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Posted in: Tokyo to demolish historic baseball stadium despite outcry See in context

Dumb. A ball game at this stadium is far more enjoyable than the cigarette smoke stained Tokyo Dome. Demolish that instead.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

Another memory for them where masks are more prevalent than smiling faces.

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Posted in: Japan reports 185,694 new coronavirus cases See in context

What other countries are still keeping track of this and/or masking?

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Posted in: Blue Samurai spirit: Japan explodes with World Cup joy See in context

Ball was out of bounds.

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Posted in: Japanese fans rejoice after dramatic World Cup win over Germany See in context

Maybe these folks in the photo noticed that cheering, chanting, and singing during the matches is fine (you’re not allowed to do any of that in Japan during sporting events, clapping only). Also ZERO masks in the stands.

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Posted in: Emperor pays respects See in context

Japan needs to end the mask foolishness.

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Posted in: Japan considers letting asymptomatic COVID patients go out if mask worn See in context

As if people aren’t doing this already.

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Posted in: Japan tops global new COVID cases in week to Sunday: WHO See in context

Inevitable. Japan has handled covid horribly since the day the Diamond Princess docked in Yokohama.

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Posted in: Osaka to raise COVID-19 alert to highest level amid record cases See in context

How is it that unmasked Canada had a total of 1,200 total new cases yesterday, and Japan with 99.9% of the country constantly masked are raising alerts and talking about healthcare collapses?

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Posted in: Japan reports 195,161 coronavirus cases See in context

“Hey remember two years ago”

I remember reading articles 2 years ago about how Japan had defeated coronavirus. Lol.

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Posted in: Japan reports 94,493 coronavirus cases See in context

Japan will be in masks for decades over this.

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Posted in: Court rules in favor of French man's wife over child custody rights See in context

Pathetic and disgraceful.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,194 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,828 See in context

“Will people stop wearing their mask one day?”

No. Masks are never coming off in Japan. Ever.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

As others have said, Japanese people will be wearing masks forever. It will take celebrities or politicians telling them they don’t need to wear them anymore in order for them to stop.

Sadly, masks are a part of the Japanese uniform now, just like suits and neckties.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,384 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 30,157 See in context

Japan will be masked up forever.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID patients recovering at home top 500,000 for 1st time See in context

Yeah this mambo thing is really working. The government here is truly pathetic.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is not considering COVID state of emergency for Tokyo See in context

His only measure is to keep the border closed to foreigners.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,631 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 81,811 See in context

“What does "full" mean? In reality, the only thing they should ask for is work-from-home for as many employees as possible.”

The buchos will be seething.

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Posted in: Japan to expand COVID quasi-emergency to 34 of 47 prefectures See in context

Completely useless “measures” that target only bars and restaurants, while starbucks remains full of cackling moms whose kids are all in school. I hope the restaurants completely ignore these idiotic and unfair requests.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 foreign entry ban spurs demonstrations in several countries See in context

The majority of Japanese people don’t want foreigners here. The travel ban is disgusting.

I hope the people who are waiting to enter for school or work change their minds and choose a country that will welcome them.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 7,377 new coronavirus cases See in context

Wait. Isn’t the border closed? How could this be happening?

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Posted in: Kishida says he is committed to containing virus amid Omicron surge See in context

What’s he gonna do double check that the border is still closed?

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Posted in: Tokyo's COVID alert at 2nd-highest level as capital reports 3,124 new cases See in context

Good thing Kishida sealed up the border. Well done.


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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for drunk driving after attending Coming-of-Age Day ceremony See in context

Well done dummy. Glad he didn’t kill anyone.

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Posted in: Japan struggling to hold Coming-of-Age Day events due to COVID surge See in context

Congratulations on becoming an adult. Now go buy 3 suits and work 60 hours a week.

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Posted in: World on alert as more countries report cases of COVID-19 variant See in context

Does anybody care?

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Posted in: JR East launches bullet train 'office cars' for teleworking See in context

That photo is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

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Posted in: Australia cricket captain resigns after 'sexting' scandal See in context

How stupid.

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Posted in: Name of former Princess Mako's husband not on New York bar exam pass list See in context

スキャンダル !!!!

No seriously, who cares.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 236 See in context

A miracle is the only explanation.

Watch what happens after the election.

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