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Posted in: Thief on scooter snatches bag containing Y500,000 See in context

Who is the owmer of the bar? Manager? If that manaher is not the owner, he stole the 500,000 ¥

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Posted in: Japan should fortify defense around isles, Maehara says See in context

Japan need to build a military equipment on this rock island. There is no any other countries can enter it.

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Posted in: Car being chased by police slams into another vehicle, killing driver See in context

I agree with Graham DeShazo. "When you break the law" and "you are failing to obey police order, which is in and of itself a violation of the law" If you are in a high speed more than the speed limit. You break the law. When you fail to obey police order when you are in a high speed. They will chase you. This 38 year old male drivers fault because he break the law and never obey police order.

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Posted in: Japan urges N Korea not to launch rocket See in context

Nk need to suspend a rocket launch. If they do this, they will be in a food shortage if the United States stop supporting or helping them for food aid.

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Posted in: 280 passengers trapped on train without heating for 6 1/2 hours See in context

I think they were getting tired to wait for 6 1/2 hours. Did bullet train operator give them food and water?

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Posted in: Mao Asada's mother dies while daughter on her way back from Canada See in context

We are deeply sorry to hear this tragedy sad news about Mao's 48 year old young mom. Her sudden death was a great shock to all of us. Our deepest sympathy and prayer to Mao's family and friends.

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