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Posted in: Weak household spending dampens Japan's recovery hopes See in context

The low spending on appliances and commodities are partly due to over-reliable and high quality products for consumers AND partly due to lack of new innovative & exciting products in the market. Self life of a Japanese product is way too extended.

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Why to go so far and spend so much, when you can call Japanese spirits to your home at night? Thats all free of cost.

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Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans See in context

One should not FORGET the history but should FORGIVE the misdeeds, else your present and future will be affected.

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Posted in: New anti-chikan cell phone stickers let you mark train gropers with sign of shame See in context

For the innocent men who wants to be protected from being victimized from a false chikan sticker, go out with applying oil/grease on hand. Sticker wont stick to it.

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Posted in: ANA to increase international free baggage allowance See in context

This is to counter China eastern who takes a large chunk of traffic by offering 23 x 2 piece baggage. Good move ANA

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Posted in: Full plate for Indian entrepreneur See in context

Many so called Indian restaurants in Japan are Japanized versions. They taste insane and awful. When I prepare authentic food and feed my Japanese friends, they say WOW!! I found few in tokyo @ Kasai station, where good food is served.

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