turn the nations of the Asia-Pacific into tributary states.

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Posted in: Evacuations underway in Mariupol See in context

Hopefully Putin ends up using the May 9 'Victory Day' celebrations to declare a wider war against the rest Europe, as British intelligence is warning. NATO will finally be unrestrained to roll the tanks all the way to Moscow and overthrow the deranged little beady-eyed monster.

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context

Seems like shutting down their world-leading nuclear power program wasn't the smartest move Germany has made in recent decades.

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Posted in: Russia to expel 8 Japan diplomats See in context

If only we could expel Putin from the planet. Oh wait, we can...

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Posted in: Russia pounds eastern Ukraine as U.S. urges West to provide arms to Kyiv See in context

EastmanToday  09:36 am JST

why US not urges Zelenskyy to discuss with Russia about peace?

why instead of it helping make conflict bigger and use own vassals in West to make war neverending?

any normal explanation for that?

any thoughts?

If your neighbour jumped the fence, hit you over the head with a baseball bat and annexed your backyard and a quarter of your house, would you be willing to discuss peace with them and concede to them your property which they stole?

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Posted in: Japan sends envoy to Solomons amid worry over China pact See in context

CrickyToday  09:25 am JST

The Solomon Islands PM is corrupt and needs Chinas backing to stay in power. Just the open door China needs to swoop in on a strategic and peace loving nation.

Agreed. Australia and New Zealand should not have intervened during the civilian uprising last year, they could have just sat back and let the people of the Solomon Islands overthrow Manasseh Sogavare and they wouldn't be dealing with the problem of China's encroachment.

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Posted in: Japanese firms hit by COVID lockdown in Shanghai See in context

Ricky Kaminski13Today  07:00 am JST

Those scenes of people wailing and screaming from those skyscrapers in Shanghai were like something out of a dystopian sci-fi horror movie. It’s absolute chaos over there, pandemonium. Communism delivers yet again.

It's more of a bizarre mix of state-capitalism and semi-market capitalism cosplaying as a 'communist' country.

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Posted in: Putin vows to press invasion until Russia's goals are met See in context

Putin can vow whatever deranged nonsense he wants, one thing for sure is the West will continue to ramp up the pressure on Russia until Putin and the rest of his cronies have been tried for war crimes and end up 'on display' in Red Square.

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Posted in: Defense experts back Japan acquiring enemy base strike capability See in context

gintonicApr. 4  10:35 am JST

The only people objecting are China stooges? Wow, thats a pretty big call, you know this as a proven fact, do you?

You already lost the argument when you parroted Russian propaganda about NATO expansion and took the side of autocratic China and North Korea.

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Posted in: 4,127 apply to be astronauts with Japan's space agency See in context

IngvarToday  08:00 am JST

Would be a nice job. Doing all the training but not actually going into space because the Russians are no longer selling rocket engines to USA. In other words, USA has one manned flight left for the next 10 years. Until they develop their own rocket engine.

Not really. The Artemis rocket is pretty much ready and SpaceX have already taken crew members to the International Space Station. Given how the war in Ukraine has enraged even Kazakhstan, Russia may soon be the one to find itself without the ability to maintain a space program, Baikonur Cosmodrome in KZ is their main launch facility.

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Posted in: Pentagon rejects NATO nations providing jets to Ukraine See in context

Absolute cowardice. Starting to think that NATO would dissolve in the event of Russia attacking one of it's own member states, as the others would be unwilling to 'escalate' with Russia. Putin's threat's of nuclear retaliation are bluffs, he is a narcissist who want's to live above anything else, which is clearly evident from the comically long tables he got out for the meetings with Macron and his own advisors.

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Posted in: Russian forces escalate attacks on Ukraine's civilian areas See in context

JeffLeeToday  07:12 am JST

I don't understand why the Ukranian army isn't shelling that huge convoy, which out in the open.

The Ukrainian military (backed up by US intel) worry that if they take out the convoy, Putin will retaliate with aerial bombing and raise Kyiv to the ground.

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Posted in: Japan to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine crisis See in context

Thomas GoodtimeFeb. 23  05:02 pm JST

Russia must be beside itself with fear. Sanctions from Japan? Hahaha

Given that Russia exports 11.6 billion dollars worth of goods to Japan every year, yes, Russia will be afraid of these sanctions.

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Posted in: 'Fortress Australia' re-opens after two-year COVID closure See in context

SanjinosebleedToday  09:24 am JST


Western Australia is even worse. Mcclown has turned it into a police state!

No he hasn't.

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Posted in: Cyberattacks knock out sites of Ukrainian army, major banks See in context

The prelude to the main event?

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Posted in: Macron: Putin told him Russia won't escalate Ukraine crisis See in context

TomiToday  08:35 am JST

Yes, it is the US who is creating the tension here.

Already busy selling guns to Ukraine.

Makes you winder how much is Biden’s cut from the war industry…

Nope. Russia has annexed Ukrainian territory and is funding, fuelling and manning secessionist movements across Eastern Ukraine. Putin and his cronies are the instigators and source of tension here.

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Posted in: U.S. draws down Ukraine embassy presence as war fears mount See in context

ZorotoJan. 24  10:06 am JST

You mean the situation where they illegally annexed parts of Ukraine? 

Annexing Crimea is about as illegal as China annexing Taiwan. As in not at all, since Crimea has been part of Russia for hundreds of years.

Crimea was attached to the Ukrainian SSR by the Soviet Union after World War II, it is rightfuly Ukraine's. You are also wrong about Taiwan, it is an independent nation and the People's Republic of China has no rightful claim, as they are not the direct successor to the mainland ROC nor the Qing Dynasty, who were the last to hold the Island.

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Posted in: Record 88% of Japanese 'feel friendly' toward U.S.: survey See in context

Legrande Today  08:04 am JST

Reflects the pro-US/anti-China bias in Jpn media

Implying that Chinese state media isn't broadcasting anti-US, anti-Japan propaganda daily.

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Posted in: Biden, Kishida discuss China, Japan's military capability See in context

happyhereToday  07:53 am JST

"... about how Japan and the United States together cooperate and lead the international society"

said Kishida.

Not Biden, or anyone else on the planet except for Nippon Kaigi.

Japan is still one of the main financial, manufacturing and cultural powers globally.

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Posted in: Russia says it will take nothing less than NATO expansion ban See in context

The next-gen anti-tank missiles the UK has been airlifting to Ukraine will make short work of the majority of the tanks and other armoured vehciles the Russians are using should Putin be stupid enough to go ahead.

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID booster shots for general public sooner than scheduled See in context

didouToday  07:11 am JST

Omicron wave could be over well before the vaccine booster, which will not prevent any infection

The vaccine gives you the best chance of not dying from any of the strains of covid.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel appeals S Korean court order over asset sale See in context

Moon Jae In's approval ratings must have tanked again, the usual typical cycle, rile up the country over the already settled wartime issues to distract public attention and gain some loot from Japanese companies at the same time.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel appeals S Korean court order over asset sale See in context

Michael MachidaToday  07:31 am JST

Ya have to compensate...

Japan did, multiple times, and each time the South Korean government squandered the money. This is nothing more than the South Korean government having a convenient bogey-man to rile up the population when their approval ratings start to drop.

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Posted in: Toyota tops global auto sales in 2021 for 2nd year in row See in context

Michael MachidaToday  07:30 am JST

Toyota seems to have a better distribution system is all.

Not really, Volkswagen has been plagued by scandal after scandal for decades now. Releasing knowingly faulty cars, lying about emissions standards testing, overpricing, I worked for them during the DSG scandal, people died as a result of VW's death traps, will never trust them again.

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

Mr KiplingToday  07:49 am JST

The women's toilets are for women. Not men who want to be women or men who dress like women in order to enter women's toilets for their own sexual gratification. The problem arises that telling the above two apart is impossible.

The world really has more important things to worry about than a few men in dresses toilet choices.

A transitioning person isn't using the bathroom for their affirmed gender for sexual gratification.

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

V.M.Today  07:25 am JST

So he's a man who "dresses as a woman on weekends"? And he wants to use the ladies room? haha what a joke

Stop being obtuse, you know full well what the working culture is like in Japan. Trying to transition in many companies in the realm of Japan Inc. would be a short track to harassment and career termination.

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Posted in: Australia, Japan sign defense, security pact See in context

Morrison is the most anti Chinese PM Australia has ever known. Fortunately, there is a federal election this year and he will no doubt be ousted.

Labor learnt their lesson over Sam Dastyari and have purged themselves of the pro-CCP puppets. So you can expect the same from a government led by Albanese, and rightfully so.

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Posted in: Sony to launch firm to explore making electric cars See in context

I'd happily buy a Sony Electric Car over a poorly assembled Tesla's or whatever EV's Toyota reluctantly brings to the market.

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Posted in: Despite defense buildup, Japan's arms industry struggles See in context

Why is this article so heavilly fixating on the Type 90 tank as proof of Japanese arms manufacturers supposed obsolescence? Japan already has a 21st century tank, the Type 10, also made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, debuting in 2012, it's aramaments and capabilities are hardly '20th century technology'.

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Posted in: Panel recommends no change to male-only emperor system See in context

Both options would require a revision of the 1947 Imperial House Law, which largely preserves pre-World War II values.

Hardly. The process of only allowing male heirs is a much more recent policy. There have been eight regnal empresses in Japanese history, starting with Empress Suiko in 593 AD with the most recent being Go Sakuramachi from 1762 to 1771.

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