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As a third party, I hope somebody may consider what I say logically, without prior anger, and correct me if they think otherwise. But please read the whole thing beforehand.

I know Japan apologized, I think six times, in the past couple decades, but seriously.. There's a reason korean people think it's insincere. It's because the government refuses to educate their younger generation by putting the horrors the older generation committed in their textbooks. Unlike the germans (who I believe apologize every year- not exactly necessary in this case, personal opinion-wise), who continuously educate their young so that it may never happen again (hence the existence of history classes), I've heard that comfort women (korean and other asians) only get a sentence in textbooks. Because that is the case, when Japan apologizes, it just sort of seems as if they're saying, 'hey, I'm sorry, but also I apologized, so let's forget about it.' The apologies and money just seem to be trying to appease the anger of the Koreans in the moment so they don't have to deal with the issue anymore, and can just forget that it happened. Just look at this article's title.

Of course, this doesn't mean Koreans are also not at fault. I rarely see Koreans giving a reasonable explanation on their demands, rather using terms like 'japanese monkey' to describe those who defend the Japanese. If anyone were more clear on their points and demands rather than meaningless, pointless, and self-harming anger, this feud wouldn't have gone on until this point.

I think the solution to this issue (not just the trade war, but the anger over the issues of annexation) is not unrelenting anger on either side, nor another apology from Japan. I think forgiveness needs to be given to both sides, rather than pushing the blame to one side. Because that's not how you forgive.

Please don't kill me, I tried my best to understand.

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