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Posted in: How should the international community deal with the migrant situation that is currently overwhelming Hungary, Austria and Germany? See in context


Let me help you make up your mind =). The fact is, many countries actually need more people. For example, the population of Germany is in fact shrinking. They can take in many many refugees and give them a new life. We can easily absorb many many thousands of refugees without ill effect.

As for my opinion on this topic:

Take a few minutes to imagine how life is when you are literally, and justifiably, scared for your life every minute of every day. How would you want other people to treat you if you left that place in search of a better life? If you can honestly say "I wish they would turn me away and force me to wander forever, even though I am an intelligent and smart professional" then please, make a case to not help them. If you think actually, maybe it would be nice to be helped, then find ways to help them. We can easily help them, it does not take much if we do it together, the problem is that these are "Other People's Problems". The majority will not do a thing and just complain. Shameful really.

If you are Christian, or even just a decent person of any religion or belief, I think the words "treat others as you wish them to treat you" apply in all cases.

I myself am an Atheist, I also live abroad (as I suspect many people reading this also do). I did not give up on my own culture, or beliefs. I took that with me. Just as these people will. Just as we ALL will. And the fact is, we will still have our own cultures and beliefs regardless of our neighbors beliefs.

Using words such as "Islamification" is just a way to justify your own bigotry. People are people. Who cares if we believe different things, eat different foods or dress differently. You treating them different because of their cultural beliefs is exactly what can cause extremism and hatred in the shunned. This isn't a religious reaction, it is a human one (albeit obviously misguided and terrible). Extend a hand and maybe help someone.

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