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Posted in: One year after release, Pokemon Go is fitness tool for players See in context

Pokemon GO is a free application game, it is a game that you can enjoy easily with your smartphone just by walking. I often remember the moment that it was released and many people were playing the game at the same time as releasing. Immediately after launch, I was surprised to hear that this game, which was popular by young people, is now popular among mature people. Some said that this application could help you lose weight while searching pokemons. This is a fun and healthy way. We believe that by using smartphones for a long time, sales of mobile batteries for smartphones increased, and going to various places caused on economy effects. I find that this game has influence not only from economy effect but also from many aspects. However, before this game was released, operating a smartphone while walking was a social problem. Nevertheless, I wondered whether this game might be a game that promotes manipulating smartphones while walking. There was also the worst event that some were injured and some even died by being distracted smartphone screens and distracting attention. If you do not play with caution, this may happen in the future.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan reaches 2.29 mil; record number for May See in context

I am surprised that so many foreigners are visiting Japan and I am very happy because of that. In particular, it can be said that there are so many visitors from Asia. I think that to visit neighboring countries and similar cultures is very important. Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, the number of visitors from abroad will increase even further. Japan is a very attractive country where traditional culture and contemporary culture are merged/mixed. There are many historical sights, you can eat delicious meals and enjoy shopping, and Japan is a very safe country. From now on, we should try to convey a message of the enjoyment, safety and appeal of the journey to Japan to many foreign tourists. Now we can get information on various countries on the Internet, and of course people who have never been to Japan know what kind of place Japan is. But I really hope that you will visit Japan and see its beauty with your own eyes.

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Posted in: Samurai chef serves ramen with a side of history at Sapporo restaurant See in context

I was surprised that ramen was delicious enough to be approved by Michelin, and I understood that it was famous internationally as one of the most delicious foods in Japan.

 In Sapporo ramen shop, there are clerks who wear helmets, so

If you want to see that, you should go there, then you can eat delicious ramen, and also see the helmet. I though that it was a very unique shop to do such a thing, also, I felt the owner's enthusiasm about ramen and sengoku feudal period.

 I think that having Japanese traditional ramen and traditional helmet at the same place is truly Japanese and it is wonderful. I would like to go here someday.

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Posted in: Women in business: Xue Wang advises women to be pragmatic See in context

I feel that she has become a strong and intelligent woman because she has experienced being with me in the same environments. As I am going to work from now, I will experience a lot of things, go abroad and want to learn a lot of things. I want to be like her who does not fear gender discrimination and is not afraid to change the present situation to a good direction. Things will not start unless you try. It is important not to be passive, and to make the move by yourself.

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