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In my hometown in the UK there is a major Japanese company presence, and many Japanese live there through this company. One of my favourite hobbies is to go to the local park and yell at my kids in Japanese just to see the look of onfusion come over them when they can`t figure out where the accented Japanese is coming from (and yes, believe me, I KNOW I need to get out more!)

But when we start talking they all say the same thing - they don`t want to return to Japan. Unless they have JHS or HS age kids - then they do because they are so worried about the kidw being disadvantaged by not going through the J education system.

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I think to say his mother should have strangled him with her bare hands is a little OTT (!), but as a mother of an elementary school girl, this makes my blood run cold.

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I think for now the property bubble overseas has well and truly burst, and this kind of investment is likely to be a 20 year thing with much more steady growth than we have seen over the last 20 years or so, rather than a get rich quick thing.

And with the economic uncertainty still continuing, I think I would rather invest my money in something safer that will still give me that steady growth.

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I look forward to reading your published research papers on the topic. Your years of expert analysis should not be kept from the public for a moment longer.

Um - so what are you saying? Only people who have "years of expert analysis" can determine when a child is being abused or not? People like, doctors for example??! Borscht is absolutely right, in most cases it IS pretty easy for a doctor to tell when a child is being abused.

My 4 year old is a nightmare right now, constantly testing my boundaries and crying when he doesnt get his own way. He is also covered in bruises like most adventurous 4 year old boys that jump off walls and ride their bikes too fast. I took him to the paediatrician recently for a shot, and showed him all the bruises and swore blind I am not abusing him! The doctor laughed and said "Its OK, we can tell the difference between normal activity and sinister injuries. I would think there was a problem if you brought me a 4 year old boy who DIDN`T have cuts and bruises on his legs!".

And @Mistwizard - just because your grandparents generation swept it under the carpet YEARS ago just like Japan is NOW doesn`t make it right. I am totally against gestapo-like tactics and removing children from parents unnecessarily. I am however TOTALLY for breaking a door down to get to a crying child when no-one answers.

I am surprised there is even a law allowing social workers to do this, because I was under the impression in the Osaka case that they DID go to the apartment, heard the children crying, but went away because no-one answered the door. If only they had broken the door down.

I think bringing all this out into the open is a good thing, because I feel that the one thing fuelling the problem here in Japan all these years is the attitude that children are somehow parents "property", combined with the tendency to sweep everything under the rug, and distinct lack of punishment in proven cases.

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What happened to her spiel about turning her life around and working for the good of others that she came out with on her release from jail last year?

I agree with Yuri - spoilt, vapid and uses her money and influence to get herself out of trouble. This time it didn`t work. I had to laugh a the insinuation that in America if you are a star you get out of jail free, but not in Japan - here you are treated as just another person. Uh-huh, OK!

The woman has all the money and influence in the world, and yet no class at all.

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Im with Dolphingirl (although not literally! easy boys!) and if a guy whipped out a sex toy I wouldnt think so much "poor performer" as "great imagination, thoughtful and considerate towards me, confident and in touch with himself (no pun intended)" - all good!

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@farmboy - they didn`t. It was in one of the mens apartments. He said he needed to talk to her (they were acquainted) and asked her to come to his apartment.

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He had something to discuss? Ever thought to pick up the phone? Or couldn`t it wait till morning?

Yes, it is very easy for women to cry rape, and those that do are as disgusting in my opinion as the perpetrators themselves, because they make it hard for genuine victims to come forward, and therefore perpetuate the problem.

But make no mistake - it is incredibly difficult for genuine victims to come forwards too, especially in this culture and society, but in fact in any society. Whether this woman is genuine or not is hard to say, but nobody "asks" for this to happen to them. The psychological damage it causes is as debilitating, often more so, than the physical damage.

If she is genuine, then I applaud her bravery at standing up to this.

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A cut above the rest! Were they knickers or trousers?

Given they were 3 cuts at 10cms each I am assuming they were trousers because a) surely, surely someone would wake up if those cuts were being made in their knickers and b) would the knickers even be big enough? Actually, scratch that last bit - I have been shopping in Japanese underwear departments and yes, of course they would be big enough!

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METinTokyo - were you the guy that crashed my wedding day??!

Actually - I have to admit you have a point on the furry slippers and kitty chan aprons. I saw a whole display of them in Ito Yokado last year for white day and was laughing so hard. I told my astonished J friend that where I come from a man could get himself killed, giving a present like that for our Valentines Day!

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OK, well first of all Koji Kato for Prime Minister please! Joint with that Takahashi guy. And Eiiji Tajita for retirement! "Education has become too child-centered"??! What the hell?! Who on earth should it be centered on then? The government ministry? Oh, ok, don`t answer that.

Why is it here that whenever they want to do something better, they just do exactly what they have been doing, just even harder. Does it ever occur to anyone to actually change anything??!

I agree with Alladin - quality not quantity is the key here. Fattening up textbooks with more useless facts and figures they simply need to recall in exams is not going to change anything.

So why is the "pressure-free" education system not working? First of all "pressure-free" is a joke - if this is pressure-free then god knows what it must have been like before.

Second the questions are often set with ridiculous arbitrary rules. Case in point: a recent English grammar question. "Mike is ____ the library" - fill in the blank. If you answered "at" - you will have been marked wrong. The ONLY correct answer (apparently) is "in".

Finally the teachers have no idea HOW to teach the kids to think for themselves - because THEY have no idea how to think for themselves. They were educated themselves in the old-fashioned system. You can`t tell these teachers "teach the kids to think for themselves. Off you go now." and expect them to be able to do it.

3 hours a week of allowing kids to ask why a bird doesn`t fall off a perch is hardly going to produce innovative creative thinkers. It needs to be woven into the very fabric of everything they do. And here that just seems to be an impossibility.

My husband and I had this conversation recently. He said when the Japanese education model was first developed in the 50`s, it took "best practice" from around the world, and was the model everyone emulated. Problem is, over the last 60 years, those models that copied Japan have developed themselves and moved on, whereas the Japanese model has stayed stagnant and not reacted to what is required in the new modern world. THAT is why they are lagging behind.

I agree with Takahashi - the WHOLE system needs re-thinking. But hey, thatS way too much work, and an admission of failure. LetS just throw more pages at the kids and see what happens in another 10 years. My money is on "not very much".

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You cannot "trick" someone into having certain sexual tastes,

No you cant, but you can make having certain sexual tastes socially acceptable. The amount of kiddie porn available in socially acceptable situations here (combinis, bookshops etc) makes it appear socially acceptable to these people to behave the way they do.

There is a disproportionately large amount of material here available in "normal" places sexualising young girls compared to the west. And a disproportionately large number of leery Japanese men reading it/watching it/clamouring to take pictures of it in full public view compared to the west. That is not just pure coincidence.

Imagine the reaction overseas among the general public if we had an AKB-style band dressed in school uniform with a huge following of middle-aged balding men at their every appearance. Now look at the reaction here - oh wait, there isn`t one.

It is socially acceptable here for grown men to idolise schoolgirls. That needs to change. They can start by banning the sexualisation of schoolgirls.

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I agree with Tkoind1 - as usual. Stop sexualisation of young girls and that will go a long way to stopping this behaviour. And yes to the person who said it must be scary having a daughter in Japan - it is scary as hell and I have had to CHASE guys away from my daughter before when they were taking photos. She was 5 YEARS OLD. What 50 year old male creep takes a picture of a 5 year old girl unknown to him on the street?

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16 years old and out at 4am? Obviously they don`t come from particularly caring stable homes in the first place. No excuse - but I blame the parents for kids bad behaviour.

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Do they even have social workers in Japan? I have never heard of any. I hear about local government offices but not about social workers themselves.

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I have been researching the phenomenon of "soushokukei" (herbivorous men) recently for a friend of mine who is counselling couples and notices that often the male partner is soshokukei - the idea behnd the label, amongst other thigns, is that they are lacking in ambition. This label applies specifically to males, but maybe I can furnish you with some stats Borscht:

60% of men aged 20-30 are considered to be soshokukei They are generally content with reasonable salaries and working hours, and shun professional competition. 51% say they would rather work fixed hours than overtime Their interests include fashion, desserts, cosmetics. They often have very close relationships with their mothers They are not interested in overseas travel, designer brands, expensive cars. They are very careful with money and usually carry many retailers "points" cards The average annual pay of men in their 20s is 3.25 million yen 25-34 year olds making more than 6 million yen constitute 3.5% of the total They feel like the older generation (now in their 50s) got screwed with the collapse of the economic bubble, they have watched the next generation (30s and 40s) struggling and working like crazy just to keep a crappy job, never mind get promoted, and now they feel a sense of "why bother at all" They are more comfortable with setting their own values, rather than what society tells them they should do.

I could go on, but there is a ton of quantitative and qualitative data. Most of this comes from research by Megumi Ushikubo, CEO of Infinity Marketing.

Personally, I think the types of youngsters coming into adulthood now are exactly what this country needs. It will breed more equality, afford women more opportunities, and lets be honest, the aggressive salarymen of times soon-to-be-past haven`t exactly done a great job for the country have they?

I commend Yui on a well-written and thoughtful article, and if she is reading this, I wish her every success in graduate school. She is absolutely right that happiness should not be measured by the "3K"`s and I only wish I had had her insight at 24!

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How was this guy free in July after being arrested for groping a girl in May? And what's also disturbing is that he is 71 which means he could have, conceivably at least, been committing these kinds of crimes for a long time...

At 71, and with two misdemeanours under his belt (no pun intended) since July, I think it is a pretty safe bet to say these are just the ones he got caught over.

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Or they could simply sack the incompetent, overpaid executive idiots who have run the thing into the ground in the first place.

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At least they were girls

Forget about MistWizard, I think Laguna`s comment (above) is the most disturbing! "At least they were girls"???! What the hell?!

I agree with MistWizard that there are no facts here as such, but people like Santa generally dont get arrested for sitting children on their lap. So I would guess the pictures found on the camera were a little more than that. Plus he "warned his victims to keep quiet" - about what? Must have been something he didnt want other people to know about. It`s not hard from the story to figure out this is more than a misunderstanding.

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too bad they are both fat

Seriously???! You honestly think these girls are fat??!

I love Kurara but only because she is a really lovely person, very friendly and kind, intelligent and an excellent role model for young girls in a country that is sadly lacking in them.

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a few generations now the children of Japan have been raised by women, their mothers. The spoilt kids and jerk husbands have been made that way by the women of Japan.

Cant say I disagree with this. Husbands-of-a-certain-age often do behave like jerks. A woman I know has a husband who just chucks stuff on the floor, or drops something and doesnt even bother to pick it up - SHE gets up and scurries around for him - then complains to hell about it. But you know, SHE created this monster.

These women never did have to live like this. They were happy to take the cash when it was flowing. Japanese men can and do behave like jerks and they need to change - but why should they when that is all they know, and no-one is telling them it is not acceptable?

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Responsible, socially aware porn - well I like it!

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for employing 50 high school girls as prostitutes See in context

Yeuch!16-17 and already slept with 70 people! Way to start your adult life off!

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Kirakira: You travel alone with 3 kids? That's tough.

Yep, but no choice Im afraid. My Mum back in the UK is widowed, these are her only grandchildren, and of course my J hubby cant get enough time off of work to come with us.

What Shufu says is pretty much right - you take on board whatever it takes to get the little darlings through the ordeal. It is no time to start negotiating whether they can have candy or not - give them whatever it takes to keep them quiet. Luckily my 6 year old is getting easier now so she can help a little, but the 4 year old - oh boy, thats gonna be tough! And I was hoping the baby wouldnt be walking by the time we go, but he is showing signs that he will be, and as anyone with a 1 year old knows, once they discover the delights of walking they are off and don`t understand the need to be confined to a seat when the seatbelt light is on. This raises two issues - the screaming until the light goes off, and then a wobbly 1 year old tottering off down the aisle with associated elbows, bags, small items etc at head height.

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I woulod add to the list don`t fly to the UK any time this October. You might be unlucky enough to get on a flight with me and my 3 kids aged 6 4 and 10 months!

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Brand bags and sweet things - like her marriage - quite possibly the most sickly-sweet staged soundbite (given the circumstances) she could ever have come up with - although she almost certainly didn`t all by herself.

I think shes a pretty girl, but pretty damned vacuous as well. But then, I have a grudge against her - a few years ago I used to have to waddle past her smiling face every morning promoting the ebi-burger at McDs on my way to work at 6,7,8,9 months pregnant. Never have I wanted to whip out a black market and draw a moustache so badly!

I cant believe Im even commenting on this....!

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Oh God, if this guy gets off on any kind of lesser charge there is going to be hell to pay. If he killed her because she was creating a ruckus and he was trying to calm her down, surely that is still murder? He was trying to calm her down by beating the crap out of her and strangling her for gods sake! And why was she making a ruckus??? Don`t even answer that.

I was under the impression that she went to his apartment because he hadn`t brought the money to pay her for the lesson? She said to the taxi driver that dropped them off to wait, and she would just be a minute, but when she never came back he drove off to another call.

I can totally understand why she got involved with this guy, even if he was creepy. She was very young, not in Japan long, was under the misguded impression that it is a totally safe country, and it sounds like she was a nice girl with a good heart that wanted to help him. Wrong person, wrong place, wrong time, and I think that there but for the grace of god go many of us. I know I have had male students alone in my apartment and didn`t think twice about it before this happened.

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These bullying men make me sick - and not just the ones that beat up on little girls, but the ones who try to intimidate women, mothers with children, in fact anyone smaller than they are. I would LOVE to see this guys ass whipped - hell, I`d PAY for the privilege! What a great way to put money back into the Japanese governments coffers!

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So how long do we give them? That guy is never gonna be able to keep it in his pants. Sorry to be crass but it`s true.

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Certainly, there is some insight to be gained from a wizened expat entering his second decade here, or a family man with the obligatory Japanese wife and mixed-race child.

Perhaps when they fist arrived in Japan as (gasp) English teachers back in ’92, they were the rock stars of the local izakaya

So complaining about stereotyping, and yet the article is....erm....full of stereotyping?

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