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Kirsten Massebeau comments

Posted in: Santa hitches a ride See in context

Very sad to sea imprisoned ocean life used and abused. Heartbreaking people find this entertaining.

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Posted in: Facebook users in Japan losing interest See in context

What an odd article! In the past year my friends from Japan have tripled. I share pictures, and am an ocean advocate. Most of the people I know on Facebook today are not focused on connecting with friends and family but making new exciting connections worldwide which includes Japan. Social media is no longer about self but rather about finding your niche. But if you don't find a niche outside of the humdrum finding old friends world than you won't hang around no matter what country you are from.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

I like the bra I think it is way "cool"!

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Posted in: New SNS page Tokyo Fan Club by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau starts See in context

I am going to join the page! I have a lifelong dream of visiting Tokyo:)

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Posted in: Wrapping up in style: Paris looks to Arctic winter See in context

Wrapped up in the coats of countless innocent creatures suffering for fashion. How very sad!

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Posted in: Okinawa governor submits opinion on Tokyo's environmental report on Futenma move See in context

As an environmentalist standing up for oceans worldwide I say, "Stop the Base"! Even if there are no dugongs what about the ocean, the ocean life, the sea grass? US Military out!! Leave this beautiful island and these people alone to try and heal their ocean and their lives. How very typical of the U.S. Military to destroy everything in their path in the name of security.

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Posted in: Noda to visit Okinawa Feb 26-27 See in context

It is time for the U.S. Troops to get out of Okinawa and let the people attempt to heal after 40years of occupation. In addition, it is time the U.S. Government stop destroying the environment in the name of security. Stop the Base! Save the dugongs of Okinawa.

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Posted in: Okinawa fears revised plan may leave Futenma where it is See in context

Environmentalists in Japan are fighting to Close the Base and save the coral reef, sea grass, dugongs, and turtles that would be destroyed with the new airstrip. I am an American who supports the environment, not the military in any country.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discussing revised plan for relocating Marines from Okinawa See in context

The real issue here is the environment. The U.S. Government needs to immediately end all plans to fill in a live coral reef with landfill destroying many forms of marine life. It is time to start putting the needs of the planet first. Stop the base!

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Posted in: Gov't under pressure to fire defense official over Okinawa election request See in context

Stop the base! The U.S. Government plans on filling in a coral reef and Dugong habitat to create a runway. This is insanity! One of the most beautiful places on the planet and the U.S. Government plans on destroying this valuable habitat regardless of local opposition. I find this disgraceful at a time when our oceans are suffering so terribly from the hand of man not to mention the local people have a right to protect their shorelines.

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Posted in: Rich Asians threaten high-value fish: experts See in context

I agree it isn't just Asians it is everyone that can afford it that doesn't care about the environment.

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Posted in: B-grade cuisine: Japan's bizarre foodie fad See in context

The Komeda Coffee shop sounds like they have some mouth watering treats, "shiro-noir is basically a warm Danish pastry topped with a generous serving of whipped ice cream and covered in maple syrup". Yum!! A must stop on my visit to Tokyo!

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Posted in: Social tensions increasing in U.S. between rich,poor See in context

An excellent article. This is a topic that many try to avoid in The U.S. because the situation is all too real. Especially with U.S. television today. Reality shows like the Kardashians highlights the affluent able to wear million dollar wrist watches without a care in the world when so many are suffering in poverty. It might be advisable for the wealthy not to flaunt their opulent lifestyles at this time as the situation seems to be worsening.

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Posted in: Japanese whaling: Why the West is in the wrong See in context

At one time Whaling was essential to living but those days are long gone by. Today we know how very highly evolved and intelligent whales and dolphins are. It is time for the entire world to stop killing these amazing beings and to embrace all they want to share with man. "Tradition" and "Culture" are every changing.

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Posted in: Global protests held against Japan's dolphin hunt See in context

I organized the Protest in Portland Oregon today. There are really two kinds of people in this world activists and in-activists. It makes me wonder how so many people can know so little about cetaceans, and dolphins in general. Dolphins are apex predators just like man. Their brains are as big as mans if not bigger in relation to their body size. In addition, dolphins have a 4 quadrants to the brain while man has 3. Cetaceans live in complex societies, and have complex family relationships. There are actually only about 30 dolphin hunters and the whale museum that perpetrate this horror show in Taiji. The Fisherman's Union supports the hunt as they see cetaceans as the pests of the sea. A portion of the dolphins captured a forced into a life of servitude in marine aquariums performing for their food. Those dolphins are sold for 150,000 to 200,000 dollars. The rest of the pod is then slaughtered and sold for about 600.00 dollars a dolphin. Mothers watch their babies murdered before their very eyes. For days dolphins are forced to swim in the blood of their families until their time comes when they are drawn into the tent. Their they are stabbed, their spinal cord supposedly severed, and a bamboo peg hammered into the blow hole to keep blood from alerting the cove monitors. Their screams sound just like humans. For those that said this movement to save dolphins and whales is dying all I have to say is where have you been? Obviously not on Twitter or Facebook! Our numbers are growing everyday! We are urging the Government of Japan to stop the 30 dishonorable dolphin hunters and the Whale Museum from bring shame on Japan and from poisoning the people. Haven't we put cetaceans through enough, between the dolphin drives, ever increasing sonar, pollution, fishing nets, and ship strikes they don't have a chance. Just remember all of you supporting cetacean hunting: No dolphin, no whales, no oceans no people. We are fighting to save man. What are you doing?

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