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Posted in: 11-year-old boy throws himself under train near Osaka See in context

Very sad news. Boy took his life for this... ;((

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Posted in: Rent-a-boyfriend dispatch service: Because Japanese women get lonely too See in context

Wao any employment for me?? ;)) I am out of job...

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Posted in: New yokozuna Harumafuji may face forced retirement See in context

Sumo in Japan became a shame as more foreigner wrestlers are dominating the japanese traditional sports... When will there be a Japanese Yokozuna?

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Posted in: Man allegedly beats 70-year-old mother to death See in context

No matter what, how can he hit his parent? Moral in Japan is becoming bad to worst.. ;(

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Posted in: Japan air traffic controller leaks Obama flight plan on blog See in context

is ok, he still alive... ;)

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Posted in: PM candidates outline policies at joint news conference See in context

Whoever be the PM, won't be long... ;) Changing almost annually. How to progress? Omg @. o

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Posted in: Osaka police arrest man over dumping of body parts in park See in context

Another crazy man of Japan...

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Posted in: Beef containing radioactive cesium served to elementary school children in Kanagawa See in context

Why still serve beef? Since Yokohama schools refrain using beef from July. What irresponsible government was that, endanger their own peoples... ;(

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Posted in: Worker crushed to death by slab of concrete at constructon site at Ebisu Station See in context

Rest in peace...

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