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Posted in: Violin, bow worth Y16 mil stolen from Nara concert hall See in context

Hahaha Good selling! .. If. You can...

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Posted in: U.S. Marines will not be transferred from Okinawa to Iwakuni See in context

What the hell are American troops doing in Okinawa in the first place? "Protecting "Japan from what???

Mmmmm I don't buy that protection And I won't start with the tsunami provoked by the us gov topic coz I may be banned for been out of topic" Check Benjamin fulford and get informed!

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Posted in: Apple fans snap up new iPad See in context

So now I guess iPad 1 is vintage??? That sucks then coz every time have to buy the newest otherwise you will have a slow device.... Or die

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Posted in: Delta Air Lines See in context

Delta used to have screen in front of the seats now Nothing at all,But the prices remain the same. The service remain the same The food remain the same In sum up Delta is worse than before

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Posted in: NTV outlines behavior rules for AKB48, Johnny's Jr cast of TV drama See in context

This AKB stuff is getting irritating i agree with someone's else comment We are been bombarded with this "music" and What is most sad is there are people who like that!

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Posted in: Sergeant arrested for stealing cash from police station See in context

A good honest cop doing a good honest job.

He confessed he must be honest Yeah?

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