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Posted in: Beatles sell 2.25 million albums in 5 days See in context

Hey! The great thing about The Beatles is that it is music 101. You can also sing along to most all their songs because you can actually make out what their singing. In addition, their early stuff is a lot of fun. It was made for Rock Band gaming media.

I bought the "Please, Please Me" and "A Hard Day's Night" re-mastered cd's and I wasn't even born when they hit the scene so long ago. Will continue to buy.

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Posted in: Should foreign residents have local voting rights? See in context

Nope! Until they become citizens of this country.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after hitting parents with golf club See in context

Major country where nagging can get you easily killed. People here lose control readily.

What an loser!

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Posted in: Masuwaka looking the goods with mobile hair iron See in context

look at that face...plastic surgery, botox galore!

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Posted in: JR installs anti-suicide lighting on platforms See in context

Makes people serene??? LOL! Now people will feel even more sleepy when they arrive at work.

Once a person decides to kill themselves no amount of blue light will change it. Perhaps not at the station but elsewhere for sure.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing 82-year-old father in Chiba See in context

Maybe not... the article says, Nakadani admits to the charges, and was quoted as saying, “I’ve hated my father since I was a child.”

So, I don't think the taking care of him was the issue here.

and...she waited this long. Man, I wonder what made her hold on to such hatred for her father for all these years.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for beating 5-year-old daughter to death in 2004 See in context

And the Nation is encouraging people to have more kids?????

I could only imagine this type of atrocity increasing with that propspect especially with beatings as are reported more frequently here.

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Posted in: Woman, child not wearing seatbelts fall out of car at intersection See in context

And my nephews complain when I force the issue. Aside from breaking the law, there is good reason to put on your seat belts. Perfect example right here. Fine if adults don't care about themselves but when a child is involved, it drives me up the wall at the irresponsibility that goes on.

Idiocy once again running rampant!

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Posted in: Couple arrested for punching 3-year-old daughter in face See in context

With previous reports looks like Child Services didn't take a closer look at the child. They may have found foundation on her then.

For both parents to use this child as a punching bag for frustations or hatred, who knows or cares, deserve to be used as punching bags themselves and much worse.

I think that when child abuse is a concern or is reported Child Servies needs to involve an MD to check the child out at the hospital before they come to the conclusion of not finding any evidence. This could have been caught much sooner...Poor Child!

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Posted in: Tokyo police launch weeklong anti-groping campaign on trains See in context

When a large majority of the male population is like this how dedicated will the police be if some of them feel the same way?

Hopefully, their superiors are dedicated enough to change this awful state.

It hasn't happened to me and I doubt it will. Will have to take a very courageous J-male. I don't think I come across as a push over. I kind of wish it would. I think a punch or slap in public might do the trick.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's yakuza upbringing in spotlight See in context

He expresses his regret in the letter, “if only I had confronted her at the time,” and says he cannot forgive Noriko’s husband, Yuichi Takaso, for making his sister a drug user.

Yep! I'm sure the guy forced them down her mouth. No one makes you a drug user. You make that choice on your own.

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Posted in: Kumamoto man arrested after fatally stabbing his daughter’s 38-year-old boyfriend See in context

isthistheend...I totally agree. Maturity vs. non-maturity.

This 38 year old guy sure sounds like a perv to me. Not to say he deserved to die as he did but he sure needed the law to nail him.

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Posted in: 18-year-old Japanese woman loses Y8 mil antique violin on Austrian subway See in context

And this made the news, why????

Next thing you know they will compare it to what would happen if you left it on a Japanese train.

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Posted in: Taiji sets dolphins free following int'l outcry over 'The Cove' See in context

"Taiji residents say they have killed whales and dolphins for hundreds of years as part of their fishing lifestyle because their region is not fit for rice farming."

With global importation of food and national access of other foods isn't this an excuse for the continuation of this type lifestyle? It is no longer a necessity but yet they still do it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for employing student at 'delivery' call girl business in Kanagawa See in context

I thought Japanese kids are always engaged in many school activities that it would be difficult for them to get into this. Sad, that these kids do not report these incidents when approached by males for the sake of being used like this.

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Posted in: Shibuya has proud geek culture See in context

Great, more maid cafes. As though you need more places that spawn perverts.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping unwanted newborn on Gunma road See in context

That's right! All it takes is one mess up to ruin the rest of your life with no take backs.

The woman has been living, basically, on the streets since last December. Who knows how this would affect any of us. I find the social stresses in Japan affect people here more. Whatever the real reasons for this crime, it is still a sad thing what she did. To have that much "hatred" as she put it to kill an innocent. No justification can make this a reasonable action no matter religious or non-religious affilations anyone has.

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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context

meant..."Parent's didn't"

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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context

Parent's did say anything at the meeting and there were 80 of them. I don't think that would happen int he US and other countires.

I really don't know what to say about the affects of bullying but only 'cause you move a child from one class does not mean it will not persist or that the damage can be remedied. Some children just can't take it; even the slightest of ill words messes them up. I dislike bullies with a passion. Whenever I see it back when I was in school and now as an adult I don't have any reservations about sticking my nose in and stopping it.

There does need to be more counseling services available and teachers trained in notcing children's behavioral changes.

This is just too sad.

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Posted in: 16-year-old Osaka boy stabs father after argument over driving car See in context

They do like stabbing in the neck in Japan. This is often an area of choice. Sad thing just for being slapped. There doesn't seem to be an inbetween here. Like night and day.

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Posted in: JR West driver took photos of 2 women passengers while operating train at 120 kph See in context


There may not be a gurantee but if it was something he could have seen coming he may have other options to have reduced the damage. So, yes! Texting or taking photos; anything that takes their eyes from where they should be is a liability that frankly, shouldn't be allowed. I doubt the violator wants to look into the faces of victims family. If they do their job on safety's side and a tragedy happens at least they are conscious free.

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Posted in: Hiroyuki Sanada to star in 'Fallen Moon' See in context

Geoff Tate! WOW! I have't heard that name in a while. Geoff is a really cool guy. We had a long discussion sometime ago at a bar in San Antonio, Texas. Very down to earth. I had no idea he had moved on to doing Movie scores...Interesting.

Queeensryche were one fo those bands that sounded pretty close to the album when live and they weren't lip synching. I loved their first 3 CD's. All 3 different.

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Posted in: Don't forget to vote See in context

Boy, this statue is creepy looking.

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Posted in: The state of Washington See in context

You have to admit changing from a cosmetic/plastic surgeon to an actress tells you something about this person; it doesn't make sense whatsoever. And attractive??? Well, that is relative.

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Posted in: 2 sought after throwing bicycle onto tracks in front of oncoming train See in context

It's as stupid as those people who think stealing Stop signs is fun without thinking twice as to what will ultimately happen...a fatal wreck.

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Posted in: 8 suspects, including mother, held in rape of 16-yr-old girl in Fukuoka See in context

I am speechless. Yes, it happens elsewhere as well but we are talking about Japan and it is a serious problem here.

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Posted in: 'Gayjin' find it tough going in Tohoku See in context

I agree that gay bars/clubs should be open to everyone. Most American gay bars/clubs left that behind sometime ago. Many straights like going to gay clubs because the music is really great and if someone approaches you all you have to say is "Im sorry, but I'm straight" and they'll leave you alone. Dancing with gay guys is fun too. Chemically, they are attracted to the same sex and they cannot do anything about that so why criticze them.

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Posted in: Teacher reprimanded for slapping 41 students who failed to follow excursion rules See in context

Well, this was a stupid thing to do. Punishment for failing to follow rules such as the one noted in the article should have amounted to maybe not going to anymore excursions in the futurev or some other less severe punishment. In many articles you always read that the person in question seems to always say "I lost my cool," "I was stressed and snapped," or "I was frustrated." All this building up surely has been since they were very young. Shows the amount of mental stress their society ia placed on. Maybe some of their tradition needs to be left behind. Like holding everyone accountable when only 1 person does something wrong in a group and not feeling awful regret and shame when a partner commits a crime that you had no part in.

I think teachers need to have access to counseling services like mental therapy at their disposal to deal with the stresses of workign with childeren.

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Posted in: Drift gang leader, 19 others arrested See in context

I would love to go see them drift. Maybe next time while in Japan I can find out where I need to go to check one out. I think they should be allowed so long as the roads are shut down. I dont think it's any difference than race car driving. Same risk involved except race car drivers are in a confined place but they can get seriously injured or killed just the same by doing something they love to do. Crazy, yes, but you'll always have people who love living dangerously.

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Posted in: Woman in wheelchair dies after being hit by drunk driver in Gifu See in context

If she was in a non-motorized she should still not wheel chairing on a highway. They are meant for limited mobility not crusing down the highway.

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