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KisarazuBoy76 comments

Posted in: Fire drill See in context

I just hope tomorrows headline is not ,"Local high school burns down as 7 students are unable to start their fire extinguishers!"

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Posted in: Cooling off See in context

Nice photo and always nice to see kids having fun and smiling:)It does look like the kid in the background is just about to play some kind of evil prank though!

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Posted in: Hashimoto prepares to shake up political landscape See in context

Hashimoto in Osaka and Ishihara in Tokyo,please tell me there are better leaders somewhere in Japan than these guys!

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda 'graduates' from AKB48 after 4-day sendoff See in context

It must be devastating news for so many men all around Japan. I'm sure there will be a salaryman or two crying into their bento at lunchtime today!

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Posted in: Disputed playground See in context

Maybe Japan should send a basketball team there to play the South Korean's and winner takes all. I'm sure Mr Ishihara would be the star point guard for team Japan!

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Posted in: 18-year-old Emi Takei 'graduates' as model for fashion magazine Seventeen See in context

It seems like these "graduation ceremony" things are the flavour of the month now. You can graduate from a teen fashion magazine and also AKB 48 as well it seems. If you work part-time at 7-11 and quit your job,not sure if you would get a "graduation ceremony" though!

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Posted in: Going local See in context

I can see how he is trying to fit in by wearing the local turban,paying respect to local culture and that's ok I guess. For some reason though when I look at this photo it reminds me of "Papa Smurf",orange version of course!

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Posted in: Robot cat Doraemon receives residency in Kawasaki See in context

If he needs some cash I'm sure there would be a few Neko Cafe's trying to recruit him!

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Posted in: When you gotta go See in context

It would suck if you were stuck behind this bike going through the Tokyo aqualine:)

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Posted in: Toyota Japan’s sexy new topless ad featuring transgender model shocks viewers See in context

I think the campaign tagline should be,"Toyota, now with much,much more under the hood!"

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Posted in: Tokyo hopes Ginza parade will boost 2020 Olympic bid See in context

I like how JOC president Tsunekazu Takeda describes Tokyo as the worlds's most forward thinking city. The same city where Ishihara is the mayor,please!

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Posted in: Overseas edition of 'Prince’s Proposal' getting turned down by fans See in context

I wonder how realistic the Japanese version of "Prince's proposal"really is?

Please make your choice Princess,do you choose,1-Your Prince is waiting for you at a cheap Roppongi nightclub at 1am. Or 2-Your Prince is an English teacher and asks you to study after class at his Castle(1DK apato).

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Posted in: Flower fun See in context

The look on that kids face is priceless,"My friends are at Disneyland right now but i'm stuck here in flower town,thanks Dad!"

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Posted in: Kidmobiles See in context

Maybe training has already started for Japan's next Winter Olympic bobsled team?

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Posted in: Shokotan sports exotic molted insect skin headwear See in context

" She started the fashion trend back in late 2008 when she appeared at a concert with her head covered in insect shells"

So how many people were wearing bug hats back in 2008?

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Posted in: Big mermaid See in context

Looks like a Disneyland made for all the Akihabara Otaku!

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Posted in: Young Japanese women becoming less interested in sex, survey says See in context

At least as I head home alone on a Friday night,i can take comfort in knowing the stats were against me anyway!

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Posted in: Last block See in context

Gifted bunch of kids and a great piece of art using Lego. A lot more impressive than my "lego man on crappy fire engine" sculpture:)

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Posted in: Living art See in context

Is she thinking,1-classy bit of street art? or 2-not another hentai oyaji!

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Posted in: Komori, Michibata win 'Natural Cosmetic Beauty Awards' See in context

Congratulations to Jun and Angelica for winning such a prestigious award!

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces upcoming marriage to KENJI03 See in context

29 years old and getting married with plenty of time to have kids if she chooses,hang on what did she say again?

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Posted in: Second AKB48 documentary to hit cinemas on Jan 27 See in context

Should be a great night out at the cinema for middle aged men intimidated by real women!

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Posted in: Sketches See in context

Maybe the woman sitting down is actually looking at a Keiba guide and the woman looking over her shoulder is trying to get a few good tips!

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Posted in: Japan's ambassador to Croatia to be transferred after sexual harassment allegation See in context

I thought as the Ambassador of Japan his job was to reach out to the people of Croatia,not reach around!

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Posted in: Kumi Koda wears sexy oiran costume for new album See in context

Without talent and a good personality you won't be a success in Japan,sorry i take that back!!

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Posted in: AKB48 New Year greeting cards go on sale See in context

MaboDofuls,Nothing wrong in being a 57 year old AKB 48 fan.

My point is if you look at them and think they are cute like my daughter>good :)

If you look at them and think i'd like to take one of them out for dinner on Valentines day>not so good!

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Posted in: AKB48 New Year greeting cards go on sale See in context

Perfect greeting card for a teenage boy or creepy 40 year old salary-man!

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Posted in: Yonekura, Becky, Itano, Sasaki, Rinka named fashion leaders for 2011 See in context

Hang around long enough and someone will give you a meaningless award in Japan!

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Posted in: KARA singer Nicole to star with Joe Odagiri in wartime drama See in context

At least there should be a good turn out at the premiere of lonely middle aged men waving Japanese flags!

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Posted in: Angelica Michibata to bare all in magazine See in context

The sad thing is that the 2012 AKB 48 calendar will be more popular with most Japanese men than a magazine with photos of an attractive 26 year old woman!

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