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Posted in: Kamasami Kong interviews the Dirty Loops See in context

Nice interview with Dirty Loops! I wonder if they can break the USA when their album gets released in June there.

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Posted in: Record high radiation level found in fish caught near Fukushima plant See in context

This is so sad. That 3eyed Simpsons fish is coming soon... And Mothra!!!!!!

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Posted in: Dreamliner investigators suspect excess voltage in battery See in context

This is scary considering besides battery there was a fuel leak, cracked cockpit window, brake issues BEFORE this. I don't ever want to fly this plane!!!!

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Posted in: Hold the mayo: Police nab man for throwing mayonnaise at schoolgirls in Sapporo See in context

This guy sounds like a real catch. Mr. Perfect... Practically Prince Charming.

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Posted in: Apple won't include YouTube app in new mobile software See in context

As long as we can keep using Grindr, I don't care. The iPhone YouTube is majorly crappy anyway.

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Posted in: Which decade do you think was the most creative musically? See in context

I think the '60s are vastly overrated. Who needs a bunch of smelly hippies with guitars that overdosed? Go '80s!!!!

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