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Posted in: Japan lowers voting age, but are young ready to vote? See in context

So... This means they can also drink and smoke, right? If the j gov sees them eligible to vote.... Surely!

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Posted in: Smart Agriculture Iwata to begin sales of kale that can be eaten fresh See in context

Hey! I eat the raw stuff from Costco... No good?

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Posted in: TV presenter Mao Kobayashi battling breast cancer See in context

Fight Mao! Fight!!

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Shinohara smolders in new lingerie ad for Triumph See in context

Oooooh yeah!

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Posted in: Japan test player Goromaru dumped from Queensland's 23-man squad See in context

ZENJI. I'm Australian and I completely agree with your comment and sentiment!

Go to NZ mate... They'll take care of you! They have a way of developing talent that Australia doesn't

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Posted in: Japan may change temple map icon to avoid Nazi swastika confusion See in context

People are generally pathetic. There will be loads of complaints if you don't change it. I can't even believe it is a point of issue, but...

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Posted in: What do you think David Bowie's musical legacy will be? See in context

It's not only the music... It's the person who was that will live on! Unfortunately, he'll be morphed into something bigger than he was. if you were a real fan of his, he will live on forever with you. If you weren't, you'll move on to something that you like! All comments prior, support just that! RIP

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Posted in: Kyoto creates infographic to show tourists how to visit politely See in context

It would give tourists a much better idea of what to expect while visiting!

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Posted in: Australia seeks to become the delicatessen of Asia See in context

I have an extensive work history in restaurants. I have been living and working in Japan for 15 years, navigating my way through the workplace and relevant culture (s). I have upper level Japanese language skills. And, I am available for work as the champion of Australian produce, marketing and promoting our incredible food ideas throughout Japan. Call me, Australia! I eagerly await your reply...

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Posted in: Should bar owners who serve alcohol to customers, knowing they are driving, be liable for prosecution if the customer is involved in a traffic accident? Also, should passengers in cars driven by drunk See in context

No! People are responsible for themselves. people need to make better choices... I worked in the industry for many years, and I didn't have time to check on how much people are drinking. NO WAY!!

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Posted in: Old and tired, some Japan farmers see trade pact jolt as only answer See in context

It might be nice to see JA take a bit a of a hit.... Farmers need to have the autonomy to make decisions about their lively hood, not a political party!

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Posted in: Full plate for Meat & Livestock Australia See in context

I believe you guys are doing a great job! What I would like to see, however, is more variety in regards to region of origin, for example, where was this particular beef raised; the Riverina area or King island? What was it raised in? How was it processed, etc? Also, we have an amazing variety of by-products within connected industries, such as cheese and cream, that need to be brought into and promoted in Japan. Considering transport and expiration, surely there is a way to meet these challenges. We have one of the most diverse meet industries in the world! Keep working hard and thanks for your efforts so far! More chefs showcasing what can be done with our products could also possibly help! I am available and have a history in chef work. Call me...

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe on 'The King and I' See in context

Go for it, Ken! You can do it!!

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Posted in: Iwate city puts tsunami behind it See in context

iwatejay Good for you! I'm a bit further south, but would love to get there some day. Keep building! Keep believing!

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

Why are they an embarressment? they are a part of Japanese youth culture! like them or hate them, they are what they are... Who's to say they will still be popular by 2020 anyway. get over it or leave

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Posted in: Japan returns boy to Germany under new child custody treaty See in context

Well done Japan! Small steps = giant leaps for some!

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Posted in: Winners of Clarino Beautiful Legs Awards announced See in context

I am on Yamanote now, amd the two ladies next to me have better legs than these! Strong, solid, and long! Yes! Happy days

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Posted in: YO-Kai Watch: Japan's monster craze set to go international See in context

JT why can't i share this article on Facebook? My friends and family in OZ would love this! My kids play this all the time and insist on giving me a running commentary!

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Posted in: World chefs: Jamie Bissonnette shares tips on making cured meats See in context

Unfortunately a lot of the ingredients are hard to get in Japan. We need to get them on line, along with their delivery price tags... If anyone does know where we can get most of the salts and sugars locally, it would be much appreciated information. Cheers

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Posted in: Tensions surface between middle-aged men, daughters-in law See in context

Walking in on a girl watching porn... mmm!

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Posted in: Ryoko Shinohara’s smoldering lingerie ad is a Triumph See in context

Classy, sexy, luxurious, stunning! I can think of a hundred words to describe this.... Well done! she is ripping!

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Posted in: Tokyo gets a taste of authentic British fish & chips See in context

Not as good as mine!

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Posted in: How would you rate the quality of Japanese restaurants in your native country (if you are not from Japan)? See in context

Not great! But probably improving...

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Posted in: World chefs: Fedoras share tips on food-beer pairings in new cookbook See in context

I love the idea! I have been doing something similar at home for the past three years. I also look at the profile of the beer and match it to cooking methods... I never thought of making a business out of it, though! Would love to see the book for a different perspective, but just can't afford it right now. More power to you guys

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Posted in: Portuguese man-of-war spotted on Kanagawa beach See in context

Tenderizer, urine, and vinegar do nothing for this. I have been stung countless times, as I am a beach bum from Sydney. The worst was when a tentacle wrapped around my arm and I went into anaphylactic shock!! I walked to the chemist who immediately tore open a packet of something and told me to drink it to prevent a heart attack. I had welts and bruises on my arm for about two weeks. Admittedly this was a particular nasty sting but DON'T play around with this. If stung, try to get to a hospital. This may be over reacting but it's better to be safe than sorry. Peace!

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Posted in: Heat effect See in context

No! The girl is squinting her eyes.... It's an ad for contact lenses.

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Posted in: 'Bamboo ceiling' hampering Asians in Australia See in context

songwillem2011 well said! I am your average white Australian, and i agree with you completely...

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe to make Broadway debut in 'The King and I' See in context

When i saw the title, i let out a gasp (i'm on the train). He will nail this! Absolutely own it! If ever there was a role made for someone, this is it... Forget history. Think about his amazing acting skills.

Mr. Watsnabe, this is YOUR role. I only wish I could see it

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. 37-29 in Pacific Nations rugby clash See in context

Go, you good thing! Go!

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Posted in: Foreign interns pay the price for Japan's labor shortage See in context

YES!! JT.. YES!! This is a great article! Please more of this... We, as gaijin living and working in Japan, need this kind of reporting and support... Become our voice JT

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