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Posted in: Japanese rocker, arrested for unruly behavior on flight to Saipan, hangs himself See in context

i doubt it was only what happened on the plane that brought him to do it. RIP

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so give 20mil yen worth of jewelery but 77yen for each message for charity? i think you could make that a bit higher..

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Posted in: Kumi Koda goes sexy for CD, DVD jackets See in context

utada please come back....

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Posted in: Common misconceptions about the opposite sex in Japan See in context

I definitely agree that there are many misconceptions about the opposite sex. But really every person is different so I still feel like even generalizing it in terms of sex is still a LARGE generalization. Also the data is really messed up, the difference in the number of people per sex is much too large, and there are no age groups, etc.

Also about the discussion over men's prioritizing of sex over other matters, well that's simple natural isn't it? However, there is logic behind what most of society abides by. The human population is large enough where we dont need to reproduce every second we get, and that also holds true in terms of diversity(even with Japan is still dominated largely by Japanese and close bloodlines, the technology has developed enough where we can actually vaccinate a woman with her partner's blood so that they can have a child.). There are also the ideas behind stability and likeliness of children to make to adult hood behind a married couple. (That being said it still really depends on the people involved in the relationship.)

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